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A ride through Savannah, GA

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

I am just realizing that my mother is good for about two hours while out, maybe three at the most. Anything beyond that and she is exhausted. So we are juggling and trying to plan, actually trying to get organized, she likes for us to go on, I don’t like to leave her behind, we are doing a bit of both. We managed to check out the Tybee Island Lighthouse yesterday, today only Spirit and I took a ride to Savannah, sightseeing does not interest her too much either as this is a woman that has traveled the World and has seen so much. Is "80" a magic number? I feel my own exhaustion at times as I am nearing 60, I cannot imagine adding another 20 years to my own body. I have been cooking everyday, those are real joyful times even if she is a vegetarian… besides fish. It is definitely hard to be 80, I have no doubt about it now. I see the "Circle of Life" so much clearer now, I feel my "now" passing by, as everything else, it will be just a matter of time before getting there.


lighthouse 3

The Island is quiet, barely any traffic as the "tourist" season starts in March. It will be this way throughout our stay, besides a busy weekend coming up as a Marathon is taking place. I think the choice about being here has been a proper one as the time and location are conductive to some peaceful rest and non rushed sightseeing. The one thing I noticed here is that nothing is free… nothing. Not a single parking spot, not a single attraction including the trolley run in Savannah or the lighthouse here on Tybee Island, it is a constant dig in your wallet situation. I noticed it maybe because we have not been in such a tourist town before… it annoys me that everything is on a timer and trust me that the Police force is strongly very visible, a constant reminder… "deposit 25 cents please…"! Actually, always more… I understand, the City has to have an income… okay.

lighthouse 2 lighthouse 1
staircase 5 staircase 4

And yes, I did walk up the 179 steps to the top… trust me that I feel it! I had never been to the top of a Lighthouse I think, I know some travelers make a point to visit them all on both coasts, I will not take it that far but will definitely keep an eye out for them as the view is always great.

beach 1

G Tybee

This is the Northern Coast of Georgia, population 3500 +/- right now, about 15 miles east of Savannah. One great attraction for us, and I have to say that it makes up a bit for the fact that dogs are not allowed on the beach, is the enclosed dog run built on the main road by City Hall. Before riding to Savannah yesterday we stopped for Spirit’s much needed exercise. Of course it did not happen right away… too many smells to discover first! What a hobby… right? we were the only ones there and will make a point to go back every day, specially if there are other dogs willing to play. Spirit is always willing to play, he is so good hearted… except today and tomorrow as the rains have moved in, promising however some great weather afterwards which will be the weekend.

spirit 1 spirit 2
spirit 3 spirit 4
spirit 5 spirit 6

I will never be bored watching him play and taking pictures… posting them also!!! Wait till he starts playing with others… yes, there will be more to come! Play time leads to riding time to Savannah. My mother could not understand why we wanted to ride instead of taking the car. As I told her, remembering a discussion with a Canadian Custom agent a while back grilling me why I had come all this way… if one has never ridden… they will not understand. At the time, that is what I told him… reason for being detained over an hour… I know my mother would not detain me! We took off after some school kids went by, watching Spirit run, can you tell it was "hat day"?

hat day 1 hat day 2

Will show you some pictures from Savannah next time and probably a couple more times as there is quite a bit to see. I like the old houses, most of them are being renovated, some are on the market for sale, some are for rent. Some Art Galleries I would like to visit. I like the many parks at many intersections in the Historical District and I am glad that the town is now swarming with tourists right now!

Emmet Park 1

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