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On to “Brooks Lake”, WY

Monday, June 25th, 2012

“My  Personal Daily Therapy, published Weekly or so…”

"We grow great by dreams. All big men are dreamers. They see things in the soft haze of a spring day or in the red fire of a long winter’s evening. Some of us let these great dreams die, but others nourish and protect them; nurse them through bad days till they bring them to the sunshine and light which comes always to those who sincerely hope that their dreams will come true.”
~ Woodrow Wilson ~

Brooks Lake-28 xxx


From “The Language of Life” Album, it’s Title piece from a fairly unknown Duo “Everything but the Girl”

Brooks Lake-7 xxx

We left Colorado Springs this morning early and it took us over 140 miles for the buzzing of the warped speed vehicles passing us to subside. A narrower road was welcomed, seems to be the right track to Landers, Wyoming. The hills became closer, the clouds blending in their summits suddenly made me realize something was not right. "Walden" the sign said. The digital lighted banners on the side of the road were asking politely to yield to the Fire Fighters. Another expressing "Local Traffic Only". All became clear, or should I say the "darkness" of the hills became understood. So close to Homes, so close to roads. 160 dwellings have been lost. And how was your Day?

-Walden- Fire-2 xxx

-Walden- Fire xxx

"Walden KOA". Still in town. A nice open driveway leading to their campground a quarter mile away. A water break for the both of us and a bit more for Spirit. Right by the gate. Seemed like a good place to pull over. Mr. KOA shows up in his yellow T shirt and van expressing himself rudely and clearly, he wants us to move on from his private property. He goes on asking how I would I feel if he showed up on my property? I invited him to "The Oasis." He turned mad and madder. I could not stop smiling. I think "that" truly disturbed him. We never do KOA’s, but just in case… let’s avoid this one. Oh! Well… I feel bad for him. Sad behavior and I must say rare for us to encounter. We moved on across the street a bit further down by the Gas Station. It turns out his Wife has the same attitude within the store when she stops for fuel always with the right change cutting off everyone else in line ahead of her. "Walden KOA". Nice. Isn’t Life on the road amazing to the ears sometimes when taking the time to listen?

-Walden- Fire-3 xxx

-Walden- Fire-4 xxx

I am thinking Landers and beyond, yet I know deep down we do not have a destination. Rawlins tonight. I lost my Wyoming Benchmark and my back up shows away from it all "Teton BLM Reservoir Recreation". We are now lost on a dirt road with a mobile single red light not wanting after 15 minutes to change to green. And it is getting late. It is a narrow dirt road. How uncommon to see a signal light right here. There is a camera. I think I will wait. Finally we have the green and a couple miles down the road the Reservoir welcomes us. A couple canoes, one boat fishing. They are going home and again we are alone. What a find this is. The sunset even with a sky clouds absent brings me back to our reality.

BLM Teton Reservoir-3 xxx

What a good time we had with our Friends in Colorado Springs and what great food we ate. Errands done for a while, a new tire, great conversations and Spirit always lucky this time with three girls. He has the Life for sure as I am always so happy for him. A nice ride up and down some Mountain a bit too hot to remember, a come back to more of a great meal. Always torn from the call of the road, reconnecting with our stage up close and personal and staying spending more good times with Friends we probably will not encounter for some time.

The Road-2 xxx

-Walden- Fire-5 xxx

The Road xxx

Stopping for a few days makes me think of the contrast between Winter and the remaining 3 seasons. Yet all aspects have their charm. There is no break right now to render taken videos which are piling up on the hard drive, no real time in company of a connection to expose new recipes which already have their photograph taken, there are no new T-shirts designs which are drawn on paper and tucked away in some bag I will discover throughout those future colder days when the riding is scarce. I feel fortunate I can handle all these possibilities as when those blue ribbons and unpaved roads presents themselves a sigh of relief and a wave of Peace and togetherness descends on me.

Brooks Lake-17 xxx

Brooks Lake-16 xxx

A new Wyoming Benchmark map. One night and a mouth watering Pizza with more Friends in Landers and again we are gone this time at 9000 feet near the shores of Brooks Lake. Camping is free, it is Shoshone National Forest, but the couple campgrounds are on the water. Close by. We ride around letting time make a decision for us. To be or not to be. I don’t want any neighbors. I will sacrifice the view for some silence. We got lucky while taking a wrong turn. One spot away from it all separated by also a hill. We now have both. The view and the solitude, both for $5 a night. I must add that we now have refrigeration. Snow. We might ride back to Dubois tomorrow and buy me a piece of chicken. Amazing as we are approaching July.

