Ardys… 77 and having fun… Texas

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

I think and know that sometimes I forget to have fun as in “brighter”. I has been a new concept I am fairly proud off. For those maybe intrigued as to why, you would have to know the reason we have been on the road and why I write. Seemingly can fun be shallow? Can one experience as many deep thoughts as when not having fun as in “bright”? Bright and brighter seem to have two separate directions. I enjoy the deep thoughts, a reality maybe that is just my own which I share here willingly toward even myself. I need to expel my thoughts before they bottle up within the intricate avenues the mind is made of. It is good for my soul. They are the gears that never stop turning. The brighter ones seem to be better oiled and running with more ease. I don’t think having fun takes as much thinking, it brings me a lightheaded sensation as being above the “bright” being “brighter”. I am so confused sometimes that I have to smile at myself. Go have fun I think, let those gears fly freely and spin without the resistance of much thinking as Life is going by, moment by moment the seconds vanishing to never come back.

Ardys a

We age, we keep adding those numbers to the calendar, months go by, their names change only to be here again so soon. The seasons sometimes get lost with Mother Nature tricking us putting on faces not belonging to the present times, and yet we stand with time being my luxury… rolling down the roads, sensing and thinking, trying always to stay within the parameters of “now”. So many definitions of “fun”! Silly fun… crazy “fun” as I feel my own fun is sometimes a bit more on the serious side, “serious” only meaning within a deeper train of thoughts as thinking, and so often only ending up with interrogations marks which pleasures me. Makes me feel as I am not wasting the motions moving my own gears. What a waste that would be!

Ardys b  

Meeting “Ardys” made me think about all this. How can she not be my hero? Everyone’s “Hero”. Ardys is a motorcycle rider, she is 78. She has just passed the 900,000 miles mark, she has finished the grueling “Iron Butt” run “four” times, not the mere 1000 miles in 24 hours, but the real thing, 1000 miles a day for 11 straight days, won two BMW MOA mileage contests with respectively 50,000 and 82,000 miles and has ridden once over 100,000 miles in one year. Somehow the honor of meeting her had never presented itself till a couple days ago when stopping at my neighbors, Paul and Voni, for as, like “Old Faithful” a while back , a new clutch needed by her ride. There was no glamour, she was not floating above anyone else, she was and is however shined on by the “brighter” light. 78… She is one that gives me hope and the fervor including the ability for ourselves to continue on our Journey, no matter what, no matter what obstacles may present themselves. It is not only her physical accomplishments, but also because she is having “fun”. Yes, she is.

artyss video  

She started riding in the late 60’s and a broken car in the mid 70’s, a heavy price sticker to replace it was her introduction to a two wheel Honda CR360. She has not stopped yet, it is a way of Life now putting on her daily 500 miles when she travels, as coming here. She has to be one of a kind I believe and what a thrill it was when she showed up for my dinner last night with Voni, Paul still having to work on her now BMW RT. We did send him back dome dessert, bananas with chocolate chips and marshmallows all melted in the fire, as we ourselves had some pecan wood smoked pork and the always good stand by baked potatoes, baked on the coals. The conversations were interesting, to say the least, and even more than it’s subjects was the substance of it, just as one would tell a story about going to the grocery store, I listened to the stories going to the too many destinations she has been. A normal routine in the Life of a youthful rider.

IMGP6968 IMGP6975
IMGP6973 IMGP6976

Spirit also has his fun every day. I don’t know yet if he has it for himself or if he has it to show off. Pits are clowns and their only purpose in Life is to please the one they share their moments with. It was yesterday finally the day for him to have his “big bone”, a nice gift he received just a while back. I don’t think he had ever seen one that big and the truth is that he did not know quite what to make of it in the beginning. He runs around like a crazy dog every morning and every late afternoon, not in between, as he seems to have his internal “clowning clock” all set up for certain times. His eyes never stop focusing into my direction even when running at his high speeds, it always shows in the pictures taken. His spirituality is so outstanding and so is his way of Life as not a day goes by helping me with my quest of living for now, unencumbered from everything that could weigh me down, not an easy task at times. His moments are the brighter ones, they are detached from any dim space that could ever surround us, shadows that I myself keep away from my own moments.

grill a

grill b  

I am thinking at more “fun” when we depart this area soon. There is no schedule, the weather will dictate it all. I am hungry for more adventures, for setting up camps in new surroundings, some old ones we have been to with the certitude that with heightened senses the experience will be as a new one. The colors will be even brighter when we will be on that step above, part of this giant staircase we have never stopped climbing. It just does not stop when shedding away all the past layers which are now only memories, most caught in photographs, images that I often look at as they also project toward me the feelings experienced while within  their space.

spirit a

I have been very fortunate a couple days ago to receive a new SPOT unit, a help/911/tracking device, the same one loaned to us not too long ago. SPOT is sponsoring us on that level, our share page is already set up and will allow to follow our routes when turned on. I am actually testing it right now as today having to go to Alpine for one of my two Doctor’s remaining appointments. This is the link…  It is a peace of mind to have, an insurance policy.

spirit d

Twenty nine months of Photography is finally in order on SmugMug… In “Your Favorites”, in “States”, some labeled “first year” and second year”, now also “Texas the third year”. Feel free to browse, you can even use the slide show mode and have fun. Merchandise is also available through SmugMug. If you like to order prints, all sizes are available as I store the originals myself considering the huge bandwidth needed to upload them on the Galleries.

