We Live in Peace…

Monday, September 7th, 2015

All the photos are from the “Gunnison Pioneer Museum”. What I thought was one building turned out to be 24!

Gunnison Museum-10 xxx

“The Gunnison County Pioneer and Historical Society was founded in 1905, with the members subsequently deciding in 1906 to become a permanent sponsor of a local museum. The Gunnison Pioneer and Historical Society was reorganized and incorporated in 1930. Sponsoring a museum did not become a reality until 1963 when the Adams and Wilson families donated land to be used for the Pioneer Museum. By 1964, operation of the Pioneer Museum had begun. The Pioneer and Historical Society has a ten person governing board and a curator. Approximately 60 volunteers work at the Museum, which is kept open from May 24th to September 30th. Hours are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Saturday and 11:00 am to 5:00 pm on Sundays, including ALL holidays.”
~ Chris Dickey ~

Truly a must to experience…

Gunnison Museum-6 x

Gunnison Museum-11 xxx

Gunnison Museum-8 x

Gunnison Museum-16 x

Gunnison Museum-12

“The Life of inner Peace, being harmonious and without stress, is the easiest type of existence”
~ Norman Vincent Peale ~

Gunnison Museum-7 xxx

Peace is that upper triangle of my Pyramid of Life. It is the concept which daily comes first within every thought I might have, every physical decision I take as much as I try to always decipher the consequences of the consequences. Of course I am at times wrong! Perfection is not a plateau one can reach. Life itself might actually be boring if perfection would be the prop on our center stage. But I try! It is for sure a fulfilling path when one knows it is the right one as there will always be room to put one foot ahead of the other. Always. We cannot escape that path and for those that might think they can, I only see it as their own downward spiral abyss spent into often in a space I cannot even consider being a healthy present.

Gunnison Museum-18 x

Gunnison Museum-22 x

Gunnison Museum-27 x

Gunnison Museum-36 x

Gunnison Museum-33 x

Of course it is only an opinion. Mine! My little big box we live within does have windows looking out into the outside world. Sometimes I like what I see, sometimes not but they are always shut as the stranger and Friend can only come in through the front door which I am the only bearer of the key. Looking from the inside out. My close Friends look from the outside in and on at times the door is unlocked to welcome them in and hear their wise words and enjoy while taking in their company with a great pleasure. Sometimes we even leave together, all of us slowly taking in the beautiful world which surrounds us as then on the box stays empty only preparing itself to welcome us back blooming with more buds of that Peace I so much cherish.

Gunnison Museum-31 xxx

Gunnison Museum-32 xxx

Gunnison Museum-35 x

Gunnison Museum-25 x

Gunnison Museum-29 x

Gunnison Museum-28 x

Gunnison Museum-30

I hear it. "It is so Peaceful here". It is the "here" especially when at The Oasis, but it is also a mind set anywhere else. I know I am harsh and demanding when other than Peace tries to infiltrate our space. I have asked such others to leave, to vacate the premises. I am adamant about that. It has taken long to paint the walls of our box with the colors Peace contains. It is ours to keep, to share with others on the same page and that is where it stops. There is no calendar, there is no clock as the nights and days are enough letting me know of the present. It is a formidable state of mind, one irreplaceable even if with a gold lined stage.

Gunnison Museum x

Gunnison Museum-3 x

Gunnison Museum-38 x

Gunnison Museum-37 x

Gunnison Museum-41 x

Gunnison Museum-43 x

It is the same with true Friendship. That is my vault of gold. That inner connection when only honesty, trust, Friendship Love prevails. Being adults filled with awareness and the ability to exchange true feelings, bringing them forward only so they are not filed away in some obscure cabinet wanting to be expressed but with no ability to do so. Sadly if and when it is the case. My Friends are at Peace also. As much as they can be, as myself as much as I can be. If not, we talk, we communicate until we reach a certain level of acceptance from all of us. We help each other. There are no intentional hurt which takes place, no underlying emotions which can cause harm. Friends do not harm each other.

Gunnison Museum-51 x

Gunnison Museum-46 x

Gunnison Museum-50 x

Gunnison Museum-45 c

We are getting ready to drop South with a stop in New Mexico. It is not quite that time but the riding has become harder every day and I doubt I will be able to stay on these roads until October 7th when the final verdict with the spine Dr takes place. So why not go and enjoy our Oasis for the few weeks remaining. I feel as I am getting away from new Friends we have encountered. Especially one with whom we are forging a magic bond like two Old Souls a bit lost while finding each other and creating a true magical Friendship. Once down there, way down there in the Southern tip of Texas all destinations will be so far to reach. Yet, the invisible fiber of Friendship will never be cut off.

Gunnison Museum-42 x

Gunnison Museum-54 x

Gunnison Museum-56 x

Gunnison Museum-53 x

Gunnison Museum-58 x

Our Photo Coffee Table Book below is now available through Blurb as a hardcover, e Book and I Book.

Hues of my Vision Final FB [original]

Stay well,
              Ara and Spirit

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One Response to “We Live in Peace…”

  1. texascindy Says:

    True friendship never ends. I am finding that out myself as my own life is looking at a fork in the road. I’ll share more once my path becomes even more clear.
    Safe travels as you make your way home…
    Hugs and scritches, my friend!

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