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Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

Definitely not going too far today, suddenly the tires are down to the wear bars. Tomorrow on to Boise, ID, for a new set. It seems that I am always a week behind changing them, never been in trouble with them yet, will have to stay on top of that situation with a bit more clairvoyance! The problem is not having an address, only using a Post Office General Delivery wherever we are, Southwest Moto in AZ has the best prices and free shipping when one orders two… but only UPS shipping is available. Sometimes I get lucky and a local merchant will allow me to use his address for delivery… sometimes not… Might have to just stock up on them when the opportunity of an address arises.

So we did a bit of local riding, it has been very hot and trying to keep Spirit cool sometimes is tricky. They are mostly gravel roads around here, the washboard is not too bad with the high speed dampening Ohlin shocks, but there again… problem, as my front one is leaking oil, I like to say sipping as it is just a few drops.

Friday will be early rising to get to Portland, 360 miles each way, where GP Suspension has agreed to repair the problem while I wait. Specialized in suspension only, I think I will be in good hands. We also stopped at the Ranger Station for about an hour, much information was given… many loops are now highlighted on the map for when we return, more trips camping with the tent are also planned into Idaho, the Sawtooth Mountains as I will keep this campsite as a Home Base.

The roads are great to ride, definitely must have a map as they are not even on the GPS, I like it that way… the old fashion way to get around and get lost! Came across a Buffalo herd… some big animals they are and noisy too!

We did take a ride again to Richland to load up on more peaches and take some pictures…

Somehow, at my last visit, she must had given me a good deal on the peaches… This time around as “he” took care of me… from $1 a pound… it went up to $2.50 a pound! Of course the first batch tasted better… they were really ripe and juicy, ready to eat with even a few exploding on the way back and juices dripping down the bag… will have to ask for those again which they probably cannot sell anyhow.


Walked around and in between the 1300 trees for about an hour or so. I don’t know if everyone is aware how much labor goes in growing produce, fruit… I am not implying that they are not worth $2.50 a pound… it is just they were $1 a pound the first time!

Stopped by a county park near the water in Richland to see something I had never seen before… It should for sure keep the waters cleaner… if in use instead of being parked as it was. An unmanned station!

Halfway is a cool little town as I am finding out. It even has a webcam… this is the address… maybe we can pick a day and a time when Spirit and I can waive at you all! I always thought about having my own webcam… my friend Brian, the computer guru (I better say that to keep him happy…) will be visiting us shortly… if ever “he” gets with it and his brand new motorcycle, fixing some mechanical problems (oups!) and so we will talk about it… Maybe do some cooking on the webcam… who knows what!

So I had seen a scale in town and asked if it worked. Of course it does… we used it today… with Spirit and about 10 gallons of fuel and 2.5 gallons of water, the rig was exactly at… 1000 pounds! That is what I always thought, would be 900 pounds without fuel, water and Spirit… not too bad! Lets say 1200 pounds with myself on and some serious riding gear… camera, bag… you name it, that is because I do not weight 200lbs!

We need to go back in time to the Oregon Interpretive Trail Center, on Hwy 96 a few miles past Baker City… I am not going to write and go through the whole history of the Pioneers, the Internet has more information that I could ever type here, but the Center itself and the free tour… a little play… an hour of story telling by a volunteer… all makes it a worth while visit.

Give it at least 3 to 4 hours to read it all, the last play is at 3pm, the story telling around 4pm. Much to read, to see and take it all in. I had never given much thought about the Pioneers. You know, we see them in movies in wagons thinking maybe they are on a nice and exciting Journey. Well, it was an exciting Journey for the 300,000 that took part of it, but not that nice…


One out of ten did not make it. Much fighting amongst themselves, going through the Desert and the Mountains, crossing Snake River… life expectancy itself not being much over 40 at the time, it all made it for a hard crossing, very hard. I hope that you will visit that center one day… maybe one of your ancestors was part of it all… there is much History to learn.

Till next time… be well.

Ara & Spirit


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