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Observations on Hibernation… LA

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

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Natchitoches Christmas lights-5

“When all the world appears to be in a tumult, and nature itself is feeling the assault of climate change, the seasons retain their essential rhythm. Yes, fall gives us a premonition of winter, but then, winter will be forced to relent, once again, to the new beginnings of soft greens, longer light, and the sweet air of spring." ~ Madeleine M. Kunnin ~

We visited a couple plantations, hence the photos. Interesting history of the past couple hundred years and more.

Plantation-25 xxx W 

Why is hibernation so difficult when most likely envied by many towards calmer times and shorter days meaning less effort curtailing outdoor activities. Seriously. Loving to use the expression "it is not brain surgery", well, it is not. Come to think about it, it just might be for us as such being part, embedded by now in our human [and dog!] elements of how we have lived these past years being the cause of our difficulties. I cannot find inspiration while hovering in one place. The body is here but the mind is not. It is still left behind as it wanders on the vast plains of the Big Bend Desert. Missing them terribly.
Plantation-24 xxx W
Plantation-23 W
Plantation-21 xxx W
Friends understand this present side of the coin as they live it, but often not the one, that stage we come from. Yes, there is here comfort. Running water, switches for lights, food stores a couple miles away, Dr’s offices, the same as also for the Hospital for my upcoming hip replacement. Even garbage disposal is convenient and lets not forget the simple act of flushing a toilet! How nice… All mixed with much of a new element called noise. Silence is at a premium. It is not a flat path of zero decibel anymore but one with hurdles strategically placed.
Plantation-10 xxx W
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Plantation-8 xxx W
Plantation-29 W
Every day as on schedule a different neighbor has its leaf blower and mower going with dogs barking as a chorus. The noises never cease. The mind is bursting and a hatchet is chopping up my thoughts once running smoothly like a waterfall but no more. A learning curve all over again. There is no such a thing as silence in an urban environment as small of a town this is and a tucked away neighborhood we are in. My ears do not buzz here from the lack of total noise. They buzz from the incessant waves of a backgrounds traffic I can hear while I thought I was going deaf… My hearing is just fine! Too fine…
Plantation-14 xxx W


Plantation-16 W

Plantation-6 W

On the other hand I am happy being here. A real kitchen for the short times I can stand up is a treat I have not experienced in quite a while. Being with a best Friend throughout intelligent conversations does flourish the mind. The services so close do not entail a long journey to reach them. All is so, I would almost say “too convenient”.

Plantation-35 xxx W

Plantation-31 xxx W

Spirit is happy. I know as he shows it. Wagging tail banging on furniture and chairs. His day bed is now a large love seat where I would even fit myself for the night. He has his own big back yard where he spends hours tanning while moving here and there between shade and sunshine. He gets to watch the squirrels climb up the trees since he cannot catch them and in between barks at the neighbors dogs and cats. I call my Friend his "Food Lady" while she spoils him to no end. He deserves it…

Plantation-26 xxx W

Plantation-27 W

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A sense of priorities, mentally reshuffling them has again right now surged. A Friend’s favorite dog passed away a few days ago after being bit by a rattlesnake. I still have his scratch marks on my arms from playing with him. Another Friend’s daughter committed suicide a few days days ago. I cried again for also the parents all too aware of what awaits them on their own road ahead. I did not have a bag of tricks to offer, I know the reality all too well. Life can be so harsh and one can get so much lost in their own superficial moments while thinking they are filled with true importance but truly of no value. I realize regardless of our own at times bumpy rides I have been spoiled taking my own steps while putting my mind ahead of it all which at the present makes me think on overdrive.

Plantation-33 xxx W


Ah! The compromises of Life. They are so always endless.

Stay well, Ara and Spirit