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Life is never linear… NM

Saturday, August 19th, 2017

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man”
~ Heraclitus ~

Our backyard... NM

Our backyard... NM-4

I don’t consider myself totally insane and or crazy while living on this street which lucky me is a loop with very little traffic. Only a bit out of place! I think the symbol which makes me say that are my two gates. One for vehicles and one for foot traffic which besides the UPS and FedEx delivery people is non existent. I keep the gates closed. I find myself adamant about that, it makes me feel secure even though I do not consider Alamogordo being an Urban Jungle. The neighborhood does feels safe. There are some nice houses on both entrances of this loop but slowly moving on a bit further, a few look junky with the obligatory few dead vehicles resting on their wheels with deflated tires. You can drive a bit further and we are after "all that". I always come in the other way as to not see them! Out of sight out of mind. I can’t complain, this was cheaper than cheap!

Our backyard... NM-13

I try to continue keeping my Journal but too often the days are only a repetition from the previous ones and writing about one day would mean writing just about them all. I am on a mission to finish the basic needs here. Meaning much painting, putting IKEA furniture together, undoing IKEA furniture because of a mistake or two [or three!], cooking, reading, comforting Spirit whether he needs it or not as maybe I am the one that needs it, some Netflix since I have a really good reception here with my unlimited bandwidth which also includes hot spot and well, a couple rides up Cloudcroft which is only 17 miles away and that is about it. Lincoln National Forest starts four miles from here and we have not started exploring it yet.

Our backyard... NM-10 

Our backyard... NM-5

I brought Spirit to the sidecar this last time and without a word he jumped in it. A bit awkwardly I must admit, slightly, very slightly shaking which disappeared once we started rolling. Of course I was happy about it while at the same time wondering if I was doing the right thing as I can tell it is not his favorite pastime anymore. He was okay though as we stopped in Cloudcroft for a while and he just then lay down as in old times. I test his hearing inside the house when he cannot see me and he has really gone deaf the poor guy. I see it in his eyes. His eyes which questions everything. I don’t think I will take him with me every time. It is actually still too hot around here during the day unless up the near by mountains.

Our backyard... NM-21 

Our backyard... NM-17

I don’t know how long we have been here. Maybe I don’t want to know as I am only thinking about leaving. I am wondering if I have changed. Fenced in, two gates, three really if I count the one in the rear which opens up to an alley where a huge plastic garbage can sits on a dirt road meandering along a deep waterway built for the overflow of rain water. At least I don’t have a neighbor behind us. The house is huge even if 750 square feet is not big for many. I keep it clean which takes time and that is also here a change from living on dirt and being surrounded by dust. It makes me wonder even more if I have changed! Maybe just adapting to this much needed situation for the present and especially for those future days if I make it that far!

Our backyard... NM-8

Our backyard... NM-14

Noises. It is pretty quiet here I must say. There are many birds around us. Beautiful quails, owls talking, urban pigeons and just plain birds resting on the fences. They are comforting. Long lost cousins from the ones at The Oasis. There are no flies, no mosquitoes, no bugs. First summer relieved from all that non sense. I sit outside under the obligatory porch and look at the weather forming every day East of us on the mountains. Even if the silhouette of my sight is broken up by the roof of other houses it is also soothing and often quite a sight followed by the Monsoon rains. Rains here with big drops of water good for my place as yes, I do have plants! Quite a few actually. Prickly Pear cactus, Century plant, quite a bit of bamboo [I think!] and even a regular pear tree with two pathetic pears hanging on for dear life.

Our backyard... NM-12 

Our backyard... NM-11

Expressing "much needed" has turned out to be an understatement. I have been in the worse medical shape even from before my surgeries. All a big surprise while barely able to walk for a few days. Legs muscles screaming, burning, right foot numb, no sleep and of course scenarios running through my head. That is what we do, right? Even if not mentally healthy. Human recourse. Today hope, in capital letters "HOPE", has come back as long as my patience holds up as also my gratitude towards Life for being in this town and this home. Such has been brought up by my second visit with my new Doctor which turns out to be a great one. Attentive to details and three decades of hands on experience. Blood tests are all normal besides a deficiency in Vitamin D, X-rays unfortunately shows some slight symptoms of scoliosis above and below the plate mounted with screws and could be the cause of nerve damage to my legs. Oh! well…

Our backyard... NM-20

Our backyard... NM-7

So it is back to physical therapy which will be followed by joining a gym for the times we are here. I plan on being in great shape by next June when I turn 70, the new 50. We are not however stopping there. A complete tune up coming up with a Cardiologist and Urologist. I am in good hands with kind nurses and office people while they even made the appointments for me, not for in a month or two but for within a few days with more blood work. None of this would have happened while still being on the road. These are the compromises. Timing is everything and so are constant positive thoughts. My main goal is to take good care of my vehicle. My vehicle is my body and I really cannot think of anything else for the immediate present. 

Our backyard... NM-16

Our backyard... NM-15

Stay well,

              Ara and Spirit