Friday, February 3rd, 2012

“My  Personal Daily Therapy, published Weekly or so…”

“There comes a time when you have to choose between turning the page or just closing the Book”

Nathan Lee Journal

From “Nathan Lee”, a fitting tune called “Gotta’ keep movin’ on”


the road to Three Rivers, NM-25

The "White Sand Dunes", they keep moving on as we do. Overflowing over the shoulders of the sinuous curved roads, blown by the constant winds, they, as us, keep moving on. Sand particles, as we are and where one would think nothing grows, yet the greenery protrudes as here and there as our own Souls expand. Dunes and more Dunes. Each granule is the seed for the waves formed, scriptures from the blows incessant days and nights. I avoid stepping on the drawings that have been so delicately marked. I am taken back how we all are one. Constant movement and yet going nowhere. I feel part of them, so slow moving myself by the same elements.

the road to Three Rivers, NM-11 xxx

the road to Three Rivers, NM-7 xxx

As with us the storms will descent upon it’s ripples, the rain will erase the fine sketches drawn, the daytime glare was blinding and as night time fell and the clouds played with their new palettes of colors my heart beat fastened as I could barely contain myself in the middle of this stage so powerful to all the senses. We wandered from here to there, we got blown away waiting for calmer times, every minute, every second was taken in as a motion being into another Universe.

the road to Three Rivers, NM-5 xxx

the road to Three Rivers, NM-6 xxx

Is it eerie? Maybe. Non natural? Maybe. Different? not really… only if acres of sand dunes awakens the curiosity as it did for me. Islands amongst islands. Contemplation of the present as if transported into another world of ours. Reminders of the Sahara, South America. Wonders so much in contrast with solid soil we are so often exploring. Not ourselves geared for backpacking, there is however primitive camping within a hike that is one mile each way with each step the effort of lifting legs from a ground which is not anymore only wanting to engulf ones self. 

the road to Three Rivers, NM-24 xxx

the road to Three Rivers, NM-29

275 square miles of desert has been created. The Worlds largest gypsum dune fields and here we were amongst it all, us new here within this space, witnesses, up for the taking. Stone ridges, Soaptree Yuccas, bleached earless lizards. Other visitors on round boards surfing down the waves breaking the silence with their screams and laughter. Silence coming back enabling to once again take in the vistas and the feel of this desolate live land.

the road to Three Rivers, NM-14 xxx

the road to Three Rivers, NM-12 xxx

It all lays west of Alamogordo. The extension into the Mountains are closed to public access as being used by the military for the various kinds of weapons testing which includes the Trinity Site where the first atomic bomb was detonated in July of 1945. These are the flats of the Tularosa Basin where for thousands of years the prevailing westerly winds have deposited this gypsum powder formerly eroded from the nearby San Andreas Mountains and washed down by rainwater and deposited in the seasonal Lake Lucero. Magic in the making.

the road to Three Rivers, NM-9

Unforgettable experience? Yes it was, specially on this day gifted with the clouds of many. No footprints ahead, only the wind created ripples and lizard tracks welcoming. More magic when daylight started to fade behind this day when the sand took on a reddish pink hue and as the surface patterns became more pronounced as the shadows lengthen. An overwhelming sense of Peace and stillness descends, and when the Sun finally dips below the San Andreas Mountains, for a few minutes the land itself is bathed in a mysterious light, as the sands themselves seem to glow while the horizon on all sides becomes dark.

the road to Three Rivers, NM-30

the road to Three Rivers, NM-35 xxx

the road to Three Rivers, NM-36

Camping by “Three Rivers” in New Mexico has only been the tip of the iceberg exploring this gifted State we never preciously quite spend much time within. The cold and the shorter days have been a bit rougher on us than thought. Our Friends Mark and Brenda are in need of a “house sitter” for Spirit’s Girl Friend “Mya”. On to Green Valley for a few days before taking off again… Hot showers, food stores, heat, all is not sounding too bad for that length of time at the present. A visit to “Fort Stanton” first however.

the road to Three Rivers, NM-37 xxx

“Hey Ara! I’m working on building a website for my business….can I have my web developer "STEAL" some of your photos? Or we can pay you if you insist!!!”. It is almost a Daily affair I deal with. Photos are on Smugmug and if you do not see the one you are looking for, you can write to me and I will put it up. We survive from the sales of Photos and since the “One-Pan Recipe” Store has now free downloads also from contributions from that particular site.

Be well… Always.
Ara and Spirit

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9 Responses to “"GOTTA’ KEEP MOVIN’ ON". NM”

  1. Justin Barron Says:

    Amazing clouds! As always, excellent photos, but the clouds are over the top!

  2. Dee Says:

    Magnificent pictures! I enjoyed every one plus the informative journal about White Sands as well.! You enjoy those hot showers, food stores and heat for a while and tell Spirit to enjoy his time with “Mya”, but to behave! (:
    Glad you will be able to make a “brief” stay with modern conveniences….but knowing you, you will be more than happy to be “movin’ on” again when Mark and Brenda are back home once again. Happy house sitting!

  3. Zelda Says:

    Ara, you’ve done it again, these pictures are like none I’ve ever seen. I knew the White Sands were found in New Mexico, but after seeing these pictures, I see that they are another of Nature’s beautiful sites in this country. You and Spirit enjoy your respite with heat and hot showers while you house sit and dog sit with Mya. I do not mean to suggest in any way that Spirit needs a shower, I hope he is not offended. Enjoy, both of you,

  4. Randy Says:

    Wonderful pictures. That peace and stillness drifts its way over me. Thanks Why are ripples whether under your shallow clear stream pictures or expansive as a dune have such an appeal?

  5. MsBelinda Says:

    Just when I think your pictures can not get any better…there you go and amaze me once more!! These pictures are truly spectacular. I am glad you will be able to spend some time enjoying modern conveniences. Take care. Hugs to Spirit.

  6. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Thank You MsBelinda… :-)))

  7. Kate Says:

    Thank you for this great post! I look forward to reading more about your journey. I hope you don’t mind that I included links to your sites in a post that I wrote this morning – it’s all positive! thanks, Kate


  8. dan Says:

    I don’t know if there’s a word to describe the images. Almost a surrealistic authentication of the Northern Lights. You truly have been blessed to be there at such an extraordinary “light” show to capture those images. Your verse is quite inspirational and rather haunting. I wish during my travels on my BMW for the 18 yrs. i drove her, I would have had the digital camera that I have now.

  9. Annie et Didier Says:

    Hello Ara and Spirit !

    I think I can write in French, because I guess you still understand french, don’t you ? Nous avons découvert votre site par hasard en cherchant des infos sur Lajitas et nous suivons vos “aventures” depuis plusieurs semaines. Nous sommes dèjà allés plusieurs fois aux Etats-Unis et nous adorons les grands espaces et l’acceuil bien souvent convivial que nous rencontrons.
    Et ce matin quel régal d’admirer vos photos de White Sands Dunes qui sont à tomber, ah vos ciels ! On ne s’en lasse pas. Nous aussi nous avons eu la chance de nous rendre dans cet endroit magique, mais les ciels étaient plutôt orageux, mais avec le blanc du ciel, les photos avaient un super rendu.
    D’ailleurs vous pouvez les découvrir sur le photoblog de Didier à l’adresse suivante : http://www.augerdidier.fr/album/etats-unis-2009/
    It’s up to you !
    Have a good day and still waiting to see new photos and comments from you !
    Take care and give a kiss to Spirit !

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