Dr’s visit… for “Old Faithful”. Enumclaw. WA

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

“On life’s journey faith is nourishment, virtuous deeds are a shelter, wisdom is the light by day and right, mindfulness is the protection by night. If a man lives a pure life, nothing can destroy him.” ~  Buddha


Last night was our once a week “motel room”. 4 per month. More of a need than anything else. Libraries are great, my writing is done on my phone, (“Incredible” by Verizon), but I like going through my photos in a dark room and a couple “real” showers are as true Life again is flowing. It is budgeted, as I try for everything else except for surprises, at $200 a month as I find it being reasonable with an average of $50 per night, sometimes less, avoiding the pricey ones. I always try to get in early and leave late to get the full 24 hrs. This morning, about a 100 miles or so south from Enumclaw I had two options. The Freeway or back roads. Dark grey skies prevailed, Freeway we started on and rode to our destination as for once we had a good tail wind and after 9am traffic was non-existent. Sigh of relief… I compare being here as going in to see the Doctor, or Emergency Room for that matter, meaning… we made it, we will leave all fixed up, nothing can now go wrong or get worse.

Shop Shop

Jay, Barry, Doug, everyone has been amazed how well the sidecar has held up for these past 5 years. They have a new design, unfortunately I cannot afford it and they are bending backwards to fix me up better than new. A few rubber bushings are being changed with stainless steel sleeves and bearings, the metal tree which holds both hydraulic lift and shock is being redesigned, cracks have been found in the A frames holding the car, they will be welded. Karma has been good to bring us here “now” versus later when some serious damage could have taken place.

Repairs at Dauntless  
Repairs at Dauntless  

So we are camping upstairs, in the upholstery office, patiently and gladly as things are shaping up real nice, better than they ever were. We are at idle. We have been loaned a truck but I don’t know where to go, more, it would be a totally different set up for us. I just realize I am so used to the “Old Faithful”, 24/7, it would be a bit like leaving a wallet behind, something of that sort, as I need to be here to nurse her back to shape even though she is very well taken care off.

Camping indoor  

We have fallen into Thursday evening now and some surprises have presented themselves. Rusted bolts which needed to come off being the rig needs to be aligned again from scratch, they broke off, holes have been tapped, all is now waiting to be put back together. Friday noon, early afternoon is the goal. We will go and test ride it and leave packed on Saturday morning. No sense adventuring ourselves late on a Friday with the rest of Seattle trying to also find a campground. My Friend Andy came by and took us out for breakfast. It was a feast as I have not been cooking these past days and surviving on sandwiches and fruit of some sort or another. Andy drives now a Jaguar, Spirit from his looks I can tell I think wants me to also get a Jaguar.

Andy's Jaguar  
Spirit in the Jaguar  

However “His Highness” had to later sit in a small pick up truck we borrowed. Somehow his look was not quite as happy. That hurts.

Spirit in the pick up truck  

I kind of lost it this morning after a bad night of sleep with much physical and mental pain. Strange as I only can be stressed upon the financial end of this. The ramifications will cost us soon, borrowing from one facet of the budget to pay for this is not going to make it easy on us and yet, this was necessary otherwise with the only option to park our transportation. I even started thinking about going and finding a job, something that will offset this situation. I get upset, I did get upset being in this puddle, it is mostly a constant fact. Never bothered me truly till now when the big expense is presenting itself.

Old Faithful single  
Old Faithful single  

My Mother has already send me my round trip ticket to Munich, Germany, for September 1st flying out of Denver. My good Friends KC and Mia will keep Spirit company, he loves them and they love him. What can I start till then when the matter is we need to be back in Lander, Wyoming, in less than a month. Maybe the Stars and the Moon are offset these days and my Faith has become a bit shaky as to our future on the road. “Panterra Gallery” , in Bisbee, Arizona, is going to have my Photography up on their walls sometime in October. Winter will be discipline time in Texas, 5 days a week, 10 hours a day for I am guessing 3 months editing the contents of these 600 chapters into a Book, all being such positive aspects, and yet none a present band aid to an increasing cost of Life on the road.

