Another week on Blue Mesa Lake, Gunnison. CO

Monday, August 31st, 2015

"One Day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now!" 
~ Paulo Coelho ~

Blue Mesa Lake xxx

The hunger for the road is insatiable. I keep thinking about the fact that November 6th will be ten years and the thirst for it only keeps increasing. What is it? What is the substance which doesn’t allow me to settle? The thought of such only makes me want more and more. Yet, right now I feel limited. The steroid shots are wearing off as I even moved my Spine Dr’s appointment from October 21st to the 7th. I am good for about 100 miles, not many twisties, and that is about it. I am not complaining. I feel lucky to just be here with a continuous perfect cool weather even if a bit of rain shows up at times. I know this too shall pass and soon as what is time?… all will be as before, that would be on the physical side.

Blue Mesa Lake-3 xxx   

Blue Mesa Lake-8 xxx

I love this Gunnison, Colorado, area. I cannot get enough of it. Yet, I pretty much say that about every space we have been in! Except… Kansas this time of the year even though there is no regrets seeing our Friends. Great Music tonight at the I-Bar Ranch a bit East of town as it is every Tuesday evenings starting around six. Nicest crowd as ever, as it is every year we are here. Family oriented. I had front row seat and for someone as I which doesn’t enjoy crowds it was a true delight.

I-Bar Concert-14 xxx 

I-Bar Concert-9 xxx

I-Bar Concert-2 xxx

I-Bar Concert-6 xxx

I keep thinking maybe we should live here! But, for one, we could not afford it and I know once the deep snow takes place it would only be the romance of a winter, not the winter itself as The Oasis would be calling loud and clear. The Music must have given me a good night sleep as I woke up late realizing the sun was not going to make much of an appearance hidden from a gray sky. It did not look like rain though, not at the time anyhow! We took off for Taylor Park Reservoir while stopping at some Friends house on the way. They were not home.

I-Bar Concert-11 xxx 

I-Bar Concert-13 xxx

I-Bar Concert-12 xxx

I-Bar Concert-29 xxx

A few drops started to fall on my face shield. Lazy me, and stubborn all at the same time, I did not put on my rain gear and paid a heavy price for it while we turned around coming back to camp. There is no worse [?] feeling then wearing three or four layers and feeling your skin getting all wet and that includes water dripping in your boots! To make the matters worse there was a bad accident on the way back, a huge semi which had overturned and so here we were waiting and waiting for a lane to open up. As one finally opens up and we are ready to take a bypass alongside the road a Highway Patrol stops us! Spirit was curled up in his sidecar as he normally do when it rains, the Highway Patrol had seen us this morning and asked where he was? [!]. He finally saw him and expressed it was the "cutest" thing he had ever seen… Of course it was "National Dog Day"! A wet present from the skies for my buddy.

I-Bar Concert-26

I-Bar Concert-15 xx

I-Bar Concert-16 xxx

I-Bar Concert-17 xxx

The skies are finally clearing up a bit but all my riding gear is wet and there is not enough sun peaking out to dry it yet. So we are stuck with the hope that tomorrow as it shows on the forecast will be a sunny one. It is not cold, just wet, not time yet to drop any further South as in New Mexico. This is the only game we play daily… the weather forecast!

I-Bar Concert-7 xxx

I-Bar Concert-22 xxx

I-Bar Concert-19 xxx

I-Bar Concert-23 xxx

I-Bar Concert-20 xxx

My days I noticed are getting more and more mindless! There is not much thinking happening. It is as I have reached a plateau, an endless one with no hills, no ruts, just plain flat. It is an amazing break in Life while nothing is happening. I wonder if I have reached a space more comfortable than ever after crossing all these past peaks and valleys. I must have. It feels right and strange all at the same time. I better take it all in as one never knows what the next hour has in store for us. I like good surprises, I don’t like bad ones anymore. I have fought those hard enough, these times might be what I have been searching for. I hope… always have hope as we could not live without it.

I-Bar Concert-34 xxx

I-Bar Concert-35 xxx

I-Bar Concert-39 xxx

I-Bar Concert-38 xxx

We have nothing to do today. I have already slept 14 hours after yesterday’s adventure. More sleep is out of the question! I keep hanging my riding clothes out on Old Faithful when the sun is out for 10 minutes, only to put then them away when the downpour starts. I think I am going to give that up. Tomorrow should be a sunny day… they say. I will plunge myself in one of those mindless books I now have since Kindle deleted for some reason all my books and replaced them with new one! Why? I have no clue and not in the mood to find out. My eyelids will become heavy and yes, probably more sleep as the skies also become heavy and gray. Why fight? It is all part of being on the road. Last that I have checked we have no appointments that I know of.

I-Bar Concert-21

I-Bar Concert-25

Our Photo Coffee Table Book below is now available through Blurb as a hardcover, e Book and I Book.

Hues of my Vision Final FB [original]

Stay well,
              Ara and Spirit

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