Winter ramblings… Tx

Monday, January 11th, 2010
sunset at The Oasis  

“It appears you too have reached the point in your learning/seeing/spiritual process that you recognize when you’re being sucked back into areas of thought that you already have figured out don’t make a hill of beans worth of difference when looking at the big picture. Take good care” ~ Jeff ~

I loved this comment today! Yes, the big picture is not going to change much if any. But “I will”, and keep doing so, I have no doubt, I know it happens everyday. This comment might have much to do with my “Phone~Internet connection” problems, obstacles as I like to call them instead. I am over that also. I will have a connection as long as we are here. Roaming either voice or data through a phone is now cut off, in remote areas is in the “air”. Funny. My decision right now? None… I like to let the thoughts settle. There are new phones coming up, too many actually and the right solution I am confident will appear when least expected. There will never be the one “best solution”, traveling is the cause of it all, I gladly accept the compromise, the technology just does not work flawlessly throughout every space we adventure ourselves in. It is as simple as that.

sunset at The Oasis  

The miracle of my Companion this morning. It is 4 degrees. The skies are the most beautiful blues and those sun rays which have taken so long to travel and baste me feel as such a gift this present time. I forget! I forgot. I take it for granted day in and day out, sun comes up, sun goes down, mild and tolerable temperatures have been. I go on with  the day, I forget what million’s experiences are truly a natural phenomenon most do not even acknowledge, a miracle is instead. I cannot remember the last time I was surrounded by 4 degrees as I went outside to feel it’s cool embrace. I even stopped and listened if maybe the sound of silence would strike a different chord. It did not. It was just cold but did not feel colder than any other numbers. I only asked for no winds. To please let my water thaw out throughout this exceptional day, maybe a day to remind me to get back on my path of the present, mentally, physically, a kick hard enough to again ground me in my steps that might have been a bit too fast slipping and spinning to only still remain within this non foreign anymore present.

Donna and Stu Donna and Stu

The temperature has gone up by 21 degrees already this past hour! My back to the Sun is hot and Spirit is already panting from running and clowning around. It is time to eat and I was thinking how fortunate I am for these certain ingredients I have managed to incorporate in my daily Life. Freshly twice a week roasted coffee, ground every morning, they are organic fair trade beans from all over the World, not sprayed with those good chemicals, fresh crusty bread baked in the Dutch Oven from coals of pecan wood, fresh organic eggs from my Friend Ring in Terlingua. Big eggs and so sweet tasting. I know all so much easier to go and pick up off the shelves with the multitude excuses of no time for one’s self, including these I have seen, coffee makers with the pods containing the year old left over roasted coffee preserved only by again only more potent chemicals, and who knows what else since all so well hidden and sawn into those little thin paper pouches made from those past live trees which gave us at times past an extra breath of fresh air. No more! My little luxuries on this Journey, my prejudices for only wanting to be one with my surroundings.


I look at those eggs, perfect shaped, nice hard shells and a taste unparalleled with their resemblances from the hormone filled chicken factories one can smell from miles away while riding into the winds if right, (or wrong in this matter). I see these two legged creatures designed to daily drop these miracles sustaining us. Quite amazing when one really thinks about it, as quite amazing also everything surrounding us, everything here for the taking with no pollution, no annoying sounds, only the path of Mother Nature on her way to herself survive the heavy footsteps mankind has not yet ceased leaving behind with no remorse or apology.


And now the sun is already half way down it’s course. I don’t know what happened today. Either the Sun moved on a bit faster or maybe just me frozen in time as I yet have to take a step forward, not having accomplished a thing. I see that it is now 68! 64 degrees of difference in these few past hours. Maybe the worse is over, maybe we can even go riding early tomorrow morning, see if anything has changed. Maybe that will make me stop rambling a bit. Too many “maybes”, that is what winter brings.

Tent dining  

Next day. We are going to have visitors! Their timing is good as I am making some bread in the Dutch Oven, that is if it rises unlike the frisbee I end up with the other day. Donna and Stu. They travel in style with their Freightliner Truck and a 100’ camper slash toy hauler weighing 90 tons. I am of course exaggerating. I won’t see their camper as they are parked in Marathon, it is too cold for them to ride their bikes, so they will drive their truck here. I am sure they have a name for “it”. Can’t wait to see it and I will be nice, I will not ask to drive it as I would probably break it. A norm for me toward other’s stuff…

Donna and Stu Truck

The skies opened up for their presence, it warmed up a bit as sitting around the Fire. Donna and I caught up on old times and Stu and I made our acquaintance. They each were lone Rangers also living on the road, they met, courted and now are married as I was so happy for them to be together on their own path crisscrossing the Country. They were kind enough to bring some chicken, vegetables and all went on the grill painted often with a mixture of olive oil, garlic and various seasonings, including “Cajun” which I have available in those little glass jars for lack of fresh non available. Glass jars… who knows really what is inside. All was good, the bread baking cooperated, the dining room sheltered us from sudden clouds arriving, it was a great afternoon. And “no”… my “humanure” does not smell! As odd it can look out of place. I appreciated the 200 mile detour they took to see us as also now Spirit has new Friends, both of them being Dog Lovers, specially Stu who Spirit took after like an old buddy of his.

Truck Truck

I am trying hard for this weather to not bury me under a blanket of lethargic moments from the lack of long days of riding beyond “here”. I look around as there is much to do but none is too appealing. “Old Faithful” has been parked in the giant green container which is probably as cold as an ice box. I know she is also waiting, surprised I do not hear her wheels spinning on her own. The doors are closed, I do trust her she will wait.


Till next time, you all be well, always, it is our best choice.

Ara & Spirit

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5 Responses to “Winter ramblings… Tx”

  1. Zelda Says:

    Ara & Spirit, Don’t you know that living in nature in the open air as you do, that you are entitled to tuck away and hibernate along with the other critters hibernating right now, and not feel guilty “hanging out” with friends and good hearty food?
    Keep each other warm now,
    Pam (Zelda)

  2. Froggi Donna Says:

    Ara, we SOOOOO enjoyed our visit with you and Spirit. BTW, I need a mailing address for you….send via email or private mail in Facebook. We can’t wait to come back, see you again, check out our land and explore the area. Keep in touch when you hit the road again…I suspect we might be able to run into each other in Moab or thereabouts! Hugs to you both!!!

  3. James Myrick ( Texas ) Says:

    Peace my friend, yes winter is here but it to shall pass in a blink of a eye. May the sun always shine in your favor.

    If you are around on April 16th through April 18th ( sunday ) we 25 + I-BMW Hooligans will be coming to Terlingua. Hope you can stop by for some great conversation.

  4. texascindy Says:

    I can “hear” in your words the longing to be on the road going somewhere, anywhere, just to be moving. Sometimes, tho, it’s good to just “be still”. I know you will be happier moving so I hope the artic blast that has blanketed us all these past days will lift and give you the opportunity to get moving again. BTW it looks as if you have mastered the bread! Hugs to you and scratches for Spirit.
    Safe travels as always,

  5. Andre Shoumatoff Says:

    Hi Ara,
    Wonderful post and I am seeing what you were leading up to with those photos.. It looks wonderful despite the weather. I really dig your rock ring as well. It is tough it gets cold almost everywhere.. 4 degrees has almost been the norm around here at least at night. It is the west with the dry arid air, 28 during the day (or even 35) and 4 at night.. We had -11 below.. You may recall the old Ford I was mentioning, the diesel.. Well I managed to tame it (actually get it repaired, reliable, starting well) and it started the other day just fine after a night a -11 F which made me very happy, never let me down… I greatly look forward to the spring friend..


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