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Our Stage is the World… LA

Monday, October 24th, 2016

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"With its oceans, rivers, mountains, forests, mansions, castles and shacks, gardens and old rocks, it’s churches, temples, synagogues and mosques, its laws everywhere the same with its multitude of too many faces all individuals and none alike, in space and in time, all is so scary and beautiful."
~ Jean D’Ormesson ~ [translated from French]

On to Louisiana-6

Alone again for these few last days, maybe two? maybe three? A true Friend visited us as he did last year while this time around I put him to work storing away anything that could be stolen. Thank You!We will be back when/if new owners take over and remount everything. In the meantime, it is a Peace of mind I have not experienced in a long while. All was just a bump on the road forcing us to take a new direction. The possibilities are not endless, but they are present only needing a wise decision.

On to Louisiana-4

We also had another visitor a couple weeks ago. I don’t like to use the expression but will this time around "the visitor from hell". I now just shrug at the experience while filled with a bit more knowledge of just another character taking up precious oxygen while acting through their path. The expression "always be who your dog thinks you are comes to mind. "Always be who you are on the Internet" is my follow up! "Self entitlement" as I had never seen before. Incredible acting on line while in person that mask drops. It was and still is a big "wow". Another lesson for the mind. Well worth it in the midst of acquiring a new road sign in big red letters: "caution". 

On to Louisiana-5

All is about ready. I want to leave and yet not. My Mother and Lance are resting comfortably with us. It was a hard day removing them from this space so loved. As I carried them one by one in my arms, a complete span of this Life unraveled in front of me. I held on to my loved ones as I heard myself thinking "is this it?". All these years spent with so much effort, work, feelings, love and sacrifices, is this what we will be reduced to? A small space in an urn? 

On to Louisiana-3

A bottleneck of memories. The images passing by too fast mixing smiles and tears into an uncommon expression. Priorities surfaced. What are we worried about? Seriously. Your hair? The color of your shoes or how fast can you go? Ashes to ashes. One Life away from giving birth to another and on and on. Memories of the past remains driven only by the loving hearts which stood together with me. Nothing else really matters as I know and am spiritually assured that their souls, their spirits, all will always remain with me in this Life and the next one and the next one.

On to Louisiana-8 

The sights are intensifying around me on this last day. The silence is even quieter. The skies bluer with a true green from land towards it. I know I will miss it here as much as we are both ready [Spirit?] for a new path. There will however not be any regrets. The Oasis has served us well and its memories will always be carried along many others which have so much been a gift in our Life. New roads, new faces, photos, experiences,  stories and even some new food, something I am much looking forward to. 

On to Louisiana-7

The first morning after. Another first day of the rest of our Lives. We ran fast and far yesterday. Bottled up energy thirsty for the miles ahead of us. I barely ate. Only forward. East through this huge State of Texas which seems to grow each time we cross it. It is the weekend and we took 190, the oil trucking road empty of traffic these two days. Not a road to be on during the week. I never plan were we will spend the night. I leave that to the good luck which carries us. Mobile data not being available in the area I stopped at the Sheriff’s office to find out of a space for the night. I don’t even remember the name of this town but the nice lady at the front office called an inmate who gave me directions to a peaceful and quiet golf course slash campground. It took me back at first seeing the inmate thinking it was not Halloween yet while quickly realizing he was for real. Soon his Friends showed up behind him. I felt bad for them even though I am sure they were wearing the costume for a valid reason. I could not take a photo. I didn’t ask. 

On to Louisiana-9

Until later, stay well…
                                Ara and Spirit

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