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Is it “fantasy” or “reality”. TX.

Friday, October 29th, 2010

“You shall see all things in your Heart and you shall see your Heart in me” ~ Krishna ~

More photos from Bisbee. AZ


Riding a motorcycle to most brings on a source of thoughts from one’s deepest path of the mind and soul. A car will not do it, convertible or not. Not for me anyhow. Maybe a bicycle? I have never tried it for such distance. My only closest experience as such has been while sailing. Sailing when all is just in perfect harmony between Mother Nature’s deep breathing, my own at the time ability and the sailboat itself flying through the waves with such natural such power. We have had from Bisbee, two “glorious” days of riding back to “The Oasis” with a good Friend “Shawn”. Never stopped for a photo, the mind and thoughts of the past few days had their own frames developing themselves surely and slowly adding a contour and shape to those past moments spend. The experience for me trickling down with no fantasy but a true reality ends up not so much being about “photos hanging on a wall”, but the people that have surrounded us throughout, such images being only the common denominator for it all. And yet, no fantasy? I keep thinking “true or false?”. I wrote these words below in my mind while the wheels were turning, I wrote them after the end of this story as our last miles back made me so much realize the fragility of Life and non invited could be future regrets. I do not care for regrets anymore.


The days went on as riding the wave of this Ocean we suddenly had moved on to. Showtime came on with no alarm, welcomes of many when arriving with Spirit, as slowly the room filled with then strangers still at the time and their maybe anticipations upon seeing the minute slices of our Journey exposed on those four walls. And a conversation here, an explanation there, the words rolled in, the tempo took a Life of it’s own when suddenly as while in discussion a bright smile and sparkling eyes came through the door. My focus suddenly sidetracked, could not hold on to the person in front of me, as if abruptly someone turned on the mute switch, silence made it’s way within me as the lips across where only moving with no sound and my vision could only go back and forth trying focus to regain a composure.


In and out, left alone within a moment, suddenly the “mystery woman” was in front of me offering her hand as all else close up within her had taken an even greater brightness. Maybe confusion set in, perhaps I myself thought I was going mute, but however the words “do I know you from somewhere” came out. What a bright and intelligent words to say. I then knew somehow who she was, we had mildly corresponded. What I did not know was the fact that we had met about a year and half ago. 
“I met you at  Motel 6 in Ely, Nevada” she said.
”But we so rarely stay at a Motel” I replied.
”You were with a Friend of yours a couple rooms down. A big man with a beard”
”Oh! My Friend Bill who I had not seen in over two years as we met in that town finally”
”Yes, and I wanted to take a photo of Spirit,(of course), but did not want to disturb your space, we did not even really talk or introduce ourselves”



The conversation went on explaining that later on she saw a photo of Spirit on the Internet, made the connection through the Journal, found us, we corresponded without myself knowing about the past meeting and there she was from Tucson, present that evening, even if having to originally turn around to exchange cars because of some electrical problems. I remembered her and thinking what a Journey had taken place these past year and a half. A dog lover herself, her presence really touched me that evening, as of the many other Friends present, names now with faces and smiles and voices not forgotten. As the Show ended, late and hungry, it was a short ride in her car to the local Pizza establishment. We shared a “white Pizza, a bottle of Pellegrino, my favorite water, and was swayed as also myself do not drink.


The night went on, Spirit and I were dropped off, and as the taillights faded away I realized I had left my medication bag in her car. She was coming back the next day as I  had invited her for a dinner I was preparing, but I could not wait that long. No phone number, only an e mail as finally it was around two in the morning when we connected on the phone deciding I would ride to Tucson early to pick them up. And again such a great ride and a pleasant company, a short meeting with also her own furry Friend “Audrey”, a true sweetheart, rescued as Spirit. Dinner came around that day as she also brought Audrey, but the story does not end yet.

Gallery Show  
Gallery Show  

There was some rat poison throughout the house, the owner’s cats never touched it, not having a dog she never gave it a thought till we heard Audrey crunching on the pellets. Phone calls later, commotions and more research, a bit of calm finally as being in a safe zone from little consumption just as I was finishing this dinner I cooked. We managed to eat on, and as suddenly the evening was coming to an end, again ‘the mystery woman” and I were left without many words exchanged. What an irony as, soon, we were leaving ourselves onto another direction rejoining our Journey. The memories lingered through the ride back, a “strange connection” as we had both agreed.

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The highway lanes are straight on this morning ride almost reaching Marfa. There is suddenly a car in the ditch, it us upside down. My Friend Shawn stops, I do to even if at first I thought it might have been an old accident with the vehicle left behind. But the lights are blinking, it is a Prius, there is a noise, it might be still running. Shawn has had much medical training and reaches the only passenger who has slid onto the side. His head is cracked open. He is dead. The sirens are heard, the Law Enforcement is now present, there is nothing else for us to do but leave. It had happened moments before we reached the scene. One less Life on this Earth. Who was he? His Family? Did he have any pets? Where are his Friends? It’s all gone in a flash. It is reality. Did he have some undone business yet not attended to? Regrets?

Fire dance  

So what do you do? What do you do when so aware of the fragility of Life and when one meets another with a “strange connection” as “we” called it, and yet a chemistry present even if his and her own Lifestyles differs so much? And then again are they truly so different? Do you step in and with bluntness move on forward to discover the truth within this unknown “fantasy or reality” of a meeting and such brief time together and yet not so brief in acquired senses? Does it remain as two trains passing each other in the dark? Or?… 

Ara & Spirit

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