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Thoughts on cold and cloudy days… LA

Saturday, December 10th, 2016

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All Photos from Natchitoches, Christmas City of Lights, Louisiana.

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“Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need.”  
Khalil Gibran ~ 

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I feel very fortunate to have started these pages over ten years ago. Seen and sometimes read with different eyes than mine, a multitude of them which through emails, comments, messages and so forth at times express their own replies to sometimes my ways of madness on the road, I today understand their values even if they are solely reflections of my mind under "Father Time’s" different ongoing unraveling stages. They are not paraded amongst photos which too often have no parallel with them to gain any sort of notoriety as it has become the fashion, a fashion at times painful to witness, they are simply in existence within a sharing community and as most of my Friends and acquaintances know it, my prescription amongst others for survival.

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I wish often many would write as such. Openly, honestly, crazy thoughts or not yet all with a common denominator called "Life". The marionettes we should be throughout this Life without a mask, without roles so fake and at times so unreal that such masks under their own weight can only slip away exposing the true character or lack of it, whether it is a Blog, a Journal or even Facebook and whatever other formats these days prevail. It is in these modern times, as we all know, so easy to create an actor we are not. I know a few… It takes a while to silently let them be especially when such actors are Friends as when together they can only be their true selves. They know, fortunately or unfortunately, I read and see right through them. I know who they really are and they know that I know… Crazy stuff! One their reasons? "I want to be important". It is the eternal "me,me,me…" syndrome. The concept of such self entitlement is at times so laughable which beats tears of human consternation when the obvious of the too many roles and contradictions within their own stage takes places. It is one day "love your neighbor" and the next "you are all such idiots", most likely forgetting their previous lines.

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When did this all started?

Unfortunately, we have no knowledge of this human start. We can only feel its progression without ever having witnessed the green flag. Either way, while hopefully looking at this present, immediate past and dreams of the future, we do need to realize that every moment is a start of the rest of our Life. We are born in a World which unfortunately looks too often behind at the past and makes no peace with it. Freedom, hope, enthusiasm, all can get crushed too easily from such vision and negativity. Days restart every morning. Don’t we love every morning? That thought if for just an instant wondering the good that day is going to bring and how about if Life itself only took place within a time eternally called morning?

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Even while surrounded with tragedies of all kinds, every moment is the restart of Life which we should try so hard to not let it slip away. All of it from that murky first day our imagination cannot grasp which is filled with our ancestry bouncing back and forth between causes and effects. They create this time we live through and the moments we will also live through as long as we are allowed to travel them. We question too often our origins while our efforts for a peaceful and happy present dwindles away by the second. Literally. We plan too strongly the future which by its definition is only an unknown sometimes taking up too much mental fuel from our present.

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There was a time when nothing was everything. When that green flag was still raised before an unknown hand dropped it on us. When that nothing turned into everything, were we ever alone? From those times when any laws, space, necessity and hazards did not exist, from those times when at one single moment the switch was turned on. Was all hidden while the obscurity and the light of Life maybe fought each other to create us? And if it was so, were we all alone? as we do have the privilege to romantically assume. Was boredom so ever present within, that at the time the energy that created us made us who we are today? Is that when eternity was created slowly forming us through the past same causes and effects defining our positive and negative thoughts yet with no distinct borders which allowed for those same previous talked about humans to become the actors they are?

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Time is from its birth irreversible but our thoughts are if ever honest awareness makes its way into our minds. And yet, going back to the core of some wanting to "feel important" while nurturing their roots of "greed" which comes in so many forms, the question will always remain "why?". Was it a necessity at that moment to be created? and if so, again, why are we so filled with such opposite aspects as the good, evil and all in between existing for the ones that bounce back and forth unable to find the "right path"? This is assuming that goodness is indeed the right path.

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The often scenario thought towards the birth of our Life is, can, and should be based on a single path called "Love". And so, if it was the case, this present should only be a Paradise we travel through. We know it is not so. We are born through Love but somewhere along the line, slippery as it is, Love’s dark side has raised the dough of time. What is the opposite of Love? Too many words define it. Hate, neglect, apathy, misery, treachery, unhappiness, dishonesty…
How mysterious all this is? Always has been to me.

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Stay well, Ara and Spirit