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Thursday, December 14th, 2017

While in training to be nobody special…

"We live in a time where rushing to judgments is the default behavior, where on line profiles and social media have given people the impetus to say things on line that they’d never tell you in person" 

Alamogordo Home, NM-11 xxx

And this year is also ending. They were times I didn’t think it was ever going to happen again. "Living". I was truly too far gone. Even hope had almost turned its back on me. Almost. I never lost my faith though especially when again "they" scheduled me for two more stents. It was like I could not even handle the smell of a hospital or stand the sight of a uniformed nurse and Doctor. But I went for it and closed the gap on the almost two years since all this non sense had started. It is now all up to me with a steep stairway facing me. Once again, one step at the time.

Alamogordo Home, NM-23 xxx

Alamogordo Home, NM xxx

The way I see it, the condition of a well behaved future is now all up to me. Both on the physical and mental front. It is not going to happen sitting on my butt and waiting for it. Isn’t Life’s quality worth an hour per day out of the 24 given to us for some cardiac rehab and Yoga and Tai Chi to regain strength, balance, agility and endurance? I knew these days were on the horizon. I knew it years ago! They are here now. It does remain a choice as most everything else but how stupid would it be to give it all up and shrivel away like a dead leaf in winter times. Having such a nice to us Home helps a lot with all our needed facilities less than two miles away.

 Alamogordo Home, NM-6 xxx

Alamogordo Home, NM-10 xxx

I am also discovering it daily, we are not alone on this journey . That is I must admit while having taken more steps to distance us from most Social Media. That stage is becoming really hard to swallow at times. I am always so amazed to the fact that we are indeed all of us so connected… and so disconnected all at the same time. We might have not met physically but there is a mental strand which holds some of us all up together which is felt so much stronger as time itself as us is moving on. And indeed it is moving on. I am feeling it these days more than ever. We have been in Alamogordo for almost six months.

Alamogordo Home, NM-9 xxx

Alamogordo Home, NM-4 xxx

In one more month it will be two years since my first surgery. Yet I feel as we are where we need to be. Silence has followed us. Odd considering we are in a city. Got to love this loop our home is on. I would adventure to say it is as quiet as the Desert besides the maybe once an hour car passing by. All of the above makes me search for the right “On Ramp”. It sure looks like a narrow passage towards this avenue seemingly left behind but not forgotten. Can two years really have passed this fast? Hard to believe but I have to while also absorbing and accepting the changes. There sure is a list of it. A list which truly the more I think about the more I feel we have been and are so fortunate. There has been “Magic”.

Alamogordo Home, NM-3 xxx

Alamogordo Home, NM-12 xxx

Alamogordo Home, NM-24 xxx

Social Media has turned into an isolated cabin sitting on the crest of this imaginary mountain top I stare at. I peak at times through its windows, I do like to find out what some of our Friends are doing. Once in a while I might even crack open the door and throw in my two cents and sometimes I have to slam my tablet or laptop shut. I always can make that distinction of their spoken words on line versus in person. I wish I could not. Yet, I have been witnessing a certain path of honesty these days.

Alamogordo Home, NM-13 xxx

Alamogordo Home, NM-15 xxx

Alamogordo Home, NM-17 xxxAlamogordo Home, NM-21 xxx

Alamogordo Home, NM-20

"Professional Bloggers", because that is what I call them, are now coming forward and expressing how tiring, exhausting, Life consuming it is to be one. Same with those posting on Facebook or Instagram ten times or more per day. I always smile when I think about it! My favorite is the Queen of Big Bend. We have 600 Friends in common! I have received so many emails asking me to "please talk to her" so she could accept a "NO" in her Friendship requests while she goes through my own list. I must say, it is pathetic and so narcissist. I finally have an excuse to use that word…

Alamogordo Home, NM-16

There is a quality of Life I am savoring while the cabin’s door is shut. It is as a taste for Life itself which has delicately brushed against my taste buds.

Alamogordo Home, NM-27

Alamogordo Home, NM-26

Stay well.
               Ara and Spirit

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