Without a “Philosophy of Life”… AZ

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

“My  Personal Daily Therapy, published Weekly or so…”

Mormon Lake, AZ-12

“So long as we love we serve;
So long as we are loved by others,
I would almost say that we are indispensable;
And no one is useless while they have a friend.”
~ Robert Louis Stevenson ~



“Tears in Heaven” is a song by “Eric Clapton” from his Album “Unplugged” I often listen to while “out there”. It for some reason brings me close to Lance and our times together.


Datil, AZ-3 xxx

“Without a Philosophy of Life, you may be swamped by your emotions and believe that Life is meaningless. You see the chaos in and around you, and you assume that it could never make sense. With this attitude it is easy to latch onto simplistic explanations, which are never far away. An entire industry of “counselors”, “preachers”, “psychologists”, “coaches”, and “gurus” of all stripes are eager to tell you how to live. But these borrowed and purchased strategies aren’t enough when a dark night has really taken a hold of you. You need to work out a system for yourself. You have to prepare yourself for challenges that could be far more radical than you expect”

“It is difficult to know what gives a person the will to live”

~ Thomas Moore ~

Mormon Lake, AZ xxx

It is near Mormon Lake, Flagstaff, AZ. Unusually for us we have checked into a Campground. “Pine Grove”, and it is very nice, very quiet. The temperatures are perfect again. I almost feel as I have finally learned to follow fair weather even though we are here a few days ahead awaiting for Overland Expo to start. Why not explore the area as suddenly next Thursday will be visiting with the good Friends we only barely see once a year and the rides will not be of many, also considering my giving “One~Pan Cooking” Classes which will be at 11 am for three consecutive days.

Datil, NM xxx

Mormon Lake, AZ-9

All is so perfect as I am settling into what was. “Old Faithful” purring while getting to know her again, Spirit happier than ever glancing at me every five seconds now instead of seven. Some form of a plan to visit my Friend Mark in Tucson for a few days after OX catching up on some real mail and vehicle registrations. Then on to Colorado’s heights as I know by then the temperatures will soar at lower elevations.

Pie Town-7 xxx

Pie Town-9 xxx

Pie Town-10 xxx

Pie Town-8 xxx

Yesterday was shadowed by what I call a “nasty” e mail. They come in once in a while. I don’t know why while wishing such individuals would not read these pages. This one was particularly long. It included all my wrong doings. Taking advantage of readers, applying for disability which I never have, Spirit being a Service Dog, having a few Sponsors and using them to my advantage, and on and on. I was always told and believe firmly that any honest path is a good path. No one has been forced to purchase “One~Pan Recipes” or “Merchandise” or a Motorcycle Dealership asking us for a “Presentation”. Sponsors have kindly approached us and, yes, Spirit has opened many doors I have to admit.That such words came in on the day when posting an offering which I am calling now “A Dinner and a Show”. So maybe no one calls for it and I will let it be as I have all my other ideas for us to continue having the honest ability to stay on the road. It truly would not have bothered me if “Lance” had not been mentioned.

Pie Town-13 xxx

Pie Town xxx

Pie Town-2 xxx

Well, yesterday was shadowed but not today. The sun is bright and shining on this path, the only one that enables me to not regress to a will of not to live as others do by being here and now. The same e mail went on intensifying the momentum on the fact that so many as myself have lost Loved Ones asking me “Who do you think you are?… an exception?”. No one truly. Just another Soul riding the peaks and the valleys trying to find some Peace within and for these past times sharing such Peace and Times with others which also have unwillingly been dealt this similar card or a troubled Life or hopefully none of the above.

Pie Town-5 xxx

Pie Town-6 xxx

Pie Town-14 xxx

Is maybe “making a living” for some the most important factor of this Daily Life? It is an “important” factor to “yes” survive month after month, build up a retirement, as few aspects even on this road are not free. It is a commodity most of us must have. All of us. My own vanished and I deal with it.
My second quote caught my attention because of meeting a couple “schooled” in the aspect of giving the Spiritual Seekers “formulas” including “chanting” around a fire with stone Pyramids laid out. I never found out the meaning of it all neither attended or accepted a free consultation. If these present pages have turned out through Lance’s Gift to help others as I know they do through e mails received, I am happy to be doing as such. I know I would not be if suddenly offering “Skype” consultations with those “non existing formulas” as we each are of a different fabric. Their “making a living” does not attract me, it truly actually as they say “turns me off”.

Datil, AZ-4 xxx

“A Philosophy of Life begins to take shape when you educate your Heart and cultivate your Life. You read, you talk, and you think; you don’t just act. You consider your experiences and take lessons from it. You may need to write these lessons down in a Journal and talk about them with Friends”

I did not write the above, “Thomas Moore” did. I did not read these words eight years ago, I only read them a few days past realizing it is what I have been doing. It is the guidance that has taken me forward instead of giving up these skies which were not at all time very sunny and for that matter as even today the clouds linger some days darker than others.