The Bosses  
Shop Shop
Shop Shop

“I just thought I’d let you know that the script has now been sent out to various production companies in the US and in the UK.  I have sent it to producers over here and Ludwig and Paul’s US agent, Rob Carlson, [William Morris Agency], has contacted producers on your side of the Atlantic.  It was a question of putting our heads together and selecting the producers who would be right for the project and who would be likely to make this sort of movie. We now keep all our fingers very tightly crossed and of course, we’ll let you know the moment there’s any news.” This is an e mail I received a few days ago. I do not live or will live as it is a reality in parallel with our present Lives, and yet, so many have worked already so hard these past 25 months, who knows? Life.

Repairs at Dauntless Repairs at Dauntless
Shop Shop


We are onto Friday now. “Old Faithful” is being put back together and re-aligned properly. There was more discovered damage. Old bolts rusted out needing changing, a couple extra unwanted hairline cracks in the present mounts have been welded and repainted. Doug and Barry and the rest of the crew are doing an incredible job, there is 100% confidence this is going to be the best it has ever been. There will be a peace of mind while rolling down the roads, paved and unpaved suddenly so much looking forward to. I was thinking as “sidecars” are so often targeted to motorcycle riders that it should be the opposite. A vehicle with a great gas mileage, much storage and an open air feeling unmatched by even any sort of convertible automobile. Much room for a spouse, kids, groceries, pets… not all at the same time but definitely designed with much cargo space. Fun factor.

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Be well… there is always someone worse off than you are.

Ara & Spirit

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10 Responses to “Dr’s visit… for “Old Faithful”. Enumclaw. WA”

  1. john Says:

    words never truer… “… If a man lives a pure life, nothing can destroy him.” So my friend I would venture to guess a windfall is in your future once the words of your life get broadcast more widely…

  2. James Schipper Says:

    Wow! They ave some fantastic sidecar setups at that place! Added to my list of places to stop on that coast.

  3. BoB Says:

    This will only be another bump in the road…U know the ones that you two just ROLL over!!! We are off river road now..back in the North till the chill starts to happen!!..There is always a way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Cynthia Q. Says:

    Hi! Glad you came by to check out our blog! Looks like you have a lot of big things going on. We have a similar situation-limited budget and trying to camp and not stay in hotels much. Have you checked out couchsurfing.com? Excellent website. We’ve had nothing but positive experiences on there. Highly recommend if you want to meet local people and have a warm place to say and save on the budget. Hope that your ride gets back in tip-top shape asap 🙂 Wish I could convince Chris to put a side-car on the bike but I doubt I can. Oh well, will be enjoying yours vicariously. Will be checking back to see how things are going for you!

  5. Jeff Says:

    Ara, I would like to know where your heading? I am in north Seattle and would like to maybe meet you.

  6. texascindy Says:

    Ara, I love the pics of Spirit in the Jag then the truck! Boy! His eyes say it all! As far as your monetary concerns, it’s easy for me to say “don’t worry” but you know things always work out in the long run. I’m holding you in my prayers.
    Safe travels in your newly improved ride!

  7. mq01 Says:

    Ara & Spirit, I agree with John, it seems there are good things coming your way. A movie, book, or art show each in themselves are fabulous accomplishments! Be proud and know that you are making a serious mark on the world.

  8. Nicole Espinosa Says:

    Ara, I just gave you a small donation. I will share what little I have, and hope that many other readers that you inspire so deeply will follow suit. We are all in this together, and will carry each other through this. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing such soul-moving photos, and allowing us to come along for your inner and outer ride through life. You encourage us all to be true to ourselves and our soul’s desire.

    Thank you for being you.

    Your sister of the heart,

  9. Randy Says:

    Love the tech with blue gloves picture thinking, “Wondering what I should do next?”

  10. Colleen Says:


    You are soooo fortunate to have these guys help you! What does a new bike/ side car cost?

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