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A blank page at "The Oasis". TX

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

“Some Daily thoughts, a bit of mental therapy, published weekly or so…”

~ All men and women are born, live, suffer and die; what distinguishes us one from another is our dreams, whether they be dreams about worldly or unworldly things, and what we do to make them come about… We do not choose to be born. We do not choose our parents. We do not choose our historical epoch, the country of our birth, or the immediate circumstances of our upbringing. We do not, most of us, choose to die; nor do we choose the time and conditions of our death. But within this realm of choicelessness, we do choose how we live. ~
~ Joseph Epstein ~

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A Classic “Eric Clapton”. “Driftin’” from his Album “From the Cradle”.


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Everything has come to a stop these days. The Dr yesterday said it is a torn left upper arm muscle but the back is also hurting. It is going to take some time to heal. I have not felt it getting any better. Mornings are the worse but no one besides Spirit can hear me. I am so impatient within such situations. Poor Spirit having to also endure these times as our walks have lessened. The heat of the day is a bit intense and yet there cannot be any complains. We have shelter, food, fuel, water and many books to read. Much sleep.

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There is nothing more humbling than intense pain and the halt of it all. "Crusty" [Terra Explorer’s given name] sits also baking in the sun, we at least are in the shade. This is as a blank page is now, here. The body, so delicate, it amazes me how a wrong move can have such repercussions. In such events I always think what happened in years past when medicine was at it’s infancy, tooth aches included. 

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Storm xxx

The weather has turned to an incessant rain. Steady it goes forming the puddles and feeding the greenery in full bloom this year. I am a little bit off from the medications as I am mentally looking at the big picture drawn before we arrived. A long list "of things to do" which would put us back on the road. Mental pain? Physical pain? I don’t know which one I would pick if I had the choice. It is a cul de sac this time around working on the “patience” aspect of it all.

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Strange this is happening now. I would want so much to accomplish what I needed to do here but nothing is being done. The rains have stop, sunshine again filtered through some moving clouds, time is passing by, yet not the pain that has and is holding me back. Such non sense! I forget that the body at times also needs some nurturing as the years have gone by “it” with screams of patience more often than none.

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I forget now how long we have been here. I thought I had a lot done today but does not seem as such. What has been done is finally realizing we are here. The past few days have been a bit of a blur as now the pain slowly going away sets the stage of where we are. Nothing is blank truly and all moments must have their reasons of taking care of us. I have been thinking a lot about my Mother’s situation and that is a wall by itself as her rendition of moving is "I will when I feel ready for it…". "You do the same, don’t you?", as she added leaving me, well, also a bit blank and speechless. We will live one day at the time now as we always have, the space here will bring out our future times.

Spirit xxx

Long stretch  of a walk with Spirit who tries so hard being a clown. He makes me smile. Since left behind while I went to Munich, he is now a tighter shadow then ever not loosing my sight. So bonded we are, words are not even needed while we are here. He is a good listener however and his replies are always so proper as his own "now" spirituality emanates promptly without ever any deviations. He is a great Teacher as I know many will laugh at that notion.

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Turning the page, the next one will not be as blank…

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Stay well, Ara and Spirit

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