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In the end we are just passing through… TX

Saturday, August 27th, 2016

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"The very small percentage of adults who can think and speak objectively and carefully about an issue are the only reason I still have a sliver of hope for the human race."

At The Oasis, TX-13 xxx

The Oasis is my "think tank". It has been days, weeks, written words are just not taking shape. An incredible storm throughout the night, much thunder, lightning which I could taste and smell, much rain, all reminded me of my thoughts shaken to no end in this bag of Life. It is as the thoughts are fighting amongst each other not wanting to line up in a logical order to be pronounced. The fork in the road is still staring at me. My head hurts from all of this too often. More thefts around us makes me feel unsecure with the little we have here, yet, it is ours and I cannot lose any of it again. It is too early to leave and at the same time, too late to leave! How about that as a giant thumb has blocked all the exits. It won’t be long however. The pieces of the puzzle are slowly forming a likable image in front of me. My vision of what awaits us is getting clearer by the day. Almost crystal clear…

At The Oasis, TX-15

We shall leave it at “a picture is worth a thousand words…”. Here are a few of them!

At The Oasis, TX-5

At The Oasis, TX-3

At The Oasis, TX-4

At The Oasis, TX-6

At The Oasis, TX-2

At The Oasis, TX-14

At The Oasis, TX-8

Stay well…
                Ara and Spirit

At The Oasis, TX-17