Broadus, who would have thought? MT

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009
Bowling alley_  

It seems that those “MT” initials are just not going away. This chapter, I have to thank a reader “Ron” for letting me know of the quaintness of his little hometown, as a couple days ago we backtracked to Broadus. About a 100 miles away. We had passed it once, it was hot, same heat as when we returned. I saw what one sees at 25 mph, some colors, buildings, they grabbed my attention but the brakes did not come on. The seed was planted and Ron’s e mail and comment awakened my curiosity. This is again “Americana”, this is little town, very little, and yet it’s heart is beating as strongly as any of his neighbors miles away tucked into a much bigger circle. I had also not forgotten the “World’s Best Milk Shake”, I can still read at that speed, quite a statement that triggers a bit of unpleasantness from some locals, the sign that is, but… all in stride, it added to the attraction going back.

Bowling alley_-2  

Yes, a real Bowling Alley. Unfortunately it was closed but luck was with me when I met the owner/operator/bottle washer of the Pizza Joint slash Theatre slash Gym slash Pool Resort. When one sees a man taking the garbage out on a hot afternoon as the sign still says “closed”, it has to be the owner. Doug from Seattle, a Music teacher, but that is in another building called “School”. I told him everything I had read about him, everything I had learned from Ron’s e mail as his eyes rolled a bit in consternation as he also went on to say “wow… that is some real unpublished information you have here”. So will keep it unpublished, private matters do not concern anyone anyhow, what we are always concerned with is what we can see, and there was a lot of it here.

Movie Theatre  
Movie Theatre-2 Movie Theatre-3

An old small city theatre, the stage is the Gym when not showing the Movies, the floors have been revamped and everyone buying a new sofa in town has donated their old one here, including a dentist chair and seats for an old Oldsmobile car. Just when I thought it does not get any better, the thought of having a Pizza while watching the weekly movie came in to place as a… picture perfect. Would this scenario make it in the big city?

Movie Theatre-6  
Movie Theatre-10 Movie Theatre-7

We talked about the Big City. Doug could have easily stayed in Seattle, the paycheck for sure a bigger one, how would the stress level be? While chatting, a young lady came by to apply for a job, a bit of conversation and she was told to come back Thursday for training. She wondered about filling up an application… “we don’t have applications here” Doug said. Life is simple, maybe not easy but uncomplicated. The word “Resort” somehow popped up in our conversation and right away I was taken I was told to the “Local Resort”. Yes, this is the pool, complete with the wood deck, floating lounges and Walmart plastic shower curtains for special effects, the beach, the palm trees and all, great I hear specially while in the water. Life does not get any more sophisticated.

Movie Theatre-9  
Movie Theatre-8  

Amazing how many people we have met and keep meeting while moving on so slow. Will just have to write a book about it all some day!!! I figured by then I would let Doug go on to his business as we would also, my calling being this famous Milk Shake. It was hot, I had managed to find Spirit some shade as I always do, he always feels more secure in his ride than anywhere else I could leave him, it as so then a stroll to the Dairy Queen of the world.


I did stop at Hoofers also to quickly check it out. I am starting to be leery of signs that read “bikers welcome”, as if we were a different breed of humans and maybe not allowed anywhere else but only if we saw “the sign”. Of course we are welcome, as I am sure drivers, bicyclists, joggers… The young Lady at the counter told me that their milk shakes were even better as I was honest with her regarding my destination. And so I left, competition is fierce it seems like. The truth is, I will never be able to tell how good a milk shake is as I was not raised alongside of them , can only tell if I like it or not.

Milk Shake-2  
Milk Shake-5  

It turns out this Dairy Queen is also an antique store with along “all kind of stuff” for sale from pot pourri to soap and everything else in between. One big Family was here, locals, they let me take their photo and the chatting could have not been anymore pleasant. Raspberry was my flavor, have no clue if it was the best in the world, but I would have another one if the opportunity presented itself. I knew the sugar soon would take over and induce a state of lethargic moments, a single shot of espresso following was then the key.

Milk Shake-4 Milk Shake-3

Some day I want to start exploring the States we never hear about. No one ever talks about a vacation in Kansas, or Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska. Maybe they do but I never hear about it. As Broadus I know every little town is going to have a story, some photos to take, some Families to speak with and a local fare better than another one. Some day we will. We end up the same day playing tourist at the “Devil’s Tower”, a well worth sight, actually pretty incredible as this mass of rocks protruding in the middle of nowhere like a sore thumb, but not that sore on the eyes. Still sorting out the photos of it…


Beautiful ride back, cool air through the vents, the deer was all over the place and for the first time I really slowed down a lot, afraid of my luck running out too soon.

I don’t like watermarks and the reason they are now here is of an obvious one. As little as my photos sell, they could help with fuel cost (they have not!) but mainly with increasing Internet and running this web site cost. It has been disappointing to say the least to see my photos being “borrowed” without permission as with also the present content have been legally Copyrighted. Sometimes even sending an original and never receiving it’s contribution. It is not a part of this Journey I enjoy.

And yet enjoy these pages!
If you find yourself perusing this site extensively, please, consider purchasing prints, T shirts, merchandise or making a contribution above.

Thank you and be well…

Ara & Spirit

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One Response to “Broadus, who would have thought? MT”

  1. Ron Boe Says:

    Ah! You met Doug. Poor fellow, met him a couple times only and one of them was when I popped up into his attic (pizza place was closed – but not locked) to ask if a grade school chum was indeed there. He was. Hadn’t seen him since 1966 or so.

    Isn’t that theater a hoot? Used to see movies on Sunday for .25 back in the early 60’s. Way different seats back then and no pizza place either, just a candy, soda and pop corn booth. Doug says they have had about three or four sets of chairs in there since. Odd.

    The resort in back in new. Guess we have new vacation plans now! I recall when the bowling alley was new. Oh man that was quite a thing for our town. It sorely needs some attention now with over 40 years of wear and tear. But brand spanking new in my memories.

    Thanks for the pictures,

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