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Lake City, Lake San Cristobal, CO.

Monday, August 29th, 2011

“My Daily Therapy, published Weekly or so…”

“Traveling is a brutality. It forces you to trust strangers and to lose sight of all that familiar comfort of home and friends. You are constantly off balance. Nothing is yours except the essential things – air, sleep, dreams, the sea, the sky – all things tending towards the eternal or what we imagine of it.”
~ Cesare Pavese ~

Hwy #149

The squirrel froze in his steps, up he looked, right he went, changed his mind, one more look, indecision, I lost vision of him, I did not feel a thump. Did not neither saw him in my rear view mirrors. One saved Life. Half a mile passed, probably one of his long lost cousins, now only a bloody mass adorning the pavement awaiting the buzzards, breakfast time, might even push it into lunch. This time the indecision seemed to have taken this one’s Life.

Gunnison Lake, CO

The malady of the road and it’s miles passing by.

Hwy # 149-12

I look up and amidst the clouds playing, a jet is leaving his disturbing out of place stream breaking the silent silence, lightning fast he is from here to there, gone so quick and now I am wondering about those 300 or so passengers each in their own little seat with their own little fold out tables and volume and light and air knobs. What are they doing? They “are” having breakfast. They did not have to wait for the squirrel’s finally wrongful indecision to be served. And what is “that” Captain really thinking while his machine on auto pilot is almost at it’s destination where some limo with a driver with a blue cap and a sign will be waiting for one of the lucky ones that will not have to yell for a cab. Is he also holding a Mc Donald Breakfast bag?

Hwy # 149

The malady of the road and it’s mindless thoughts is sometimes an incurable disease.

Hwy # 149, CO-6

Hwy # 149, CO d

Lake City we arrive. 149 from Gunnison was the road, one most beautiful curvy and slicing through the canyon, near by river, or is it a stream? Another colorful town, but the camera will not come out, yet. Only a quick cup of coffee and I am edgy, anxious as a force within me is pushing to go a bit further. We arrived when all within me dropped at the sight of San Cristobal Lake and campers on the other side. Up high on the cliffs, the cliffs with a view. More pull, that is where we are going, there.

Lake San Cristobal-10

The malady is cured for the moment, in remission as the view, the smells, the senses of our destination unknown only minutes ago has lowered the inner temperature to a normal and doable one.

Lake San Cristobal-6

And again I am left speechless. It is so often the case, I always mean it. Today “I really mean it”. What a view, I just sit here mindless, time warp to nowhere but the present.

Lake San Cristobal-9

We have been here a few nights now passed. Cold nights, colder mornings when the out of the sleeping bag has everything to do with the position of the Sun finally coming over the Eastern crest. All I can do is sit here and take it all in. Tall cliffs over Lake San Cristobal, we are only about 15 feet from the ledge. It is a photo I will look at in winter times, but the screen will not share the today’s moments feelings. The wind’s murmurs passing through the pine trees, the constant changing pattern of the surface of the water, the clouds up above never resting at times dropping the temperature while hiding the sun, and then on often heating my skin exposed to the hot rays. It just does not get any better and 5 years of seeking has now paid off. This is real, this is the "Nirvana".

Lake San Cristobal-4

We truly have not done much. I have a hard time getting away from this chair. The Town is of a true welcoming party. Everyone has a smile, a pleasant greeting, polite. It has been already a decisive morning ritual to take a ride to the "Lake City Bakery". What is good? Everything. I also have been once vacuumed into the old fashion "Soda Fountain" for a Root Beer Float! It took me back a few years. The flavors took on the memories of past youth. It brought on the realization of 63 years past and yet also the certitude that today with Spirit, we are doing "it".

Lake City, CO-19

Lake City, CO-21

I met Dave in his Gallery within the first moments in Town before even knowing about the Lake. A Glass Artist for the past over 20 years now. He happens to be a good Friend of KC from Lander. What a small world. Mesmerized I was watching him do his Art. Blown Glass will never be the same for me when realizing the demand of the motions, the spinning, the blowing, working at times with clear glass then sprayed on with silver, red glass, all colors, dotted, plain…. it was a true experience. He is the one that send me into our “it” space. This is the same site my Friends KC and Mia camped just a couple weeks ago. As much as I was not aware of it, the Stars have been lined up creating this present Karma.

Dave, the Artist at work playing…



Our last day here. One more morning has come as again the Sun has finally made it’s way over to warm us up. Spirit as usual has not moved. Smart "old man" as I now call him. He will be up soon, expect his morning meal, his hike and his sun tan time while totally spread out taking it all in. He likes it here, the fresh air and in Town must feel welcome as this Dog Friendly Lake City sends him the good needed vibes.

Lake City, CO-2

Lake City, CO-13

Lake City, CO-10 Lake City, CO-3
Lake City, CO-6 Lake City, CO-9
Lake City, CO-23 Lake City, CO-12

Lake City, CO-11

I discovered about myself what I have really known for a long time. The inability to stay in one place too long. I have come to term with such notion this morning as this space being one of the most beautiful stage we have camped on, and yet, I need to move on with the perfect knowledge that we have not even scratched the surface exploring the so many roads forking out. It is kind of sad and at the same time providing an inner excitement. This is what we do. It is as scouting an area and filing it for the next time. Will this ever change? I cannot think about it. It makes me apprehensive, it fills me with thoughts as to wonder what has happened to me these past years seeking "it" moments with all the others present in between.

Reflection in the Lake (2)

One more night… on the Lake… watching the headlights trace their delicate patterns on the water… The malady of the road is back and here we go again.

Lake City, CO-16

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Be well, always.

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