To Flagstaff, Mormon Lake-10 xxx

To Flagstaff, Mormon Lake-13 xxx

“Henry David Thoreau” lived in a tiny cabin at Walden Pond outside Boston for over two years to practice a Life of reflection, to help him move more consciously into his Life. “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essentials facts of Life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived”.

Winslow, AZ-3 xxx

Our Cabin has been our tent, the ceilings “the skies”. No walls per say. It will soon be 6 years. We have spend now 2000 days and nights on the road.

Winslow, AZ-2 xxx

Winslow, AZ-4

“A Philosophy of Life is a bundle of wisdom you have gathered from your reading and experience. It is not a rigid ideology that allows no development and complexity. It’s a living thing, a developing idea about Life that belongs to you alone. You may want to share your insights and maybe even wish that the rest of the world would adopt some of your principles. But essentially it is your special source of comfort and understanding. It allows you to be yourself, to judge yourself with reference to an absolute and not against the opinions of other Human Beings”.

Mormon Lake, AZ-6 xxx

Mormon Lake, AZ-2 xxx

Mormon Lake, AZ-3 xxx

I thank much this “shadowy” e mail writer and also “those two” Spiritual Advisors as I know too many today get their Life guidance through Television, formulated school teachers and rarely have original thoughts about their own experiences. Such instances are always more awaken times. My e-mails were never replied. Others may have many opinions based on the latest studies but generally have not worked out a deep vision. They are informed, but they have not thought deeply enough.

To Flagstaff, Mormon Lake xxx

I am told I think too much. At times I do as now sitting amongst the pine trees with a meadow facing me, Spirit laying in the tall grass, the smells abundant. Riding, cooking… and thinking, and writing expelling the thoughts that might too heavily linger and bring me down if kept caged in turmoil. This is my own therapy and always will be.

To Flagstaff, Mormon Lake-3 xxx

Mormon Lake, AZ-10 xxx

In my effort to stay on the road “we” now have a T Shirt and Merchandise store. I think you will like it. “SpiritedOasis”
“Smugmug” for Photos and Digital downloads.
The recipes are on the
“One~Pan Recipe” section.
Needing a great
Follow the link. Justin is truly the one that allows you to enjoy this Journal and it’s peripheral pages.
We both appreciate your support and hoping we are giving something back.

You be well… Always.
Ara and Spirit and “Old Faithful”

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15 Responses to “Without a “Philosophy of Life”… AZ”

  1. Bill Mcdonald Says:

    There are some very sad people out there who just can’t stand to see anyone appear to be getting their you know what together.

    Just consider the source and keep on keeping on.

    Your blog is also other folks therapy as well.


  2. michael ultra Says:

    Let who know who the jerk was. We bikers take care of our own. I relate to the ‘spiritual leaders’ out there. We each have to recognize our own truth and path. btw, keep your fingers crossed, say a prayer, or send good vibes, because I may get loose here, pretty soon. I yearn for the road, you know?

  3. Al Says:

    Hi Ara & Spirit. As difficult as it is to attempt to fathom someone’s lashing out, my philosophy on it is not to dwell on their attempts to cause you misery, it will only give you a headache & headaches are not worth having! In my 26+ years working around the “public”, I’ve met a lot of people who were experts at being miserable. Just accept that some people are actually happy to wallow in unhappiness of their own construction & they’re welcome to it! It is after all one’s personal choice to either be happy or be mad! Enjoy the beauty around you at present & be safe! Al

  4. Duncan Says:

    Hey there,
    Having read most of your postings and following your experiences recently i would like to add the following…

    Remain true to your course – for it is this activity that got you where you are today. There will ALWAYS be those who have a comment or criticism which from their command centre consisting of a couch or stuffy office environment is high on their agenda. You have carved a niche for yourself to deal with grief and it seems to be working well, as travel did the same for me many years ago. I came out far stronger, far more in tune with life and ultimately far more spiritual after spending four or so years on the road.

    So if it helps at all – you are a reminder of how effective life can be and a shining example to others of a man that made a choice and stuck to it and is willing to share his experiences openly. Please consider telling us your emotions and your thoughts more and reduce the “Quoted” quotes from famous an infamous folk. Fresh idea’s and fresh thinking relates to real life and expels the ‘been there done that’ effect – for me anyway.

    If you ever get to Africa and in Particular South Africa – reply to this post and i will have a place for you to rest and repair both yourself and your bike.
    Keep Riding and not only ride safe but rember to always keep the ‘BLUE SIDE UP’

    Duncan Taylor

  5. Zelda Says:

    Dear Ara & Spirit,

    Many times you have “made my day” by sharing from the rich panorama of your life: Spirit’s unconditional love and patience, beauty of nature, joy of good food, tempered by the tragedy of the loss of your son Lance. Somehow through joy and tragedy you hold on to your optimistic view of people and life. You are a fine example of the old saying “when life hands you a lemon, make lemonade”. Having known a few of the other types who are driven to share their misery and ruin others’ days as well, I know how frustrating it is when they succeed, even for a short while. But you have been a pleasure to know over the years we have been following your journey.

