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Life with “Ziggy”… NM

Wednesday, June 5th, 2019

“Dogs are not our whole Life but they make our lives whole”
~ Roger Caras ~

Ziggy 7 xxx

Exactly fourteen months less two weeks later, there is anticipation for this afternoon to arrive. Later? That is when Spirit left us for that world over the rainbow where all the dogs freely run around and are fed until their bellies are full. Where there is no such a thing as abused and mistreated.
I am ready and willing and more. I knew that moment would come, I just had to wait for it and indeed it made its way into my own Life.

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There is no explanation I can give as actually I do not look for one. There is no deep rhyme or reason, there just is. There just is and it is a beautiful fulfilling “thing”. For the many who do not care for dogs, which I unfortunately at times meet, you would not understand, but who knows, maybe this page will change your perception. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Ziggy 1 xxx
      Hey Ziggy… why don’t you just get comfortable?

Ziggy has been at the shelter only about a quarter mile away for about a month. A beautiful mixed Heeler, not that the breed matters to me, and everyone was surprised he had not been rescued any time earlier. I visited him a couple times last week while finally yesterday afternoon the decision was made. It felt so right. About eight months old, 33 lbs..

Ziggy 5 xxx

Ziggy 8 xxx

After seeing him one more time I came home as I left the word that I would come back the next morning to adopt him. I wanted to make sure that the “spirit” in me guided me properly. Punt intended. It was a yes, and as I called to confirm with Lisa, the Lady in charge, she goes on “you are never going to believe this but as soon as you left a Lady with her two children showed up and also decided on Ziggy”. However, she had to go to the bank to get the money for the adoption fee and neutering.   
My heart sank… All this time no one to rescue him and just when I decided to go ahead, back to back someone else shows up.
I tell Lisa “you can start the paperwork and I will be there in two minutes” as it is first come first served. To be exact, first paid first served! I jump into my slippers and I am there in two minutes. As I sign the paperwork and sit waiting for Lisa to finish, the Lady walks in with her two children! She does not know it is me, me the culprit of them losing Ziggy but there is another dog which they like and go in the back to decide.
Both Lisa and I felt so strongly that Ziggy was now meant to be with me. Just as with Spirit he now has a story. Stories always tell a lot.

Ziggy 2 xxx
 My feet will stay warm this coming winter!

He is at the Vet this morning being neutered and I will pick him up this afternoon. I am excited and it feels so good filling this home with another being, starting a brand new relationship. Life will change again, it will change to the better. It has been too quiet here for the past 14 months, way to quiet.

Ziggy 3 xxx
      His favorite hang-out when on the computer.

A week has gone by and I want to write a thousand words each on top of one another.
It has been an unreal reality.
Ziggy’s attributes are of so many I don’t know where to start as there is no finish. 
He is so mellow for an eight months old I call “teenager”! He is so well house broken, so sweet, so loving and so beautiful all at the same time. He is already my shadow and when I say shadow I mean it. He was from day one. Being only 33lbs he is so light on his feet and half of the time I cannot find him. He is right behind me! I could probably walk back and forth from the kitchen to the bedroom a hundred times and he will follow a hundred times. I sometime ask him, with no reply on his part, “aren’t you tired of following me?” As I am writing this he as always laying down under my corner desk.

Ziggy 6 xxx
                    Feet warmer…
He does not care for tennis balls, nor toys! Only likes to chew on a chew-toy. I was told “heelers must run after tennis balls and retrieve them”… More than once. Yes? Why? I have been with one too many obsessed dogs, obsessed 24/7 while panting and staring for me at my feet to throw the ball. 24/7 becoming their only reason for their existence while there is so much more to a dog than such obsession as there is no other word for it.  We already have gone hiking a couple of times and again, myself I must admit a bit nervous, he has not strayed more than five feet away from me. That is off the leash. I don’t like leashes and dogs don’t either. Would you? 
It seems as I am his world as he has become mine.
I don’t put myself on a pedestal when it comes to the fact that dogs know too well that I love them, but they do. Like Spirit, he knows I have rescued him from a Life encaged with such an uncertain future.
Ziggy, as I also love his name which for reason unknown came to me when it was time to name him, “Is It”. I don’t have any other words to express my gratitude towards this Life which has put us together.
I too often feel and question as to why I deserve such a great “Human”.

Ziggy xxx  Those eyes!

As someone wrote me a couple days ago, yes, my Universe is again well balanced.

Stay well,
               Ara and Ziggy
               Spirit R.I.P 04~04~2018