A restful sunday…

Sunday, December 3rd, 2006

A restful Sunday…

One of those days, attending to my sleep, definitely will not go as far as mentioning beauty sleep!

I don’t have a mirror come to think of it and maybe I can loose sight of what I look like… can one forget what they look like? Finally around 11 am Spirit and I, well, actually I am the one that takes the decisions here, decided to go for a run to Sam Houston National Forest and lake Livingston through some back roads that my newly downloaded map was showing on the minuscule GPS. Sorry to say that we did not make it very far, did not even get on any back roads!

The wind was blowing hard, each mile was getting colder and for the past few days, the fact that the engine at idle was with no pattern missing, started rocking the my head gears. The thought of a nap with the furnace on, shades down, was becoming more and more prevalent… and sure enough we just made a U turn, coincidentally in front of the local Sheriff who just waived at me, nice!… and came back to camp. Imgp0849

I originally thought, since the tank had been off the bike not too long ago, and by the way, for anyone that does not know… yes… BMW keeps their fuel filter in the tank… some dirt might have lodged in the filter somehow, someway. Well, I was not ready to get in there… not today… instead I started checking my throttle bodies with my faithful Twin Max… the idle was way off… throttle on was way off too… with 166K on the odometer the throttle bodies had not moved in an eternity… but… I remember as the sidecar’s arm were put back in place after my separation, some cables in the way might have been moved around… sometimes I am good!… I do not believe in coincidences… specially mechanical!… and all is fine, purring as never before…

And yes… a great nap followed!

Tomorrow I will be in San Antonio, about half way or so to Big Bend, where by the way found out that it will be 14 degrees on Friday night… burr, suddenly Florida sounded pretty good to me… the infamous Keys… with one way in and the same way out… I would probably just go out of my mind after…

Will see what San Antonio’s local colors will offer…

Till then… be well…

Ara and Spirit

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