    Ride and explore in safety, you two,

    Pam & Natasha

  6. scruffy Says:

    Ara, keep on keeping on, you write and share as no other I’ve known, and every post has me looking for more~ Thank you for your openness, your honesty, the heart you share, the wonderful moments captured in your photos, and your ruminating on your thoughts and feelings, I find that nowhere else.

    After a truly cosmic day and night at Muley Point, I drove north toward Moab, thinking of the space to explore, but found my mind telling me ‘enough’ for now, and I headed to Denver to see my daughter, a comfort and joy of immeasurable proportions, and Ms Daisy needed the rest as well. We leave here tomorrow morning early after a three day rest, headed into Colorado somewhere for the next week, then a run to Columbia, Missouri to meet my lady who will be coming up from Alabama.

    Wish I could make it to Mormon Lake to see you, but no, 4 1/2 weeks in the desert has me yearning for high mountains, forests, perhaps the San Juan Mtns or the Grand Mesa-Uncomphagre Gunnison, or White River?? Choices, so many~

    I know on occasion I’ve heard you question your journey in some fashion or another, but I too feel that you know your heart, which always comes out on top of every bump in the road, and this road gives you a way to share with Lance a life of appreciation of the world you see and feel around you, a beauty and purpose that holds him in it’s center.

    The ability to think and feel is rare, a gift you allow all of us out here be a part of~

    You and Spirit be well, travel safe always……and truly, should you ever find yourself in the Birmingham area again, you and Spirit are welcome at our oasis in the farm country southeast of the city

  7. heyduke50 Says:

    bad apples are everywhere… but mostly rotting on the ground. A life’s philosophy is an ever evolving entity, one that is constantly challenged and enforced by the things we see, hear and experience… one day our paths shall cross and I look forward to listening to your philosophy…

  8. Chris Says:


    I am a long-time follower and have only commented one or two times years ago. I feel your pain and frustration as I am sure others do also. The unhappy gain comfort by making others filled with disdain. You live a wonderful life that most would love to lead. I certainly wish I could unharness myself and take off to the horizon with but two wheels and a tent. By revealing the true you, your feelings, hurts, and thoughts you captivate us as readers, but these same traits are vulnerabilities capitalized on by miserable people. I personally smile each time I read your writings of Lance; my own father never expressed similar affections.

    With greatest sincerity,

  9. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Thank You for all your worthy and uplifting comments, words. How could we in turn ever go on if this stage was not filled with Friends such as yous. We are at Overland Expo, with also some very Dear Friends. We are eating and cooking well every night and taking many photos. You all stay safe… Live the moment. Always.

  10. jane roberts Says:

    Dear Ara & Spirit:

    There are many cruel and miserable people in this world, who have to put others down to make them feel better about themselves. Don’t listen to any of it!!! You wonder why people like that are taking up air, but the Lord knows whats in your heart, so trust in him and keep on riding and writing. You and spirit have bought much pleasure to me, many lonely days when I can get on the computer. Take care and know that others wish you well and ride safely….

  11. Donna Rees (@demenshea) Says:

    Oh Ara, I’m sorry you were plagued by negative thoughts, but then it’s like the yin and yang in life, we will always experience the good and the bad. I think we learn from both but in radiating good over bad to others, we sail on top of the world. You radiate the good m’friend. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. A hearty pat for Spirit from his human pal, donna and a hug to you.

  12. Jessica Says:

    Greetings from L.A.,

    Just a note to let you know I still value this web-site very much, I appriciate you! Thanks, J.

  13. Curtis Says:

    Some people cannot understand seeking vs. going. Everything must have a $ sign attached to it and a price attached. Only understandingprice but nothing of value. I guess they believe you must be “pure” in some way. what one does to make their way through life sould be of no concern a long as it does not harm anyone, make little children cry, or dogs bite you.
    Love the area between Madgalena and Springerville. There are a lot of areas to explore in that area. Have hit Pie Town many times an only caught the store open once! And it was late and they were out of pie!
    While life is good, it sometimes is not fair.
    Via con dios

  14. hobopals Says:

    When someone is rude enough to tell me how to live my life, how I should grieve, or how I should be over my because I’m not the only one who has suffered a loss my answer is, “No, I’m not the only one who ever suffered a loss, but I am the only one who ever lost a Rich.” And so Ara, you are the only one who ever lost a Lance. He is yours. Your life is yours–sad times and happy times. Your grief is yours and for you to live as best you can. Ignore the ignorant; to put it more plainly, “You can’t fix stupid.” The person who wrote a nasty email to you isn’t worth a second glance from you.

  15. Gina Says:

    I love your website. I visit it daily and share on my Facebook page. You and Spirit are living every day as an example to others – life is good and there is so much beauty and wonder in the world to see. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

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