Brooks Lake-9 xxx

Brooks Lake xxx

There is a bit of a lack of Oxygen here and I think Spirit is also moving slower. No mosquitoes. Yet. A nice aspect if it stays as such. I am realizing the move here, an extra 400 miles, was well worth it. Colorado is such a beautiful State, yet I had never seen such crowd take over the outdoors. I cannot blame them. I am sure most live there for that particular reason. Wyoming’s back country while staying away from the National Parks where a squirrel crossing the road generates a 12 mile traffic back up is empty by comparison. What a great stage. Words cannot do justice describing the raw aspect of it all while the back drops change from red deserts and rocks to Lakes lined with a luscious green endless blanket.

Brooks Lake-4 xxx

Brooks Lake-3 xxx

It feels good here. Our tent, "big green", is set up. It is our living room as if needed Mr. Buddy Heater will keep us warm till bed time and when rising. We are well geared I must say. After all these years I finally have acquired the knowledge toward what works and what does not. Colder always better than hotter. We took a walk on the beach. Water in any form or shape is a pacifier. One little boat passing by. Nothing else but the sun setting behind the western mountains slowly bringing on the cold and the shadows slowly rising on the eastern mountains. It is grand time to figure out dinner for the both us and on crawl into the sleeping bag with a good book. Such is our Life these days.

Brooks Lake-6 xxx

The definition of a good night sleep is here at 9000 feet on the shores of Brooks Lake, WY. Waking up finally this morning with the birds concerto, who knows what note they were playing. Sitting in the tent’s vestibule, seemingly my morning ritual, coffee, the continuation of my good book and writing. My phone is my companion as such, off line, how things have changed over the years. We might even go down the road today to find a connection and send out some e mails written. The Lake is on 515, 5 miles from the main road 287. My fingers are still frozen from the cold, it will be a while till the sunshine comes through these pines trees and warm us up, the snow around this picnic table is not quite ready to melt yet. This is not going to be sun shower day! Probably will look for an RV park in Dubois, they generally offer one for a couple dollars.

Brooks Lake-18 xxx

Brooks Lake-19 xxx

So much Peace here. Lance is always with me within such spaces. It is astonishing and generous all at the same time. He is as real not standing or sitting but here. I can see him and feel him with all the comforts this present Life can provide. All disappears when moved on to an Urban environment. But of course, he is my memory, no one else’s as sometimes illogically I want everyone to remember him as everyone did not so long ago. The hurrying that I feel when moved on away from such a stage here throws me off maybe with much disrespect toward others doing which feels so trivial to me but unfairly is not. I never heard a “Happy Father’s Day”. Everyone has their lives to chip at, mine also yet not in parallel with others. It is more of a mental one enriching the senses throughout this vast solitude that enriches me. I care so less about everything else. The material aspects so many thrive for while forgetting and setting aside the wealth contained within one’s Heart. This is my stage, this is where I can live the best trying on continuously the rocky steps ahead. Being displaced weighs me down loosing my connection with my flesh and blood that once was here. I never expect anyone to understand. They better not as if they did they would be wearing the same shoes are now on these feet of mine. I however have some Friends that do and are often in my mind thinking about them.

Brooks Lake-21 xxx

Brooks Lake-22 xxx

We have been here a few days now and that certain familiarity has taken birth on this stage. We are taking roots here seemingly and the surroundings are engulfing us so nicely. The roads are of many. Single tracks, some just a bit challenging but doable. The sounds have become part of our days and nights. The birds singing and owls, well, howling? Tonight the clouds came back and the Sunset on the Lake was magical. Sheer cliffs with still traces of snow, radiant crimsons as if their backs were on fire. Ahead where two mountain dips exposing just enough of a trace of blue skies in contrast with more reds of all intensities. Magic. What a show.

Brooks Lake-15 xxx

What is there to write when all falls in place, when all feels so right after the many miles past to finally feel one with a present surrounding. It does not as such happen all the time. These are special and outstanding moments which stand out and will for times to come in my memory. Deeper and deeper it changes me. More and more it makes me realize that the further we go the more balanced all becomes when such external drops blend in with my senses. This is my parallel world, this is the one seeking, thirsty for always. This is the one I always know regardless where we are which would be waiting for us. I found it, I found one more adding to Valley of the Gods, Muley Point, Toroweap, The Oasis and more. How fortunate I am to be here. Not only to be here but feel and sense and be filled with a serenity which yet was unmarked only a few days ago.

Brooks Lake-26 xxx

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