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Monday, August 24th, 2015

“Of a thousand feather words against a dagger word… who would win?”

The photos are from the Antique Car Show in Gunnison this past weekend. Quite a Show I must say!

Antique Car Show-62 xxx

Antique Car Show-61 xxx

Antique Car Show-60 xxx

Life is truly starting to pass by in slow motion. They are mindless days only filled with riding (while I can!), some cooking, long walks with my buddy and I think that is about it! The weather is perfect. Mid 70’s during the daytime hours and mid 40’s throughout the night. Of course it depends where we are. The cycle has started all over! That would be the clothing one. Dressing up in layers as evening arrives only to shed them by mid morning. A familiar scenario. We will probably go back to Crested Butte this Sunday to meet up with some Friends. There is also an Antique car show in Gunnison this weekend and on Friday they will be lined up on Main Street which they will close. Saturday they will be on the lawn East of town. I am sure it will be worthy of a few photos.

Go Pro


We have been working with the wonderful [truly!] people of Go Pro making a short documentary on us and yesterday, after almost a year of filming and editing it has been released. It is not only just a ride, a physical one, but the Editors [Thank You Erin and Tina] had much sensitivity capturing the spiritual essence of our Journey. I caught their email to the fact that it was released while in a parking lot in Gunnison and sat on the ground near Spirit and Old Faithful to watch it for the first time. I will not hide the fact that I had tears in my eyes by the end of the seven minutes duration. I also laughed. All these years past flashed by me and my first thought was, still is, what a Gift Lance has given us. What a Gift allowing me to leave it all behind and confront Life as truly it is with its peaks and valleys, bad days and good ones, the often ability to live in the present and most of all to rearrange the priorities one should have in this Life of ours.

Antique Car Show-32 xxx

Antique Car Show-30 xxx

Antique Car Show-27 xxx

Antique Car Show-28 xxx

Antique Car Show-29 xxx

Antique Car Show-31 xxx

It only has been a day, not even, since its release and the responses have been overwhelming. Who would have thought on November 6th 2006 when inadvertently our Journal went onto the Internet it would touch so many others throughout our sharing of photos and words which are merely my conversations with myself and my ongoing choice of therapy. There has been times when I have wanted to shut down this Journal. I tried to figure out why? I have never come up with an answer as the pluses outweigh the minuses if any by so much more. Sharing has always been the path for me and so I realize that with all the kind souls and friends we have met, I could not do this, meaning I could not shut it down.

Antique Car Show-39 xxx

Antique Car Show-38 xxx

Antique Car Show-37 xxx

Antique Car Show-50 xxx

Antique Car Show-51 xxx

Antique Car Show-53 xxx

It is starting to get cooler here on Blue Mesa Lake in Colorado. I never thought I would say that considering we were boiling in humidity while in Kansas just a few days ago! I look at Big Bend’s weather and it is still close to a hundred there. We might start dropping South soon, maybe somewhere in New Mexico. Daily I check the weather forecast for the week. It is good… it is good!

Antique Car Show-2 xxx

Antique Car Show-5 xxx

Antique Car Show xxx

Antique Car Show-8 xxx

Antique Car Show-9 xxx

Antique Car Show-16 xxx

Antique Car Show-17 xxx

Antique Car Show-19 xxx

Antique Car Show-34 xxx

Antique Car Show-20 xxx

Antique Car Show-13 xxx

Antique Car Show-47 xxx

Antique Car Show-48 xxx

Antique Car Show-46

Our Photo Coffee Table Book below is now available through Blurb as a hardcover, e Book and I Book.

Hues of my Vision Final FB [original]

“Freedom on Both Ends of the Leash”, our written Book, is available autographed through us for $24.99 [$19.99 + $5 S&H, Continental 48 States] by clicking the photo links on top of this page. [PayPal accepting all cards]. It is also available through Amazon in paperback or as a Kindle download. All other electronic formats are also available.
You can also order from any Bookstore and Beemerboneyard.
If ordering more than one copy through us you will need to place each order separately or e-mail me.


Please read below about rates for International Shipping and outside the 48 States
The flat shipping rate for outside the 48 States or International is $15. Please e-mail me [“e-mail me” link above or here
aragureghian@yahoo.com ] for those orders as you will have to get directly into our PayPal account bypassing the normal procedure. I will send you a bill to facilitate the transaction.

Stay well…
                 Ara and Spirit

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