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Am I just an old “hippie”? Tx

Monday, October 29th, 2007

There is I feel a platform which part of me floats on through my Life. There is this narrow path of thoughts that has only smiles stamped on by its footprints. I call it the good channel. It is filled by some characteristics of a past Life that obviously has left its mark, and I feel so fortunate that it “now” at times when least expected, emerges its head and transports me into its soul.

It is that part of me that enjoys approaching people, total strangers, friends, and engaging in conversations. Nurturing conversations, ones that afterwards make me think about its topic, about the person who was kind enough to give up some time and expand themselves toward me.

It is that part of me that respects and admires Mother Nature in its full and imposing force, making me feel so fortunate to have my full senses. It makes me feel its peace of the moment, maybe a borrowed moment, never the less a moment, one that engages me to always wonder its formation and beauty.

It is that part of me that suddenly this past year has been filled with names, faces, such various personalities, yours, only because of these printed words and photographs of some of the immediate past moments wandering into this world, with no immediate destination, however, with more and more engaging thoughts toward this Life of ours.

And I could not help today thinking back that those parts of me formed this image that was so there in those past years, a picture maybe not so vivid today, now just flashing at times… “Peace and Love”. What else could and should there be? Such a naïve concept of years past. “Peace” is serene, calm, smiles, harmonious, feel well, respect, honesty, trust, with no anger and violence. And so is “Love” projected toward everyone and everything that surrounds us.

Maybe those thoughts are and have been my “quest”, my “utopia” this past year? We hiked today, Spirit and I, getting into the Park was a mental and physical need for the both of us. We have been surrounded by many these past days and the balance swayed a bit too much to the right… or was it the left? We hiked a bit harder than usual and both with a certain determination that it might not be easy at times, and, I got to feel my thoughts expressed above finding “Peace and Love”. Silence surrounded us for a long time as we both stood still, tasting it.

I started wondering the old thoughts as to why the world today has strayed from maybe what was innocence at one time. At the same time, when floating on the platform through that good channel, we both are into our own world as little as it can be some days, and some others, as today, as large as the eyes can see.

It was a fine day, as fine as it is going to allow us to experience it, not once Spirit backed off or slowed down always pointing forward. It was a different day, it just seem to me that it was trying to tell us something, maybe that I was just an old “hippie”.

I still like… “Peace and Love”

Be well…

Ara & Spirit


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