Ah! “Gratitude” and the “Alpine Art Walk”. TX

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

The “One-Pan” Recipe store opening…

Does one have anything to do with the other? It does. My “Gratitude” truly made me appreciate these past couple days the Art laid out at the annual “2011 Alpine Art Walk”. Friends seen, conversations, the tremendous effort so many took upon themselves expressing for all to enjoy. This video below has made it’s way here at a time when the door to this Journey was ajar and on, full force, it blew it’s hinges. It has taken me to another peak of my Life and again in it’s balancing act of the Mind and Soul it’s motion made my path of a paved one. I watch it every morning… I really do. Takes 6 minutes…


“Gratitude” toward all one must have…


Another eerie moment yesterday. Seems to be happening a lot lately the deeper we are sinking into this timeless space. I lost a whole week. It just vanished as awaking days after we arrived back from our little outing in the Texas Hills and suddenly wondering what this near past blur had been. Present in the moment too deeply maybe shutting off any projections what so ever into the next moment? I have been thinking about it since yesterday. Amazing and maybe even a bit worrisome?

The Granada VI -2

Gallery xxx

We are indeed in a different time zone I believe where any effort of past reality and future to come are slowly becoming only the shadows of our present. Up before sunrise, lately down after watching the Moon come up over Nine Points, all the in betweens are moving on at a pace I had not previously experienced as such. Yet, I am longing for an outburst in foreign lands. Alpine’s Art Walk is this weekend and probably will run up there as we always have to witness other’s Art. Maybe then on to the "Big Bend State Park". "Old Faithful" is ready for some off road adventures, we all are as the weather is just magnificent. It is one reason why we are here. But can I now think so far ahead? A few days it is as if I do, I will loose what is now.


Butterfly Bicycles


Austin Zoo Bicycle xxx

In the midst of the Art Walk time has been entertaining. We are at the half way mark as we will go back today for the Art Car Parade. Cannot miss that event. A bit of food shopping also while in Alpine and we will return to set up for Thanksgiving week in "Big Bend State Park". This year the event will be quiet, my gratitude toward this Life of ours, our path, our Friends, all will be laid out quietly somewhere on a patch of Earth which can accommodate our tent.

Art Car-10

Art Car-7

Art Car-5

IMG_0364 IMG_0359

The Art Cars, seeing so many, has been more than interesting specially while able to speak with the owners. Their designs are not puzzling as many might find as such, it is their imagination that intrigues me with my highest form of respect toward them to have the ability pronouncing their inner fantasies as such. One has driven from central Kansas and as knowing such fact, I still asked him… "so you drove this car all the way from there?". Silly question. Of course he did. I found myself having a certain common ground in the sense of the attention and scrutiny always being under as I was telling him about the constant barrage of cameras Spirit… endures. As "have you never seen a Dog wearing goggles and a helmet riding a sidecar?". Have you ever seen a car with hundreds of tubes of toothpaste and teeth and more glued on? Smiles… smiles are always all around when the inner child is still so prevalent in our advancing age, specially when as such, "it shows".


Alpine 2011 Art Car Parade



Art Car-2 xxx

Art Car-9 xxx

Art Car-3

I am having a good time with people around. There is a huge "refresh" button that has been pushed in my Life these past days, since our 5 year milestone made it’s presence as other’s words also coincidentally made their way in my daily thinking. One of them has been the "gratitude" due toward everything, meaning truly "everything" that surrounds us. This video above is one that I now watch every morning when a connection is available. Again, it is nothing obscure or unrealistic or which has been unknown by myself in near past, I am thinking as so many components of Life which has entered our path, more than acknowledging, it is, has to be "the right time" to connect, the proper moment for that spark to be not only visible but felt so strongly as this video for myself enforcing seeing the World, my surrounding, all so differently. 

Holland Hotel

Holland Hotel-2

We cannot look at the negative aspect of facts, people, Friends, relationships. When all is laid out with no ill intent it is all only how we have been designed and a smile, and a "thank you", and an acknowledgment toward it all is going so much further these days. I see this as the key that finally has turned the tumbler.


Art Walk rendered B

We left the Art Show a bit early on Saturday. I think we were both ready to come back. Spirit as much as myself. He is now doing very well in crowds suddenly. It all started this summer while stopping in a couple "must visit" stores. All the noise, the people, the cars has made him very nervous and I think I now have ahead of me the task to walk him when within a certain urban environment. I think he has lost the sense of such crowd when us spending so much time in quite a bit of isolation which makes him feel very secure.

Rendered A


Till next time.

Have the Best “Thanksgiving” you have ever had filled with the outmost “Gratitude” you also have ever had…

Take a look. “Smugmug” stands for quality. Thank you.

Be well, always.
Ara and Spirit

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10 Responses to “Ah! “Gratitude” and the “Alpine Art Walk”. TX”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Brilliant colors! Thats so cool. I have never seen butterfly bikes,LOL Ive seen all kinds being a bike rider…but never those.
    And Happy Thanksgiving to you and Spirit.

  2. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Thanks Michelle… I guess I was bored with the photos!!! Started playing with GIMP software (free!) and it was fun… You have a great week and thanks for writing. Ara and Spirit.

  3. Queenie Says:

    I like these “fun” pictures! Seems to have captured the spirit of the fun in Alpine. Really so glad to have had the time to visit with you and see Spirit again, even if he was not so happy about the events going on. It was good to see a smile on your face. Hope to see you at the Oasis sometime next year before you take off again. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Spirit, and I am grateful we are friends.

  4. Cherry Baker Says:

    I love the “Gratitude” video! I so needed that today. I’ve been reading your story now for the past 2 years since losing my dear Husband and you have given me more than you know! Thank you Ara & Spirit!

  5. Dee Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Spirit..,

  6. Denny Gibson Says:

    Thanks for sharing the Gratitude video and thanks to whoever pointed you to it and, of course, to Louie Schwartzberg for making it. Wow!

  7. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Hi Cherry, thanks for writing. I never believed anyone saying it gets easier in years past. And easier is really not the word. I have not defined it yet. One day at the time… it is slowly learning the values and structures of the Mind, Soul and Life. Not an easy task….

  8. Ara & Spirit Says:

    You are welcome Denny, just passing it on.
    Have Happy Days Dee….

  9. Dee Says:

    Ara, as you wrote about gratitude in this journal, I thought you might enjoy this brief statement that I ran across today from melody Beattie, a self-help author. “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. it turns what we have into enough and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.”

  10. The Box Canyon Blogger Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Ara and Spirit…
    Beautiful photos, blew my mind… psychodelic!!!
    and thanks for your blogging.

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