At the Crossroads of Time… Texas

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

“I believe that no one dies as long as they live in our memories.” ~ Unknown ~

The Oasis-9

I am slowly packing to take off for Tucson. Holiday times and hernia surgery coinciding. How lucky can I be? "Old Faithful" is staying behind and so is our riding gear and all. Down a bit at first of course, kind of like starting a Journey barefooted, I overcame quickly the above scenario. No choice in the matter. "White Elephant" will have to take over. We will be traveling in comfort, totally self contained 23’ RV, including solar, why not just enjoy it without hitting the absurd commotion of non acceptance of the matter. This will allow us to avoid the Freeway, take the southern route, enjoy the many stops and photo opportunities on the way. Something I feel I have not done in a while.

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The Oasis-5

I am taking in the last rays of the Sun tonight. A golden glow of such incredible colors. It hit 82 today! It is of course quiet and serene and I am thinking about all the times we have spend here replenishing the Soul and the Mind. How many rides we have taken, how many miles has Spirit ran as this space has to be of his favorite one. This is were he keeps an eye, both actually, on me. Vice versa it is as I also hear his "bear bell" constantly. It sound has moved into my subconscious, it is a sense knowing where he is when I don’t see him at times. Sitting on a log here I keep wondering how much growth has occurred within myself emanating from this simple space, how many words have been written. How content I have been able to find a balance so out of tilt from the past years. How many decisions have been made, the mental ones, right or left or this way or that way. All has carved today it’s present bright moments. These past years have not been in vain.

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The Oasis-12

The furthest we have been able to ride to was again Terlingua. 30 miles and the thought of getting into the Park is just not working out. The sitting position is not agreeable and when the pleasure is not there all I can do is turn around to come back here and enjoy the values of “The Oasis” before we leave. A nice fire, more grilling, catching up on some e mails, continuing writing my book which is up to about 130 pages now and concerns me a bit about it’s length. “Patience” is a virtue they say, I am so fully understanding it right now. I cannot hide the fact that it is a bit hard on our Lifestyle, one reason I only want to leave and be able to drive into different spaces while I can and be on foot the rest of the time to explore. 

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The Oasis-15

My Friend Robin has put me in the Holiday Spirit. A path I have not been on for quite a few years. I am enjoying it, I am living it up, appreciating it. She is also, as we give each other much support and thoughts about our “now” present. These days were Lance’s days. My young man who loved good food and cooked for these festive occasions, my young Son who fancied as I would tell him “nice clothes and ‘things’” for this time of the year. And why not, he worked for it, he was young. I can still hear the laughter in the kitchen, the jokes, the looks back and forth as we never cooked together! It was “his” or “mine” space. We respected each other on that path and so many other ones in Life. It is silence here right now, but I can still hear it all, I can see the past reel unwind. He lives now forever in my memories. I miss my Friend.

The Oasis-20

Yet, when in Tucson, in the kitchen were we cooked a lot and will again be cooking some more, throughout the house, there was again laughter. I surprised myself at times hearing my own. It has been as a gate has opened up, Life again has flown in and caught up with my balance of the present. I have so much to “Thank” Robin for this. It would have never happened without her. This is not a Journal that will express our personal Life, far from it, however I wish and hope so much for all the couples in relationships the ability to find all the adjectives that fill our own Lives. The care, the respect, the trust, the appreciation, the consideration, the courtesy, the honesty, the compassion, the affection, the fondness, the understanding, the well being for each other, the Love, the foundations of a Friendship for a growth that can only go upwards and so much more as I myself care so much for so many others living on this Planet Earth we all call our Home. Those are the only “presents” we need, they are daily, those are the ones we offer to each other.

The Oasis-17

The Oasis-18

There is such an incredible Karma when thinking about our path crossing in Ely, Nevada, about a year and a half ago and then on when recently Robin decided to come to Bisbee and meet us. When I myself was offered to have my Photos shown in a Gallery. All these decisions which have lead to this moment. I know I have written this before, it just is so unimaginable. The mind wonders, the Souls are happy on this path so suddenly filled with Hope and Faith toward a brighter Life yet taken in one moment at the time. The Stars and the Universe have indeed lined up and presented their offerings, so bright and so peaceful, the ones I  always label “pure and white”, it is all beyond all inconceivable dreams…

The Oasis-23

Ara & Spirit

Be Safe and well
Peace, Love, Courage

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8 Responses to “At the Crossroads of Time… Texas”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    So happy for you. Good luck with your surgery….I know it will be fine. You will be well taken care of, I think.

  2. D. Brent Miller Says:

    Be well, my friend, and safe travels on this new journey. –Brent

  3. Randy Says:

    Thanks Ara, your words are good for us as there is much to remember. I am happy for you and may your healing be quick.

  4. frann Says:

    I hope your surgery goes well..I just love your photos and your indomitable spirit inspires me.

  5. mq01 Says:

    WONDERFUL! sending thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery Ara, so that you and Spirit can enjoy the holidays even more than you already seem to be 🙂

  6. Dick (dharmabum) Says:


    May the four winds blow you safely home.

  7. andrew mcallister Says:

    my wife said to me today,what did you do for a hobby before we met,that did you think for the future.I said I had no hobbies,I just kept going,hoping,knowing the future would make it ok. it did.
    I hear the happiness in your words and I hear your thought for the past.He would be very,very happy for you.
    P.S I had a hernia at 8 years old,apart from being in hospital away from what I knew, it was a breze,no problem.
    keep on going,trying hoping and all comes good.

  8. Zelda Says:

    Dear Ara, Christmas greetings to you, Spirit and Robin, and special thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. Take gentle care of yourself and be sure to follow Dr.’s orders.
    Pam & Randy

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