What really matters… OR

Saturday, September 1st, 2007

Oh! You might think that life is so “grand” and “glamorous” just because we live on the road and we get to ride probably more often than most. Sometimes it is and sometimes, well, as everyone else’s life, none of the tasks vanish. There are so many ways to look at this Journey, time allows for a lot of introspect, more and more I am moved toward a path that only allows what really matters. Yes, I love mother nature and its daily paintings for ever changing as nights and days passes by, I love Spirit, my friends, good food, my mother, and I try to love myself…

I try to keep that positive aspect turned on at all time. You know that I miss Lance! I love my son. His Birthday is coming up… thirty years old… It is amazing how dates can play such a role in one’s life. I try to constantly stand up straight on this chosen path, trying to never think about the option of throwing the towel in.

I try to separate what really matters from so much that don’t matter anymore… I have to admit that having been single for so long now, my freedom totally matters. It is an aspect of my life that has spoiled me, as much as I try to place a certain discipline on myself should I say? We are never free… never totally free to do and feel to the fullest, but I am very close.

I can sleep when I want to, stay up all night if I so desire, have dinner for breakfast and or vice versa and I do choose where to go following the good weather, that is just a small part of it. But the freedom to feel is not quite there and will never be there as long as my awareness and emotions are what they are, which I hope remains for as long as I live!

Without too much burden from the outside life, emotions actually run loose, never being held back, they themselves have been set free… they are rooted deeper and now linger for so long. Sadness can stab the heart over and over, never rerouted, emotions have themselves acquired a much deeper freedom than me, my life’s freedom has allow them to expand to their fullest. Joy and laughter have also found their own path, it is easy to be open to the sharing of life with friends, my mother, Spirit and every one else that surrounds me.

So what else matters?… not much else but what I feel… Having more now than what I had before I left, spiritually, and so much less materially, I have been thinking about all this. Under a tree… in a tent… or under a rock… what really matters is a “constant”, a “frame of mind” never affected by materialism… which truly does not matter… and that to me, that is one golden key of Life. Living for Now…

And on another front… My friend Kevin from Vancouver was here for an overnighter. We had not visited since 2004. Much to talk about, mainly his own Journey, an eleven months two wheeled trek which included Pakistan, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and Europe, him being originally from Belgium. Too short of a stay, unfinished conversations… some good food!

We also managed to take a small ride to the Lookout over Snake River Canyon which had been closed for a while due to fires. We are slowly covering all the corners of this area! It is the furthest point (camera icon) on the Google map! We got soaked coming back as the weather has been filled with electric storms and showers… which makes up for it at sunsets!

Time is passing by, my friend Brian, after many cancellations should be here early next week. Being the reason for much improvement on the website (yes?) he has yet much to teach me… and I yet have to show him some of the best roads around here, oh! yes… I also owe him many meals… including desserts! I am lately learning how to set up permanent web pages on the site with, for your enjoyment and my sanity, an INDEX. There will be all the recipes and much more about Spirit and so many other components making up our life on the road with smaller pictures. It will be a magazine of some sort… called “my first hundred years”…

Till next time… with much of the County Fair and Rodeo to come… you all be well…


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Ara & Spirit

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3 Responses to “What really matters… OR”

  1. Bill Says:

    Hello Ara,

    Just found your blog and have been enjoying reading about your adventures and looking at your great pictures.

    We also live in Naples, FL but would like to sell our condo to go fulltime rving. But as you know, the real estate market is bad here as it is in most parts of the country I guess. We’re in the North Naples area near Immokalee Rd and I-75. From your address you must be near the Pavilion Shopping Center on Vanderbilt Beach Rd. We like going for lunch at the Lighthouse near Vanderbilt Beach, about the only “old Florida” place still around this area!

    Anyway, just wanted to say hello. I suppose you will be heading back here before the snow flys up north! Safe travels.


  2. Michael and Sandra Says:

    Ara, One of your all time best posts. Your photography skills are increasing at a fast pace. I’m riding up towards Glacier National park soon. I’m leaving on the 8th and will be traveling the backway. No slab rules. Our paths may cross again soon, if you ever leave Halfway. Halfway, like between places or the center.

  3. Steve Williams Says:


    Your journey continues to inspire me and this post resonates with some of the important things that I try to pursue. Like sorting out what is important and what isn’t. And holding on memories and embracing what they mean to us even if they are sad or uncomfortable.

    Yours is a unique freedom and there is much for me to glean in my own life. A reminder to me of how important my friends and family are. And how little importance the material things are that seem to take up far too much energy. An ongoing project of change for me…

    I always smile when I see a picture of Spirit in the sidecar. He looks so content and happy. He really is living the dog’s life!

    A safe journey to you both….

    Steve Williams
    Scooter in the Sticks

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