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Intermission time… AZ

Monday, August 27th, 2012

“My  Personal Daily Therapy, published Weekly or so…”

“As suddenly as he had appeared, the Old Man, as he was bound to Life’s eccentricities, toppled face down as the ground became his sky which became the lid of his coffin. Eternal as it was, it again became. He did not give up, he did not win or loose. It just was”
~ Author unknown ~

Arivaca Rd xxx

“These are the Days”… sang by Van Morrison from his Album “Avalon Sunset”.


A close one!

Summer time wanderings has always been of my choice. They sure are this summer. Probably sometimes not the smartest planning being at a certain time within a certain space geographically within the wrong weather present. No one forced me and as I sit here near by Tucson with the urban temps nearing the triple digits or more, as I really don’t want to know, I can fantasize about fall and winter times. The present weather stations I finally decided [because suddenly now I want to know!] to glance at on the Internet are of course not truthful considering the ambient temperatures are skyrocketed by the black top reverberation, the mega numbers of vehicles passing by and so many other factors. Yet here we are changing nights for days and vice versa realizing it will be a bit over 2 weeks before my flight to Munich, Germany.

To Mt Lemon-10 xxx

Fall and more specifically Winter gear is on my mind. Just on my mind browsing the what I call advancements in technology. Better sleeping pad, better this and better that at prices soaring which of course are justified when the out-most protections from the elements are provided. I feel as it is one field where the "chrome hummer"syndrome does not truly exist, replaced by some true and proven [for the most part] better equipment. The odd aspect is that what I thought when purchasing my last sleeping pad 10 years ago which was claimed to withstand -25 degree temperatures but does not anymore, or did it ever? It is a fact that as the years are going by I am seeking for warmer items to shelter us. Softer I am getting. We are getting.

A close one!-3 xxx

To Mt Lemon-7 xxx

I feel as I have come in a full circle into being now a minimalist as for example the cooking items I carry. The "tool box" used has been transformed into a pouch. Mechanical tools have diminished into a smaller kit. Clothing has been cut in half and more, we can do with so much less within this minimalist approach. Lighter, less and more efficient as already items for hot weather have to come along with the additions used for cold weather.

To Mt Lemon-3 xxx

And yet what will we really do these fall and winter times? This will be the third year I promise myself to finish this Book that I started. Just a personal desire, just a Book with already a few pages that have come to a halt so many times. Maybe this year will be it? Have to slow down to do as such. Moving on and filling the pages has not worked well in these recent pasts. It is a proposition I am realizing that has to have a start and cannot stop till it is finished. I feel it’s time has come as I am also shying myself away lately from the Internet, not meaning a computer however being used off line.

To Mt Lemon xxx

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Shying away… It is as such after another week of an increasing sequence of more "hate mail". They happen for a reason I guess from cowards I would call as they do not anymore sadden me or even make me angry or painful like a stabbing blade it use to as the writers do not even have the decency of using real mail addresses. My only message is "move on yourself and stop reading my Journal… It is not for you that I write, but for myself". Has Society, one slice of it anyhow, has changed so much these past years? What are Humans turning into? It truly really does not matter anymore. I know who my true Friends are.

Arivaca Rd-6 xxx

Arivaca Rd-7 xxx

Changes are nice, pleasant changes. A house lately to let the body go in a rest mode so unusual for me. Conveniences of Life, errands easily tasked. Even a couple movies with much enthusiasm letting the mind take a break in the not so much thinking zone. Intermission I am thinking only. More soon with my flight to Munich and the company of my Mother I am so much looking forward to. Come back and on to Lander to bring down “Old Faithful” as all once again will be gathered at “The Oasis”, the “Base Camp” I cherish so much. The “expeditions” will then start. That is what I will be calling them…

To Mt Lemon-9 xxx

In the meantime a couple rides as up Mount Lemon, Arivaca Road, Madera Canyon… all dodging the monsoons!

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