Where is your “Silver Spoon”?

Friday, December 3rd, 2010


Not too long ago Robin found a Ben’s Bell in Tucson. Their website and words says it all… spread the thoughts…

Ben's Bell-3

Ben's Bell

Wednesday December First. I have been mesmerized these past few days while still laying around in Tucson. I cannot put my mind juxtaposed on my thoughts, or maybe I can and only patiently letting time to bring in a bit better image of it all? A better understanding? Overwhelming it is all. Who am I fooling? The “image” is here so present. I read continually words from Friends and readers about my luck, my good fortune, Spirit’s also, being on this path I so much realize over and over it is of a different one. Of course it is. It is as a quest to grab the silver spoon of Life and breaking through the daily bars from past surroundings. The “Silver Spoon” is here.

the red heart

Four years on the road is not “perhaps”, it is. And yet "we" are not that different, the proof of it all is being here and adapting with much pleasure within these fun filled days. Pleasant, happiness, delight, joy, jubilation and optimism. More than “fun” as I am too aware why we are, and yes, this includes Spirit. Our company, my Friend Robin, well, she is precious. A beautiful inside out Lady. More. I cannot help as to wondering how all this happened. And yet, why wonder? Why wonder anything, only as we both do enjoy the present moments. It works… it is as repeat after me “enjoy the moment… tomorrow is not here yet…”, over and over…



A landmark on this path “Thanksgiving” has been, so much so it is now “Thanksgiving” every day. And why not? We both, all of us, have much to “thank for”, I know a concept we often forget. I keep thinking and saying it out loud “all is so simple”, and it is truly. Am I not suppose to write all of this? When constantly pages of news are of not so pleasant ones, when sensationalism likes to take over and be read because they disturb the mind, when I myself read too often, not intentionally but only because the words jump at me “in a relationship and it is complicated…” as I have always asked myself “why"?” when again all can be so simple… “in a relationship and it is so simple”.

robin and lovey

audrey and spirit

Our last day here. Spirit and Audrey we know will miss each other, as also Spirit and Audrey are thinking “Robin and Ara” will also miss each other, as I know we will. And Lovey… the cool cat, how can we sneak her out of here? I don’t even know how many days we have been here. Neither of us do as we have fallen into a state of stupefied and laid-back momentum on this stage we are all sharing these days. A cold front has kept us inside and again much cooking has ensued. Spinakopitas with feta cheese and dill, Brie cups with a honey, garlic, walnut and parsley sauce, a real smooth and creamy Risotto with Crimini Mushrooms and grated Romano, a true Basmati rice taking 24 hours in the making and the list goes on and on saving more recipes for the future. I will post those recipes in my next entry.


brie cups-5

spinakopitas-5 risotto-2

Thursday December 2nd. All can change faster than at the drop of a hat. And it does. We did not make it too far today.10 miles and tearing pain made it’s way with no mercy. Hernia. I knew it before spending the 5 hours I just did in one of Tucson’s Hospital. What an irony. To put it mildly hernia and motorcycles do not mix very well. So I shall bypass the Hospital scene, I know it too well as I think everyone also does. It is another reminder of our fragility and truly how much we depend on each other, not only on a professional level, meaning Doctor and Nurses, but also including my Friend Robin when it came to Spirit and transportation. Can I also mention “loving care?”. Another challenge is presenting itself. I have been released, it is not a Life threatening situation even if the pain is a ten on a scale to ten. This is when I sit back and let Mother Time do it’s thing. I help a bit by sending out positive thoughts, thinking how we are going to get back to Texas, further more, an even better question is "how am I going to cure this hernia?".

silver spoon

The “Silver Spoon”?

Be well…

Ara & Spirit

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8 Responses to “Where is your “Silver Spoon”?”

  1. john aka heyduke50 Says:

    take time to heal… both body and soul.

  2. shadowmoss Says:

    You are in my thoughts.

  3. Judy LaParne Says:

    Awwww… the irony! I am sitting here reading your blog, healing from my own hernia surgery. With the costs being a factor, I limped mine along for more than 5 years until I could cover the cost. I understand there are dilemas that make up our lives and sometimes they seem monumental. And then, it all works out. I will pray for comfort, peace, and a solution for you. God’s plan is perfect…… Find comfort, my friend.

  4. Shawn Says:

    Rest up and heal right. Before you know it, riding season will be upon us and the “calling” will come forth. Did it really go away? All things have a silver lining, perhaps this healing process will allow you the time to do things already thought of. Take care…

  5. Phil Golden Says:

    Love that picture of Spirit asleep. 🙂

    Talk to you later Ara,

  6. dale Says:

    What is the rest of the story on the bobcats kittens?

  7. Robin Says:

    Dale, the bobcats just hang out here. There is a wide and lengthy wash adjacent to property. A lot of wildlife use that corridor. There’s lots of cover and plenty of prey for cats. These kits are about 2/3 grown now. There’s a shed under a mesquite tree, they nap on top safe from disturbance. Because ground slopes on that side of house and shed roof is about 8′ off ground we can peer over backyard brick wall and watch them.

  8. Lyle Says:

    Ow ow ow ow! A hernia? Oh, carp! It seems sometimes like every silver lining has a cloud.

    You sound like you have experience with it, and know how long it will take to heal by itself, and I hope it heals quickly! Let us know if you need somebody to ride/haul your bike to Texas or something.

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