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What we work for, what we live for…

Thursday, July 28th, 2016

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If you live long enough, you’ll make mistakes. But if you learn from them, you’ll be a better person. It’s how you handle adversity, not how it affects you. The main thing is never quit, never quit, never quit.
~ William J. Clinton ~

Spirit in the Hole

Such two different aspects. Work for, Live for… They are. We are so afraid to live as who we really are. Look around or better, look at your screen. Mondays are the cool displays of weekend accomplishments. There is even an extra aspect of what we live for. Do we live this Life for ourselves or for so too common now "others"? Questions… questions… Those questions were non existent just a few years ago. Adventure, motorcycling, camping and everything else in that category has turned into such a huge industry and one can only wonder about the honesty of so many words written to expose one’s exploits. The scene reminds of a few years back when a literary movement of higher consciousness started. The first book truly opened up the eyes and mind of so many. It did not take long for the copycats to surface while it instated in everyone’s mind a red caution flag as to what they were going to read! I do read some blogs here and there. Not many. I smile at most of them as I remember which books they are copied from, excerpts taken from… Has this have anything to do with greed? I smile… there is no more wondering!



campsite b

We are going through a long intermission at the moment here at The Oasis. It could last for months. That is just the way it is for now. Have thieves won the battle of locking us within this space with the fear or maybe anxiety it will happen again? Has this space, the most loved space in existence for us turned around and taken away our freedom? Not totally but… more questions… A friend of mine showed up yesterday who also lives not too far from here and his words were "it is just stuff" that can be replaced. Of course, yet, it costs… Social Security is not very generous and I guess it is easy to say that if one has the money! I personally cannot go through it again. My memories reminisce on years past, these past ten years and further back. Nostalgia going through old photos… 


I do of course have the answers and a solution with the least compromise. Same questions and answers as when camping on BLM and National Forests lands which have become a free refuge for the homeless addicts turned also thieves when camp gear is left behind for the day.



spirit a

Yes, I have the solution which will take some time to be put in action. Patience as I tell myself these days "look at it as a vacation!". So much has changed these past 10 years and not for the better for sure. I visit some close by neighbors I trust and their thoughts are the same. Of course I also hear from others telling me that wherever we go is the same. I know it is. Yet, we will get around it all. A new path, new mixed in with the old one. I am only seeking a Peace of mind. Is that too much to ask?

spirit and wendell


What an odd schedule this here has turned out to be! 5am wake up call! Time for chores or a ride outside before it reaches 100. Back to sleep around noon until almost sunset. Another nice time of the day. Up until late at night and on for a few more hours of sleep. Repeat. The afternoon sun is brutal. There is no other word for it yet Peace does exist when we are here.



I miss the simplicity of just tenting. That is the direction we are going to take even if after ten years this body has paid the price. We shall push it a bit more. There is nothing like it to pitch a tent in the middle of nowhere away from it all. Materialism has not done us any good. All here is only exposed for the ones with no conscience and do not want to work to just take away from others.


Stay well… Ara and Spirit