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Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

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"Wow! What a historic image of two handsome young men… How very far you’ve come since then–the graceful, existential evolution of Minds and Spirits. Your Journey has touched many lives and hearts, and inspired others to finally surrender and embrace their own…"
~ EH Alberts ~

9 years ago...

These above words were sent to me today, they complemented a photo taken over eight years ago, a photo of us and Old Faithful without a single sticker on her! The same for Spirit’s helmet. We had just left the East Coast and arrived in Big Bend for the first time. There was no "Oasis". No free camping but a new Friend who offered us to camp on his 20 acres in Terlingua. For some reason it made me curious as to how many days ago we had left. November 6th 2006. Not that it matters, just an inquisitive thought. 3060. Roughly. I can see these days passed in one image! a panoramic one. I can mentally read all the words others have sent helping us up those steps which we confronted. It has been quite a Journey and will be in times to come when the unknown as always faces us.

Sunset xxx

I follow a few others who live on the road full-time or part time of the year always witnessing the same aspect as us. They eventually acquire a home base. Sometimes even a house to come back to and regroup. It doesn’t fail and I now understand why. Everyone needs a cave of some sort. It must be Human Nature. A space one can call "mine" even if maybe rented. Not too sure about that one but maybe. The road takes a toll, mental and physical. There is an "unrest" we enjoy, a constant as they call it "street smart" present for the sake of survival, a bit as always looking over the shoulder. As much as the romance of the road and off road is of an incredible feeling and experience, everyone needs and takes a break within a space where the guards can be down. We are so fortunate to be here. Guided from day one for sure.

Storm approaching xxx

We did an interview with Marfa Public Radio yesterday. The link for it is below. 29 minutes long. It was mainly about our Book and Marc, the interviewer, sure had read it and asked some emotional questions with which I had to take my time replying. Amazing how the waves never stop as often I had to bite my lip and look outside through the window to reply while trying to find my ability setting aside my emotions choking me up. We both felt very comfortable with each other, nervousness as maybe I thought would take place was absent, we could have gone on for a few hours as his genuine interest and to the point comments was enticing to share the past years gone by and the present aspect of "now", a Journey with many realizations. It was interesting, I am glad we did it and shared some thoughts even though Spirit did not say much… He does not have to!

Marfa Radio Collage xxx

Marfa Public Radio-4 xxx

We are now back at The Oasis, the land of nothing and so much all at the same time. Our few pieces of furniture arrived and in one day I put it all together. We are now sitting in the "cave" where it is cool since being under a roof it never sees the sun. Strange. From a tent to this. It is not much, a 10 x 14, not a mansion but it is a lot for us. Will we really some day spend our summers here? Was all this in vain or will we really use it? Time will tell. Mentally besides my constant amazement it does feel good and right, a bit like a security blanket. Maybe indeed we all need one of those.

Marfa Public Radio

Marfa Public Radio-2

The last task is to move our solar panels meaning digging a 3′ hole for a new post 40′ away from the roof. It was a bad idea on my part not thinking and not taking in consideration the Sun moving North all the way up to the day of Summer Solstice happening end of June. I should have known better that eventually the panels would not get any Sun while blocked by the roof for a few hours in the morning! Quite a "Duh" moment I must say. I started physical therapy last week, our ground is rock solid and there is no way I can dig such a hole. So, familiar aspect, I wait for help. I have been stood up three times already as today, this morning, is another promised time… Will "he" really show up? I am not holding my breath. I try to stay ahead of the game as eventually it does happen.


Beef Kebabs

Always cooking! These are for the lack of lamb, Beef Kebabs…

I am trying to solve this physical pain due to sciatica and lower back. A Dr here, another one there and nothing to make it better. An X Ray shows all is normal to which my answer is "really?". Then I understood that their normal means there is technically nothing wrong besides the normal wear with age of the bones. So physical therapy it is once a week having to go to Alpine and once a day on my own one hour of prescribed exercises. By this time I am of course expecting a miracle! One which has not happened yet. It is amazing how one can get used to living with physical pain. It becomes the norm. I personally prefer mental pain as I have a whole bag of tools to deal with such.

Spring at The Oasis

Well, I guess I am not getting my 3′ hole in the ground today!… Again.

How to order our book…

“Freedom on Both Ends of the Leash”, our Book, is now available autographed through us for $24.99 [$19.99 + $5 S&H, Continental 48 States] by clicking the photo links on top of this page. [PayPal accepting all cards]. It is also available through Amazon in paperback or as a Kindle download. All other electronic formats are also available.
You can also order from any Bookstore and Beemerboneyard.
If ordering more than one copy through us you will need to place each order separately or e-mail me.
Please read below about rates for International Shipping and outside the 48 States
The flat shipping rate for outside the 48 States or International is $15. Please e-mail me [“e-mail me” link above] for those orders as you will have to get directly into our PayPal account bypassing the normal procedure.

Stay well,
              Ara and Spirit

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