Enumclaw… WA

Sunday, July 1st, 2007

Has progress come to a halt? My rebuilt shocks were suppose to be shipped air… meaning fast… they are now on some highway or maybe even resting the night at a truck stop! Sometimes the best choreographed play breaks a leg! They will be holding us up putting things back together… Monday?… most likely Tuesday? Will we be rolling by the 4th of July? Will see… But I can taste it… don’t laugh… I can! It has been now over two weeks with no rig… we will probably end up sleeping on/in it! As I look at all the reinforced parts, those bottom triangle shaped arms with 2 extra plates each… the upper front arm with also an extra metal plate right at the bend… I know that everything has been reinforced and the bike itself has been aligned properly.


The bolts in the sway bar ends had worn out the round hole into oval shaped ones, these two reinforcements on each side made of strong steel will do the trick for a long time… I say “strong steel” because with each cut Andy had to change the saw blade!


The fluids have been changed, some painting this pm, you can see all the parts hanging, by Monday the sidecar shock which was just rebuild will go back on, will be able to do the valves, rocker arms, throttle bodies, fuel filter change… new belt… and as soon as the shocks arrive, put it totally back together, Andy will be the first one to ride it… Well, maybe I was wrong… nothing is holding us up too much. There is still much that can be done…

We took a walk through the little downtown of Enumclaw, it was nice to see a small town with enough pride to have flowers everywhere, banners up in observance of the Fourth of July Holiday coming up, a pleasant one, comfortable to spend some time in… 


One of the reasons I wanted to go back, as I had only driven through it, was the sign up the window “Pie Goddess”!!! Suzie Sidhu, a sweetheart of a lady, with a passion for making delicious pies… was there behind the window doing her thing. We talked quite a bit as she fully understood the certain void in my life, the lack of my own cooking!


Sharing space with a restaurant, I did not have a chance to have any pie… it was crowded, a line waiting for tables, I decided that I would come back during the week, maybe tomorrow… if I feel better!


I developed some kind of stomach discomfort, I will call it, overnight… been queasy all day, trying to figure out what I ate that could have kept me up all night… and also missing meeting some of the Adventure Riders from the area this morning! Out of all days… succumbing to my own cooking?… I am certain it might have been some old mayonnaise I had, which maybe did not do the transition so well from one fridge to the other!


More shops to walk by, a Music store…

This-n-That store…

Many more places to eat, this one with the bicycle hanging reminded me of the “Blue Bicycle” in Dawsonville, Georgia… actually the last place I ate the night before our take off, invited by Marc and Jan… home made potato chips topped with a Hollandaise sauce and blue cheese!


Seeing all the progress made, how solid and “correct” the rig will be, it is getting harder and harder to sit still! At the same time I yet have no clue as to where we will be going. Maybe Vancouver Island? Since our stay at the California Lost Coast Beach, the Sea has been a pleasant companion that I would not mind sharing time again with… I know that the roads will be packed soon for this Holiday weekend, maybe impose my presence a bit more here, doing some local riding… as in Mt Rainier… Mt St Helen…


Have a great week… I know that we will too… If in your area… would love to cook for you…

Be well… Ara & Spirit

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We appreciate it…

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One Response to “Enumclaw… WA”

  1. Dan Says:

    It was a true pleasure meeting and riding with you and Spirit. Mt. Rainier is a special place for me. No matter how many times I ride up there, it’s a refreshing expirience. To share it with a new friend makes it just that much more special. I wish you well as you continue your journey. I hope our paths cross again in the future.

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