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Riding into the New year…

Sunday, December 31st, 2006

Last day of the year, just another day here? I can’t be, I know it is the end of 06 and somehow I reflect, the now has been so good to me and the anticipation about moving on for the first time since in Big bend has finally taken over… It is time! I need to see new roads, new hills and mountains, I guess that is the way my senses work, it is the knowledge that there is something different out there… And I look around, I have been looking around a lot lately… As in two to three days it will be time to head north to Fort Davis… I decided. For a week and regroup for the next leg west. The fog is new, this is our view every morning stepping out, Mother Nature is trying to give us a different picture before we leave… You will know when you have reached Stude Butte / Terlingua by this mountain on your left as you arrive… we have been seeing this one also when in camp… it is always here around the clock! It is also Anna’s favorite scene… her main reason to come back… and who knows… we might all have a gathering again next December… maybe you will decide to come here yourself and be enchanted! As I wait for the day David and Mike will ride from Terlingua Ranch into the Park, since I never rode it… that was the cold day when my Gerbing jacket stopped working and I turned around, we decided to go up the Basin one more time… I had to get Spirit off his new carpet donated by David… his is just too comfy all the time and wonder if he knows he is living a good life… I think he does… and off we where back into the Park. I know, it is just snow… but snow here looks and feels different… it is a Desert and it just does not seem to belong to the scenery. It adds a different dimension to everything that has any kind of height, white layers everywhere and the cold is felt as we are climbing the twisty road. My lane is fine, it is in the sun, but I notice the opposite lane, the one I am going to have to ride back down… black and shiny, as it is still on the shade. Some snow has melted, ran on the road and froze into ice… nice! It was too late anyhow to turn around, managed to stop at another view point and let Spirit experience the snow… of course he is nice and warm in the sidecar and does not want to be bothered today!… My buddy does get moody… he is not a morning dog! All is spectacular, I was glad it had snowed as originally I arrived here two days after the last one with wishes of my presence at the time. Well, it happened again, and I am here now! For a change no one is in sight by the Lodge, we walked around a bit and it was time to descent! I braced myself for the black ice… let it slide and let it grip again when off of it… right? Logical, but that is not what I did… avoiding the spots and using the upcoming lane was more my choice… signaling with my hand to the couple cars coming up… wait… just wait a minute! And of course it worked… a safer path! One more run on Old Maverick road… this time a round trip as normally we will do the whole loop… It was dried up from the rain a day or two ago, the mud solidified again so quickly, no wonder they build houses with it… I might too some day… if I ever find my land, which I am not looking for, but one never knows … the magic might happen! 2 days are left… the last one will be spend re-packing everything… the laundry has been piling up… the cooler is almost empty which a stop in Alpine will help… I will just try to avoid the Pharmacy!… remember? Till then… again… have a Great and Happy New Year… be well and stay safe… Spirit and Ara