Back to “The Oasis”. TX

Monday, January 24th, 2011
"And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom". ~ Anais Nin ~


A simple welcome Sunset

We left Tucson this morning, I don’t like long good byes, not today even though it could have lasted “forever”, it was a short one, 600 miles is ahead of us, the road is moving, I think we are also, aching but it is happening. My mind is at times blank and at times overloaded, there is not much to sort out, only much to think about. We are leaving a lot behind, a beautiful heart, something we will need to get use to as we each remain an entity on this path we are on. Our Journey, Spirit’s and mine, continues, Robin’s own Journey continues, so much in common and yet as much as we share a current stage, on each side of such said center stage we have our own which we need to nurture. Her house, her gardening, her work outs, her work, her Friends which are slowly becoming our Friends, they all have to go on feeding her as our own relationship feeds us. Mother Nature, solitude, vast empty spaces, photography, our own landscape laid out ahead for the past four years and more also continues as it will nurture us. With no loose ends all is a big circle.

Green Giant

Green Giant-2

-Old Faithful--2 -Old Faithful-
Old Faithful tire change Old Faithful tire change-2

-Old Faithful--5

I would not even call it a compromise as when we are both together on this center stage all becomes a blending we both enjoy so immensely as we will specially with Spring, Summer and Fall right around the corner when we will both meet at times reaching a common destination we will be choosing. It will be an indulgence for us, for myself to be able to share the beauty which we will witness. The notion of “sharing” has always been there, such thought has always been present, whether looking at the red rocks of Utah, enjoying a full Moon or it’s sliver within a vast empty space sitting with Spirit in the middle of a million acres, I have always thought how nice it would be to feel a warm embrace, how nice it would be to have two minds, two souls, a kindred spirit on the same page where words are not needed exchanging feelings through the present silence as we would understand each other and speechless we would be. So much to look forward to as time goes on as such time is moving on so quickly with one more reason making me aware I so much thrive to live the moment, I like to live now, to savor it all. With thoughts or memories, plans, but never letting slip away what “now” makes me feel.

Canvas tent-3

Canvas Tent-2

Canvas Tent

I am healing fast on this recovery path, and yet as yesterday I had to move items to take with us, evening came with a lot of physical pain which made me so much realize I had not done much this past almost one month since we had arrived. The warnings of not lifting anything over ten pounds became very real, the warning that it will indeed take some time for all to heal has been present more than ever. Frustrating at times of course, and yet nothing to complain about. I am sure as we get back “Old Faithful” will start and purr again, so attached to that “old girl” as she sat, has been sitting, all alone in that giant green shipping container protected for a change from the elements for a month now. “White Elephant” takes us around in comfort which I will use a bit as a car being only 23’ in length. We can reach certain destinations near by, all is here including solar power, water, a land line with Internet and sometimes while on the go an air-card that will work.

Spring UPS Box

Trickle charger

Robin and Audrey will join us for Valentine Day making it a very special day as it should be. Spirit and Audrey also will be reunited and the plays and running and silliness of the most pleasurable and entertaining goodness again will be present. I am healthy, we have wonderful true Friends, words of support daily written and send to us, what more can anyone desire when leaving with all in mind now so ever present. Both Robin and I have had a long Life. There is over a century between us as I often wonder how this all happened. For us to meet a bit over a year and a half ago, passing each other with a glance, a quick hello maybe it was, and now reunited sharing such common grounds and Life itself one step at the time. Our path actually almost met before three months ago as when Spirit and I attended Overland Expo she was in the vicinity on that Saturday visiting a Veterinarian with her dog and even met and spoke with an attendee of the Expo. Six and a half years ago while working in the Chiricahua Mountains and taking a bad fall off a road from Mt Lemon injuring my shoulder I end up at the Emergency room not too far from her house. Karma knew we were not ready yet as we are today. Our past is what shapes our present, with a bit of help…


Spirit-2 Spirit-3


We have arrived. Quiet as ever “The Oasis” has been waiting patiently and as always with open arms. Tomorrow my Friends Paul and Voni will stop by to move some heavy weight propane and water bottles around. Pump some air in a flat tire, move things around as “Old Faithful” decided to have an almost dead battery as in “how dare you leave me here…” and yet, all is well. Once settled as well as I could, once Spirit settled, my first thought missing this smile I have been in company with was “and now what?”. The roads call again, the sights surrounding us, new experiences within these days when the weather present is as a gift filled with warmth and blue skies. All is indeed well. It’s all good.

Night skies at -The Oasis-

Ara & Spirit

Be Safe and well
Peace, Love, Courage


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7 Responses to “Back to “The Oasis”. TX”

  1. Denny Gibson Says:

    Welcome home

  2. heyduke50 Says:

    welcome back to Texas…

  3. Froggi Donna Says:

    Timing is everything. For those that ask me if I would change anything in my past I have to say no…my past is what brought me to who and where I am today. And that is a good thing….

    Sending lots of love to you and Robin, Spirit and Audrey.

  4. Dick (dharmabum) Says:

    Whatever the circumstances of return are, I find it’s always good to get back home.

  5. MsBelinda Says:

    Welcome back home. As I was reading and saw the picture of your tent, I gasped and thought…hope he did not put that up by himself after surgery. You didn’t did you?

    Your post radiates happiness that comes through the computer screen. Glad Paul and Voni are there to lend a helping hand. It is great to have such good friends.

    May you have a speedy recovery. Take care.

  6. fartymarty Says:

    Hi Ara,

    I’m extending a “Welcome Home wish to you!” Remember, (unless your doc said otherwise) always keep your knees together when lifting anything
    heavier than a lamp shade. The old lifting rules are designed to protect your back, you are in new territory now and must protect other areas.
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery and a very pleasant Valentine’s Day.

  7. Mark Williamson Says:

    The night’s a trifle chilly, and the stars are very bright,
    A heavy dew is falling, but the tent is rigged a’right;
    You may rest your bones till morning, then if you chance to wake,
    Give me a call about the time that daylight starts to break.

    From ‘Westward, Ho!” by Harry “Breaker” Morant.

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