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From Memphis, TN, more on the Barber Museum

Friday, February 29th, 2008

The truth is that I would never park here for a couple of nights, right downtown Memphis, actually "Elvis Presley Blvd", if it was not for visiting the man’s Home tomorrow. From the Deserts of Big Bend to the Lost Coast magical beaches of California, this is quite a change, I would even think as I am thinking it… an out of context stop. But, why not? We have never been here, Elvis, well, Elvis is, you know who he is, and I thought it would be… cool! I also cannot help thinking "pictures" throughout the self guided tour that I picked… It should be interesting.

inside 8 b inside 10 b

I have to thank you all for writing regarding my thoughts on e mails and such sort…. and I did reply to them all! I enjoy my e mails from you readers, I must have the nicest group of readers on the Internet, I have no doubt about it and I appreciate the company that you provide us. If Spirit could read… (sometimes he does and even writes…) he would be thinking the same, I have no doubt. I also received an e mail from a reader, who meant well, but was disturbed by the fact that sometimes (as now!!!… sorry…) my pictures do not match the context of the Blog and went on to pronounce it as a "downfall".

Jawa snow 2 b

Jawa snow 1 b snow tire 1 b

To the point of being redundant, I started this Blog within this web site as a Journal of our Journey, as an outlet for my mind, as a bouncing wall, as a tribute to Lance who is always present. It is not, as I always say it, a Ride Report… it is just a Life Story… Sometimes I am up at midnight writing my thoughts, sometimes at sunrise with a strong cup of coffee and sometimes after, as today, miles of black top trying to get from point A to point B filled only with only ideas, memories, hopes and not, traversing this what’s left of gray matter of mine!

AJS b  

Full dressed Vincent b

Learning to publish this site, with always the help of my Friend Brian who has donated more time to this than anyone can imagine, and still does, has been a hard learning curve. Don’t think for one minute that I know what I am doing! There are days, as again today, that words expressing the images seen would be totally I feel worthless. They are all those beautiful machines, fully restored, displayed as you see them. If you actually run your curser on them a little window will pop up to let you know its brand, name. Sorry that I do not have the year… an afterthought was that I should have also taken a picture of its information and post them together! This alone has been a monumental task, (love the word!), I am almost done uploading them on my SmuMug Gallery… this is when I truly think… "a picture is worth a thousand words".

Red Sidecar 3 b  

Red Sidecar 4 b

So yes, sometimes the pictures are here, and the thoughts are there, sometimes, and often they are together… The fact has always been that this would be written even if no one read it, and then again, not in this exact fashion… This particular thought is hard to explain! It always has been an open book and has created one big Family with the ones that have been communicating with us, as we also have met on the road through these pages some incredible people. I have to admit that I have been caught in the stream at times with an overly abundant concern to the content of this Blog for the sake of the readers. These pages have become and are part of the Journey and it is always a fine line to follow without purposely crossing the path for the sake of entertainment. And at the same time one of its object has become more and more to show a Lifestyle maybe uncommon to many and mainly a Geographical array of this beautiful Country we live in.

Ariel sidecar 3 c  

Ariel sidecar 1 c

I fell in love with this above Ariel sidecar by the way!!! Can you just see us, a couple more dogs and myself going down the road!!! It is even a convertible if you notice the top. I would in a heartbeat trade our rig for it. I wonder if Mr Barber would know of another one… unused… unwanted! Except for the car being on the wrong side for us. We could fix that.

Militor sidecar 3 b

Militor sidecar 1 b Militor sidecar 4 b

Can you tell I am partial to sidecar rigs?…

Indian snow bike 1 c  

Indian snow bike 2 c

To get back to some thoughts… I do realize that communication and its fashion has a lot to do with one’s Lifestyle and the time that the days dictate it’s passing fashion. With a family, children and wife included, work, commute, home responsibilities without omitting oneself’s "quality time" factor, the creation of faster and easier to handle such said communication has only helped the speed and not its quality. I have no doubt that it is in everyone’s dream to "slow down"… to find that time when eye to eye all the inner emotions and sentiments are truly exchanged to its fullest and it is only my wish that everyone someday finds that path. There are also some very thoughtful comments on the site, thanks also for taking the time to write those.

Yale 1 b  

Yale 2 b

Yesterday we met up with Jennifer and her Pit "Blue", she is a reader that has been following the Journey, Spirit had more than a blast playing… we then went to her daughter’s Elementary School and we entertained the second graders!!! It was one of those great and fun days and will post those pictures next time. I wish so much that the ones legislating the laws against Spirit’s breed would pay more attention to the owners than the breed itself…. I wish they would see this picture below!!!…

school 1

More about it next time!… I find "him" pretty hysterical… yes, Spirit!… always posing for the camera. He looks like he has been part of that Class since the beginning!!!

inside 11 b  

inside 2 b


Till next time…

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