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My Mother’s legacy… Texas

Sunday, October 26th, 2014

“Freedom on Both Ends of the Leash”, our Book, is now available autographed through us for $24.99 [$19.99 + $5 S&H, Continental 48 States] by clicking the above photo links. [PayPal accepting all cards]. It is also available through Amazon in paperback or as a Kindle download. All other electronic formats are also available.
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Pain is not always what you think it is. I found this below interesting reading. Human Nature…

“And at some point you realize that there are more flavors of pain than coffee. There’s the little empty pain of leaving something behind ‒ graduating, taking the next step forward, walking out of something familiar and safe into the unknown. There’s the big, whirling pain of life upending all of your plans and expectations. There’s the sharp little pains of failure, and the more obscure aches of successes that didn’t give you what you thought they would. There are the vicious, stabbing pains of hopes being torn up. The sweet little pains of finding others, giving them your love, and taking joy in their life as they grow and learn. There’s the steady pain of empathy that you shrug off so you can stand beside a wounded friend and help them bear their burdens.

And if you are very, very lucky, there are a few blazing hot little pains you feel when you realize that you are standing in a moment of utter perfection, an instant of triumph, or happiness, or mirth which at the same time cannot possibly last ‒ and yet will remain with you for life.

Everyone is down on pain, because they forget something important about it: Pain is for the living. Only the dead don’t feel it.”

~ Jim Butcher ~ [White Knight]

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My Mother thought a lot about us. Being an only child her Love has been immense. Larger than Life itself. She will always be here near by. She is right here. A pillar in my Life, the irony of allowing us to now have a shelter since she passed away with the surprise finding out through a long bureaucratic endeavor she had saved for us to live more comfortably. To even have the ability to think about our future for the days we would settle down for longer times in this space I so dearly call "The Oasis".

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Memorable sunrises and sunsets are one day at the time putting on their best costumes and her presence, her image, all are superimposed over it all. Today is the ground breaking for a roof and it is hard for me to believe what is happening. A step towards what I so totally with more certitude than ever now call "Home". We are going to have a 25 x 40 slanted roof half walled on the South side and full walled on the West side. Six feet also from the top on the East side. Shade. The slant will give us our water with a 1500 gallon water catchment container. The one by the shipping container will be exchanged from a 300 to 1000 gallon. Longer showers? I doubt it… Just more ease for future thoughts. The area did have at some point an 18 months drought. We also have upgraded our Internet speed with a radio antenna as it hovers now at 12Mbps. A miracle considering where we are.

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"Old Faithful" will always remain our main vehicle yet we now have a real “goes anywhere” [or just about] little moving home. I had a lot of help in my decision. Many very attractive solutions, mainly cosmetically, ones looking good but not convenient. Thoughts of a used Sportsmobile, some sort of a Jeep with a pop up tent and a slide out 12V cooler, portable shower, so many other more options including one vehicle called "The Tiger". I only had one aspect in my mind for a full time situation as ours. The convenience and long lasting. It was with the thought "If we are going to have a camper I want it all". The shower, the kitchen, four season and four wheel drive. Something which would allow us to be ready to go in a few minutes without spending an hour on a roof folding a tent or lowering one. We happily settled on a "Northern Lite", which I call the best little sliding camper ever made. No pull outs, it is just Spirit and I can only sit or sleep in one place at the time. Simply, incredibly well insulated two fiberglass shells put together. Air tight, a 18,000 BTU furnace for cold winter days which also heats it’s basement, double pane windows, a wet bath which is cleaned while taking a shower, the top of the line components such as a single large stainless steel sink, three burner stove, oven, full size refrigerator [to me!], freezer, an air conditioner designed to run with a Honda 2000 generator, all Led power saving energy lights inside and out, real wood cabinets, fantastic fan, a skylight, a total of 2500lbs. Luxury as never before.

Roof construction-2 xxx

Roof construction-3 xxx

A queen size bed which Spirit has taken over half of it with his own memory foam bed [he deserves it!], a dinette set with a sliding table and cushions made out of the best foam ever, there is even an HDTV with a Roku Wi-Fi system to watch anything that would be on the Internet. The same Feather Lite trailer we had when driving the Honda Element is with us with its three tool boxes and now a 145W solar panel mounted and detachable with a 30′ long cord supplying power to two sealed AGM batteries through a 30amp voltage regulator, that is besides the existing couple Goal Zero systems we had and a quiet Honda 3000W generator mounted on the trailer if ever needed. The problem of course was a truck as the owner of the dealership, which happened to be a Ford agency, send me on the lot to look at them and get a sticker shock! Really? $50,000 for a truck? That was not going to be possible! Karma smiled at us when he realized that purchase was not going to happen. He invited us to his house one evening as he had one of his own trucks from his stable in mind. A 2000 F350 7.3L Turbo Diesel already wired and the camper package installed, four wheel drive and four door with only 120,000 miles on the odometer. Not a dually! Basic truck with crank windows, the seats had been covered from day one. He threw in new tires and shocks while giving us an incredible deal. I trusted him as being the owner of the dealership, a trust I have not regretted. I had also done my homework for that year engine which "they say" is the best diesel ever made. Fuel consumption? Around 15 mpg, a good number considering we are now what I call a "convoy"!

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My Mother must be smiling by now. I have no doubt. While totally self contained with food, water, double propane bottles with auto switch system, power and all running also on AC/DC, four wheel drive, it has been a step further toward a total freedom of whereabouts. Here, there will also be a small 10×14 cabin underneath the roof with only a sofa, a desk and a chair. I did mentioned I missed a sofa! A 5000 BTU air conditioner unit will keep us cooler while we try to stay here longer and life’s schedule will change as in afternoon siestas and up all night. One must adapt to the seasons as we have all these past years one way or another.

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How do I truly feel about all this? Meaning the “convoy”! It is a love/dislike relationship! The love is when settling in a space I would call base camp and wander with Old Faithful enjoying I must confess the comforts of life we have not had in a long time. The dislike is when traveling from point A to point B and not able to stop where I want to, mainly for a photo or two! As everything else this too is a compromise. It is however a good compromise as the days of a tent are not quite over yet, not in this Big Bend area which offers so much space while this camper/trailer can stay here behind.

Construction-12 xxx

Spirit xxx

And how do I feel about having a roof here? The ability to spend more time with again more comfort, meaning that ability to handle the heat as when summers start and before fall. It is odd but this part feels good. A lot of thoughts has gone into this and “we” have been busy…

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Stay well,
              Ara and Spirit

A Sunset and a Moon at The Oasis._ xxx