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A Birthday in Seattle… WA

Friday, June 29th, 2007

I know the date today… 59 years ago my Dear Mother in her struggling times through Medical School delivered what would be the start of another “lifetime”. As I am sure most everyone wonders… the classic saying: what happened to all those years! Life has seen a beautiful aspect of all those years, at the same time as maturity sets in, realizing how tough it is, the mind never cease to ponder it all on a daily basis, regardless living in your home or following a dream, living on the road. The path might be different, but the gears of it all still turn and turn… the scenery changes, the input toward the thoughts changes, the vehicle taking us forward might be different, one more customized to our liking, but we are always left with the core of it all… feeling what is making us breathe all these moments put together which will determine life itself.

Someday I would love to spend this day with the many friends that I have been lucky enough meeting these past years. “Good People” I call them… if you read this, you know who you are. Friends with no hidden agenda, unselfish human beings that have opened their heart and their doors to me, to us lately… kind and generous with their time and I can only hope that myself deserve such friendships as I always feel… “what can I do for you!”. As one friend said when this topic of conversation came up… “nothing my friend… that is what friends are for…”.

And I cherish my friendships more than anything else in my life as I cherish my love for my Mother and vice versa. She has been these past years my Best Friend! Amazing how those relationships evolve, and as I know that Life again will take its toll, as it has taken its toll with Lance, all that will remain, sadly enough will be my Friends in this world, irreplaceable unlike everything else.

So everyday I try living to the fullest, trying to unlock any door that presents itself, feeling the surprise behind it, taking it all in and always coming to the conclusion… “how lucky I am to be here”, even if there has been some mishaps that I will never understand and disagree with. One cannot base the success of their day on the palette alone surrounding them… Some days Mother Nature outdoes herself… majestic Mountains, Canyons, miles and miles of sand forming the various Deserts and Beaches… some days the needs of life itself takes over as we have to escape those beautiful paintings and plunge into what we need to do… to allow us to return to those beautiful sceneries!

These present days are some of those with much help given to us! If we were just us, with nothing needed but our bodies, one could most likely just go on… But we have become dependant on other “things”… the rig… which in itself has become so complex and every so often so needy of maintenance. A new “home base” which suddenly has expended to a larger area on wheels that also requires its own maintenance and understanding of its own logistics. How lucky we are to be here with new friends helping out, generously giving their time, efforts and knowledge to us, out of the goodness of their heart never expecting anything in return… well, maybe a meal or two! The gesture in itself is the greatest gift we could ever receive as it is that gesture that is going to allow us to return to the beautiful Art Work Mother Nature has waiting for us.

I think, well I do know, I will cook my own dinner today and share it with my hosts… Running errands yesterday, some of many more to come, I bumped into a man named Chris that was delivering some fish to some employees at the NAPA store… we chatted and it turned out to be not just any fish, but some Cooper River Sockeye Salmon… The season only lasts a month or so, the actual fishing opens only 12 hrs at the time, this one, a 5 ½ lb, was caught Sunday… Of course the better one, if you need to know, is the Cooper River King Salmon… as Chris was selling whole fish I could simply not afford it… at $200+/- per fish. This one should be good with a nice simple lemony Hollandaise, some rice pilaf and some good looking vegetables… My treat!

A few scattered pictures today… Mt Rainier with its gloomy surrounding, the one day the skies were blue, the camera was forgotten! There will be more nice days, hopefully when the rig is back together for many pictures. I also stopped at Dauntless Motors where my sidecar, Spirit’s sidecar, originated… there will be more writing about that… including the Ice Cream rig (!!!), it’s all good. Dinner was great… when the guests are quiet… it is always a good sign! A quite evening with Spirit… who does not seem happy waiting, but will understand as soon as he can get back into the car seat and feel my new hair raising and renewed confidence! (did I say that?…) Andy with a last layer of “gook”… still daylight, we are going for a walk…

You be well…

Ara & Spirit

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