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Monday, February 28th, 2011

“Spirit – the Life force – exists in everything. It follows, then, that ANY path, any encounter is spiritual if we have the awareness to see it as such. Going deeper, going higher, emptying, connecting, believing or disbelieving, bouncing off the bottom, experiencing the heights, in pain, in ecstasy ….
Too often, we search afar for our own purpose when it is in our lives all the time, waiting for us to express it more openly. Bring greater awareness to each encounter and situation  in life. Tune in to what you are inspired to do, who you are inspired to be. Your answers are waiting for you to pay attention – every moment!”

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Don't mess with Texas

I am so scattered this morning. The packing has taken again a backdrop from all activities as yesterday   was a day locked indoor, Mother Nature had said so! The winds had unleashed with a fury, the clear blue skies had turned into a liquid mud, visibility turned rare, sand bursts as suddenly propelled on their own as moving giant machines through this Desert were passing by at great speed and noise. It was weighing hot, a humid air that only allowed me to breath mixed in with powder and sand. Everything had changed so rapidly from the day before. It was as we had moved onto another Planet flying in with heavy turbulence and yet, a turbulence not unfamiliar throughout these past years and the paths taken throughout this country. A bit unnerving as I will take the cold, the rain, the storm, the snow if I had to, but this wind smarter than all will always find a way to crawl under my skin and leave me exhausted.

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43 Honda T shirt

A couple days ago was a different stage with the usual incredible weather we per habit have here in Big Bend Flats including Terlingua and Big Bend Park. On to town for a reason I have already forgotten or no reason maybe if only to ride “Old Faithfull” as she has been revamped with all her services, I had the surprise to meet many of the “Two Wheeled Texan” riders around for that weekend. It was the weekend I found out as loosing always a day throughout the week lately not keeping up with this non existent calendar. How can I keep up with it if it does not exist!


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Andrew, Stephanie, Rusty, John later on, those are the only names I can remember. Ron Massey who invited us for a fish fry at home sometime in? I remember telling him we would be long gone by then. And that is alright. I guess importance is on the good times spend, the conversations of past adventures, future dreams everyone has, knowing all too well not all facets will take place. And yet, we can talk about those dreams, realities are founded on dreams we all have as maybe our own Journey was started by a dream planted so many years ago and taken into reality when cornered with no other choice as the solution, the prescription for an understanding of this Life we play out day in and day out with without rehearsals or cues.

GS Rusty's GS



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Finding a shady spot for both Spirit and I, the afternoon went on as such. The dual sport riders came back in files at times, alone in other times, it was for most their third day within their relationship on those rough roads into the Park, some we ourselves do not even adventure on anymore. From their words and expression it was as they had reach their limits of endurance, they were ready for a good dinner, some relaxation as the evening brought such diversion. There was an invitation waiting for us at the Community Center, a good Texan dinner, some Music, more conversations as finally not too late into the night we rode back here to “The Oasis”, a bit cool into a dark night blanketed by more stars I had ever seen. A great ride it was, a good day, good moments, we did not have to look too far as all indeed is always present staring at us.

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Dining room

Kathy and Roger

"I have had a great deal of interest in my photography over the years, for which I am grateful. Their sales are of much importance funding this Journey. Yes, please feel free to purchase one or two… or a few. I have been adding some photos lately, there will be more as I sift through about 100,000 of them. My “Zen Gallery” is an easy one to navigate on. Take a look. For merchandise also SmugMug stands for quality. For contributions to defer the always rising Internet costs please use the toolbar above.”

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