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Making Lemonade in Midland… TX

Sunday, June 28th, 2015

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”
~ Abraham Lincoln ~

Midland Collage

Is it me or the path of this collective cloudy society storm I am right now dealing with in Midland? I even started wondering if maybe I should get paid for my diligence of phone calls while double checking my appointments, rightly so as I keep finding out their time changes and a couple their day changes also. All I want to say is that all of this is insane and the huge, meaning "enormous" advice I have is "do not trust anyone in this medical field". I could probably write a book on this time spent these past days in Midland.

Father's Day xxx

Father's Day-9 xxx

Father's Day-2 xxx

Luckily for us we have some good Friends who so kindly opened up their home to us. As we are now back in Big Bend awaiting a follow up in a couple to three weeks back in Midland, I received a message that they even miss us!… as I miss them and Spirit’s new buddy " Lincoln. The logistics, yes, they have been difficult yet the Doctors were very good. The hip is just about normal, the back I would say about 90% as I am learning to use my knees to lift and also keeping in mind that I am not 18 anymore. Now starts physical therapy and one or two miles a day walking in the early mornings before sun up. What more can I wish for?

Father's Day-22 xxx

Father's Day-23 xxx

We have had some interesting conversations in Midland! There is one expression that comes to mind which makes me smile "Mindless Life’s noises"! Truly that is what I often hear from a few while they do not realize their own complexities, frustrations, anger often, none will change a thing and out of bitterness try as we do to make some sweet lemonade. This whole episode with ourselves started bitter I must say. It took a while to come to terms with, the fact that we "have" to stay here for now. The photos of Friends in Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming, receiving emails of others in Colorado trying to meet up, yes, of course was frustrating, yet, I squeezed it all out and there is an incredible sweetness for us right now being here. It is surprising me as I try to understand why? It is the first time in ten years I feel, as I am sure Spirit also does, at "Home".

Father's Day-27 xxx

Father's Day-31 xxx

Father's Day-28 xxx

Father's Day-14 xxx

There is no looking over our shoulder, finding a space to camp as regardless what anyone says, the road takes a toll and maybe, I am sure, we needed a break and this is the silver lining while the body gets back in shape for the future endeavor. Fall is not too far, the roads await as in the meantime we enjoy the solitude of Big Bend without tourists as only a few locals have stayed behind.

Father's Day-16 xxx

Father's Day-13

Father's Day-17

Father's Day-24

Funny enough there is a schedule here if we want to survive the heat in a bit of comfort while shade is our friend. Up early before sunrise for a walk the goal being two miles. Back for breakfast and catching up on this Internet before the heat of high noon. It is then sleep at that time till evening and while the sunset gives us a couple hours of coolness use it for outdoor catching up as changing oil, battery soon, you name it. There is really not much of a dull moment. I am waiting for the new battery now that I know we are going to be here a while.

Father's Day-4

Father's Day-7

Father's Day-26

Father's Day-21

I do regress as Sunday evening was a great one in Midland at an open music concert we went to with our Friends. Everyone so friendly, children playing and dogs in profusion! It was beyond listening to the music for me not use to be around such a crowd. I took advantage of it by shooting some photos around us. I hope you enjoy them.


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