Maybe your reading the Blog is worth $1 a month…

Be well…

Ara & Spirit

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6 Responses to “Ardys… 77 and having fun… Texas”

  1. Sandra B Says:

    Hi Ara & Spirit-
    Wow- miss thing on her motorcycle is now one of my new heros.
    I think you recently commented on my site…..anyway I have a link to yours because I think it is well worth visiting. Hope I send some readers your way. I check out a lot of blogs…..yours is one of my favorites. I’m a “deep” person too…..I think sometimes we that spend a lot of time in deep thoughts and words are a bit strange to others whose thoughts may not travel so far so often. I appreciate getting to hear your contemplations and you are a kindred spirit on many levels. We did meet in person in Big Bend some time ago. You meet a lot of people and so I don’t mind if our brief encounter has slipped into the fog of so many……anyway, Dave (my husband- the Pikes Peak motorcycle racer) and our 2 jack russell terriers were there checking things out……we had been on a search for a new place to call home and wanted to get farther away from the hustle bustle world that is certainly prominant in much of our human society these days.
    We found it finally- a spot that spoke to us immediately. Not as close to Terilingua, etc as we first had thought might be…..but still in a spread out part of Texas. We are near Goldthwaite….which is considered by many to be the northern Texas Hill Country. There are 5000 in the entire county- which is large in land size.
    You and Spirit are welcome to visit! Our accomodations are a bit rustic at the moment….but I have a feeling you are at ease with that sort of thing!
    The back roads are plentiful….lots of dirt roads that can show you the places few take the opportunity to travel by…..photographic opportunities abound….lots of old reminants of bygone times and the interesting conglomerations of objects that seem to be accumulated by people who live on the fringe areas of this world + the beauty of the earth rising up in vast hills and veiws from the tops with live oak trees, gullies, creek bottoms, livestock, etc. Let us know if you pass this way.
    All the Best,
    Sandra B

  2. Bonaventura Says:

    No’next page’to click on?
    I’m bereft!
    I’m up to date now after many,many hours of (mainly)sheer pleasure sharing your progress,for which I thank you.Your jouney has carried me through a grim time with a black dog . . .
    Your progress on many fronts has been so interesting to share,your soul struggle I cannot begin to understand – your financial struggle is a bloody shame(please publish again the viewers/contributors ratio) – thankfully your health is on the up – but your belongings struggle,now there’s a thing!
    You mentioned your packing panic last month,how much of your gear is for you,your Spirit and Old Faithful . . .and how much is to feed the insatiable readers? I would be embarrassed if my pleasure meant an extra load for you.I think I’m trying to say that too much improvement and complication can lose the freshness and simplicity that attracted me to your site so much in the first place.
    Please put me in my place if I’m on the wrong tack as I express myself in a way that leaves me wondering if I’m talking a different language(as you mentioned!) Spring’s here our glorious’Powers That Be’ have seen fit to bang petrol up to nearly$6 per U.S.gallon, hmmm seems United(Kingdom or States)means we’re united in being shat on. . .
    Love to you,all 3(even though No.3isn’t a VFR!)

  3. Ginny Says:

    This is one of my most favorite posts. Wish I could write more but gotta run before I run out of daylight…

  4. Empeg9000 Says:

    Hi there again Ara & Spirit. I’ve been following you a couple years now and I always enjoy your top notch photography. I like the Spot tracker addition with the share page. I recently got one myself. Take care and be well.
    Ps. I would love to see a gear page of things you have with you on your journey.

  5. texascindy Says:

    Too often doing the normal day to day stuff of just living, it’s easy to forget to have fun. Of course “fun” is relative. Some think to have fun you have to be in a group, maybe playing sports or going mall hopping with the girls. Not true for me. I can have fun sitting on my patio watching the lizards stalk their prey or the birds vying for the best spot on the feeder. Right now I’m having a great time as a pair each of downy woodpeckers, starlings, and chickadees tussle over which pair is going to get which hole (that I know the woodpeckers drilled) to use as their nesting space. It’s the simple things like this that give me the most pleasure. Watching the sky change colors as the sun sets, the the trees turning greener almost with each minute as Spring awakens nature from its winter slumberings; these things bring me such pleasure that it makes me so glad and so thankful to be alive.

    I know that watching Spirit run and romp is one of your daily highlights. I’m glad he’s enjoying his bone! I figured once he got a hold of it, he’d have a blast! I’m glad to hear that you are trying to learn to have more “fun”. As much as I can appreciate your deepness, sometimes you can get so deep that you lose a bit of the light.

    Here’s hoping there are more light days than dark days ahead for you.

    As always, safe travels!

  6. penn&earth Says:

    Great read and i look forward to following you on the adventures. Your photography is astounding and a much welcomed addition to your words. Keep it up man, and hopefully we will cross paths in the future.


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