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While writing for Overland Junction… TX

Sunday, February 28th, 2016

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“Just because today is a terrible day doesn’t mean tomorrow won’t be the best day of your Life. You just got to get there”

Classic Spirit [original]

I just haven’t had the initiative to bring myself onto these pages lately and starting to punch this keyboard staring at me. Pain, boredom, patience, laziness, all has taken over my Life for now. It has been and is the giant “STOP” sign! Some days start well ending up terribly, some start terribly yet end up well. As well as it can be… Spirit is happy as he was unhappy being apart for a couple weeks. I cannot follow him too well but he knows that and a few times a day puts on a show for me. What would I do without him?
I decide every morning if we have to leave these few acres as I take a big sigh when I realize we don’t have to! The cameras have not left their bags in weeks! Soon… This is now the other side of the coin of these past years… and it will pass, the sooner the better. The surgery was a success. I think. [L2,3,4,5]. I will know more when I return in a few weeks for X-rays and a check up. A five hour surgery playing with my back… A fusion here, some scraping there and I forget what else!

Overland Junction F

A new on line publication has been born a few weeks ago. With the emphasis on motorcyclists I felt it also being compelling and engaging for everyone with the passion of the outdoors, travels, living on the road whether for a weekend or a lifetime! With ten years on the road behind us, its memories and experiences physical and mindful, I have written a few articles now published which might awaken your desire to leave the house and take on some of those unknown roads towards spaces staring at you while still in your mind filled with mysteries. It is called “Overland Junction”. The photos are linked to their respective articles.

Overland Junction G

Overland Junction H

Overland Junction I

And yes! These are all the members all over the World… Quite a display I must say to be part of them.

Overland Junction E

Overland Junction D

Until next time…

Stay well,
              Ara and Spirit