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The Road calls… TX

Sunday, March 23rd, 2014

"Observe the wonders as they occur around you. Don’t claim them. Feel the artistry moving through, and be silent" ~ Rumi ~ 

Spirit waiting..._

Even Spirit is waiting…

We are a week away from leaving The Oasis. This is the first day putting it all together as we spread out when here for a few months. Excitement is in the air, trepidation, emotions and a knot kneading my stomach this morning. Anticipation. There is nothing I would prefer to do than being on the road as we are. Yes, even after all these years. There is no mansion or palace that could keep me still, no luxury car or Armani suit that could contain me. No bribe is large enough to dissuade my thoughts of again such a near future only days away. It is all only getting better. Eternally, Lance is here. It is as we have traded places, erasing himself from Life to allow me to go on flying and fumbling all at the same time. That aspect of Life is still a mystery to me. I just don’t understand it as much as I try.

On the road at Sunset

This has been and is the ultimate path for me, for us. Yet in a heartbeat, I would trade my own Life for his to come back and enjoy his times robbed away. The pain is always here. I don’t write about it much anymore as all I have had to say has been already said. Time has given me better tools to cope with it all. They have been honed, sharpened and have become wiser, but the tears have never stopped even though mixed in with smiles of happy memories as that is all I have left. Priorities are so much changing by the day as a truer definition of Life emerges, one having evicted the shadows hovering upon us for too long. What truly matters and what does not. So much does not…

Sunrise Moonset AL

Winter in a photo

Outside, this morning is a spectacle I will not experience on this land until we come back next winter. The moon setting West and the sun rising East while surrounded by only silence in this welcoming desert. The skies, the landscape, the total lack of an urban environment, all is pushing me to just sit, watch and take it all in as headed East soon I am too aware of the opposite awaiting for us. It will be the neighborhoods we left many years ago. Part of me is looking forward to it as we will see friends from the past, the other half is pushing me to get in and get out planning to rejoin Southern Utah before summer heats it up.

Empty roads 

These are the last words from here. Someone who probably did not know I was writing our book even asked me "Haven’t you been there too long? What are you trying to do? Set roots?". All in good humor. It is so bizarre as whenever we leave I am always thinking we will not want to come back. But then, months goes by and like a magnet this space calls us. It is so far from everywhere else and once here the destinations outside of this region are so far.

Breakfast for dinner


The weather today is in the way. Sandstorms with a visibility barely half a mile. More indoor time. I have all morning to cook breakfast! All day to cook dinner. Not much else to do. I woke up last night when the moon glaring from above made me think it was already dawn. Leaving Spirit behind I went for a walk in the neighborhood! I felt as being the only one awake in this world of ours, quickly realizing I was not when remembering glancing the weekly news which is the most time I allow myself to do so. Everything we need is right here on these grounds. There is no greed, no malice, no games, no "Chrome Hummer" syndrome and for a short time I could not understand this world we live in. That other side of the coin.

Last days at The Oasis-5

Answers are just not coming to the surface. The ramifications are too deep embedded within this present society comprised of so much politics, wars, drugs, alcoholism, violence, theft, greed, you name it. It feels sad when I know we so much have to protect ourselves from each other. A continuous motion of the mind which is so absent here. Such is another acceptance as I feel it will take thousands of years for changes to take place, that is if this earth and its occupants survive the present trends.

1106Design Cover #1 

           Book cover design in progress…

You all stay well, see you on the road.
           Ara and Spirit

           We will be at “Two Wheels of Suches” motorcycle campground in Suches, Georgia, on Friday April 11th for a few nights hoping to see the many friends we left behind a few years back.

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