A loop North of St George, Utah

Thursday, August 21st, 2008


We are back onto the other side of the coin, away from the waves of the tourists and the circus atmosphere that prevails upon Zion, that would be the main Park. Just bad timing, not the first time and I am sure maybe not the last. We arrived at Michael and Sandra’s Home a couple days ago and as I did look at the calendar today I realized that I already had lost a day somewhere, who’s counting… right? Sandra is away on a rafting trip of a Lifetime down the Grand Canyon, its complete length and it is now Michael and I holding down the Fort! Michael should be named the "guide" of the State of Utah… I have been challenging him these past couple days with sights that we have seen hoping he has not! Not yet… Will boredom set in while here taking care of errands in St George alternatively while sight seeing? Improbable as I know that again we will leave with unseen wonders filed in for the coming years!

ecampment a

We rode a nice loop yesterday, nice weather, not a cloud in the skies and the temperature turned its knob on high only when dipping south through St George to head back north. Our first stop what "Mountain Meadows", the site of the Mountain Meadows Massacre.  I will post the "Plaque" of this not very well known fact, a sad time in the History of this Country made even worse seeing the age of the children on the Wall erected.

the wall

the wall a  

It is a powerful place to be at, as one’s mind can only wonder, and through their own imagination reenact the horrors of those days made worse by the fact of being Americans against Americans all in the name of Religion and different beliefs. I have read the different versions, but regardless of their each slightly different theories, the facts of such loss of so many lives remains written in black and white. Much to think about and feel.


in memory a  

We continued on our planned loop. The ride was of a welcome change on these wide open roads with barely any traffic, a tailwind smoothing out the efforts of "Old Faithful" which has just turned 190,000 miles yesterday! Smooth as ever and still going strong without ever missing a beat. We made a right hand turn on a nice maintained dirt road call "Pinto Rd" that would take us a couple miles later to a rock formation unknown to many called "Lion’s mouth".

mouth of the Lion


It is a very large overhang as it can be seen by Spirit’s size in the background. It is one of the lessor known Rock Art site in southern Utah and the walls will take you back in time as covered with many colorful and well preserved Pictographs. The Pictographs here are mainly part of this huge 45 foot panel, an incredible story book and creation made by the Ancient people that once camped under these cliffs.

paintograph f

paintograph d  
paintograph g  

A three legged figurine is in the center of it all, surrounded by what looks like rabbits maybe, another little guy on his left with crooked horns, or maybe he is on fire. No one really knows what all this represents only assuming that this place was a sacred one, as I believe that it still is. The Journey yesterday had already taken us from an area with much historical incidents happened only 150 years ago, to now a dwelling going as far back as thousands of years.

paintograph h

paintograph i  

Situated above the others, this Thunderbird below probably represented a "flight" or maybe a dancer fully dressed for a Sacred occasion. I kept thinking that maybe also the three legged figurine and others with antennas might have been the sights translated while being in contact with Aliens from another planet… Vivid imagination maybe, but one never knows as in my own theory we could not be the only "beings" around in this vast Universe.

paintograph e

A quiet and peaceful place to spend the day so conductive towards thoughts of Life. We walked back to our bikes and headed east arriving in Cedar City just in time for lunch bought at the grocery store in the form of fruit, Pico de Gallo and some tortillas chips. We realized by then that we were to early to go through Kolob Canyon road if we wanted to catch the sunset. Way to early… about 6 hours! Will get in anyhow, only I know to return again for the Golden Hour.

kolob Canyon b

Michael went on home, he had his two dogs waiting for him, advantage of having a sidecar and having Spirit with me 24/7! With the harsh light and not a cloud in the sky, the sights were incredible, so was the ride and not so for the pictures. I much prefer this side of the Zion National Park as the cliffs I feel are much more picturesque and the roads pretty much empty from any traffic. It is a 10 mile round trip with many overlooks and as always the red asphalt, a trademark for the Park.

Kolob Canyon h

Kolob Canyon i  

I am getting ready to go into St George in about an hour or so. Spirit will stay behind allowing me to relax a bit while in the stores or Dr’s office, at the same time I will be loosing my alarm that works so well when parked anywhere! Little towns, as when we where in Escalante, do not concern me too much as within a short time everyone knows us, but the big cities such as here, is just not a comfortable feeling to leave him in the sidecar by himself. One never knows what could happen.

Kolob Canyon c

I feel as I have regained my Life back being here! I had never been so aware of my surroundings as now, there is Peace and Harmony throughout these days and I am not even thinking much about what lays ahead of us, a big step in stone for this Journey, the physical location of "The Oasis of my Soul" near Big bend. There is slowly a picture being formed regarding what will be erected on that land, they are however vague, just some thoughts. An outdoor kitchen for sure, a bathouse, and that is about the extend of it for now.

Kolob Canyon f

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Be well, always. Ara & Spirit

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5 Responses to “A loop North of St George, Utah”

  1. Chris Says:

    I have been following your travels in my home state. I love your pix and your writing is a joy to read. I hope you enjoyed your loop, I live in Beryl Junction, I would have gladly offered you lunch had I seen you!

  2. UTrider Says:

    One loop you need to take. Go down through Ivens, Shivwitts, then take the old highway to littlefield AZ then take the Gorge back to St. George. Just remember on the Shivwitts Nation land, when it says no trespassing, they mean it. (or if you leave spirit in Michaels tender care, go back to Veyo – soak in the pool for a bit, then take the back road past gunlock down to the old highway then to littlefield.)

  3. Alec Says:

    I have enjoyed you site and your lovely photos. One day I hope the wife and I can wounder around the country side as you do. It would not be a good idea on my little Honda 750. Maybe when I get my Goldwing.

    If you are ever in South Carolina, stop bye and see our Fainting Goat farm. You would have a blast. Stay safe out there on the road!

  4. lindan96 Says:

    The pictographs were awesome. I really enjoyed those. Got my shirt today and it’s great!!! Going to wear it tommorow around town. Thanks. And to Alec, I love fainting goats. I live near Greenwood, so your not too far away. Maybe I’ll check you out sometime and bring my neighbors little boy. I bet he would like it.

  5. Evelyn aka Eve1 Says:

    Your pics are so great
    I want to use them all in layers.
    Thanks for your story I cant wait to read the next chapter

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