When the going gets rough… TX

Saturday, January 9th, 2016

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The few golden seconds of Nine Points, Big Bend, Texas

You won’t be hearing much from us for a while as I prepare myself for the upcoming three surgeries starting with a right hip replacement on February 1st. There will be some wandering probably in between a couple but right now the logistics and expenses I must say even with Medicare are intense. Turned down from supplemental medical coverage because of pre-existing conditions I am honestly turning to maybe increased sales of our Book to cover some costs. The whole aspect of medical coverage amazes me. I don’t know how others in this same situation are making it!

We are getting to know The Oasis to Midland round trip pretty well these days. I don’t even need our GPS to use the shortcut or roam around town between food stores and Dr’s visits including multiple tests. My Christmas and New Year presents which will be partly donated over a 12 months period by Medicare

All seems to have happened so suddenly. I was doing so well and it all seemingly dropped on me from one day to the other. I guess every change has that instant moment when the situation, whatever it is, well, “changes”… Of course it is a hard situation to take in, as usual it is the acceptance, but Spirit and I together have had some incredible years. We will pretty much sacrifice 2016 and then on look forward to wandering throughout more of this country. I am even thinking about spending the next winter months on the beaches of Baja. It should be cheap, sunny and warm!

The Holidays were rough. Mentally. I don’t think anyone not grieving will understand that time has no bearing on feelings. It was actually harder than ever as I don’t try anymore to understand why. I gave up on that notion! I just build up my patience for the days to go by. Maybe the weather added its own layer of darkness with a constant low and deep gray ceiling. Obviously we made it through. Another one and the sun is even now shining. Can never give up hope.

Hope is truly the fuel that keeps us going. When every moment as much as lived in the present looks forward to the next one “hoping” filled with brighter colors. Just a Human condition, a nice tone to have. What would be the use of Life if we did not see some light at the end of the tunnels? We cannot stand still and think “it is always going to be as such”, as “now” if that now is not very bright as it happens here and there.

My mornings are rough! I accepted that fact also. I feel like an old engine that needs a squirt or two of some kind of starter in its carburator. Takes me about an hour or so to get going! Coffee… I really think it is a drug! I watch Spirit ahead of me jumping and running always like a madman with his eyes on me and more than ever I want to be like him! One year… It is going to take one year. As much as I am looking forward to those surgeries I am deep down a bit nervous about it. The Dr’s make it sound so easy and common. It is by today’s standard and yet much unknown ahead.

This too shall pass while it is my turn to dream of future landscapes, adventures and dig into the memories of the past ones…

Stay well, Ara and Spirit


One of our last Sunset here at "The Oasis"...

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19 Responses to “When the going gets rough… TX”

  1. Alexa Says:

    New hips are wondrous things. My sweet Mama has two of them. A friend much younger than I just got one, after months of seeking relief from doctors who turned her away. She’s getting her life back, pain free. You just have to do the deal, follow the instructions for rehab, and reap the benefits of medical miracles. And believe that Yes, it will get better, (it will), and it is the path back to the path. Wandering will be likewise wondrous again. Sometimes we just have to stop, and do, and then be. You’ve been through so much – this is just another chapter. You know about those chapters….you’ve written a lot of them! And survived. As do we all, until it’s time to write on another plane. You’ve got this.

    Hope to see you in the Spring.


  2. Randy Says:

    Thinking of you Ara. My surgeries start 10 days behind yours. Thanks, The future will be fine for us.

  3. john and sharon Says:

    get well, get strong and travel again as soon as you can

  4. Scruffy Says:

    Wishing you well on your journey Ara ~

  5. Jennifer Says:

    Ara –

    I’ll be thinking about you. A time out is always a good idea, it gives you a chance to heal. Give your body a rest and reap the rewards. Where will Spirit stay during your recovery?

  6. Don McGilvray Says:

    Ara ~ I am keeping positive thoughts for you as you head into this round of “maintenance” and “tune-up” of various body parts! My sweet Sis has had in the past three years 1 hip replacement, 1 knee replacement, and 1 complete rebuild of the foot/ankle structure… She is doing fine, and sorry that she put the repairs off for so long!

    I recall the hip replacement was done using a newer procedure than the older one, where the surgeon comes in from the front side, avoiding the need to cut the strong musculature that supports and gives strength to the hip in the buttocks region. The re-hab is considered to be shorter and easier with the anterior procedure as well… I hope you are going to have the benefit of the new procedure!

    My thoughts and prayers will be with you, my friend…

  7. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Thank you Don. Yes, it will be the anterior surgery type. Already went to a class which I must say was very informative. It is not going to be a piece of cake but I am looking forward to all three surgeries! Stay well.

  8. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Thank You Jennifer. Spirit is covered! Friends will be taking him in for all three surgeries. I am giving myself one year of patience!!! Stay well.

  9. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Thank You Scruffy. I guess yes, we can call it a Journey!

  10. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Thank You John and Sharon. Yes, in about a year… the roads will await!

  11. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Wish you the best. I just went to a mandatory class at the Hospital for knee/hips replacements surgeries. Very informative and I hope your Hospital also gives that class and a think book about it all. The knee is harder than the hips but you will make it! You all stay well…

  12. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Yes, just another chapter. Laying low for one year. We should be back here mid March awaiting for the second surgery May 1st. It will all work out… Thanks. Stay well.

  13. sandy r Says:

    no matter what we face, we can only stay positive and picture the future for which we long – we well, you are in my thoughts and I too look forward hopefully to the future.

  14. C.C. Says:

    If you up for a bit and can’t visit your best bud, send him something you were wearing – a shirt, etc. His nose is better than our eyes any day of the week and will appreciate the greeting card. 🙂

    Heal well and at your own pace.

  15. Ara & Spirit Says:

    That is a great idea! I had never thought about that… It will make Spirit happy! Thanks and Stay well….

  16. Carolyn Says:

    I wish you all the best, Ara, and a speedy recovery. Yes that is a great idea – send Spirit the shirt off your back.


  17. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Thank You…

  18. Charlie Says:

    Hey brother you know mom had both knees replaced after she turned 80! Do what the docs and nurses tell you.
    We’ll be praying for your swift recovery

  19. raz Says:

    hey. i had the new surgery on march 1, 2010. i drove home (2.5 hours) on the third. they weren’t particularly happy, but they got over it. do the exercises religiously. then a whole bunch more. i was walking with canes for the first 2 weeks. then with nothing. we had a 90 lbs short legged chocolate labby. i had to take care of her. everybodys rehab is different. attack your rehab like chefs school.

    because i was so attentive to the rules, they made me wait an extra 30 days to run. i run 21 minutes and change a day, 7 days a week. if you went in the first you should about sprang from hospital. no pain. life is good.

    ice cream. raz

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