Up to El Paso. TX

Monday, April 5th, 2010

“A friend who is far away is sometimes much nearer than one who is at hand. Is not the mountain far more awe-inspiring and more clearly visible to one passing through the valley than to those who inhabit the mountain?” ~ Kahlil Gibran ~

Moon rise  

It was midnight last night when the Moon rose, shy at first, her face slightly draped by a distant unseen cloud as without a stumble she then emerged slowly projecting her shadow into mine within this silent space quieter than this world on mute. And then on a shooting star covering it’s trace seemingly forever above me went on to it’s next destination. Those are the times, the moments which imprinted forever makes me realize how just beautiful our stage is. This morning there was a white bird sitting on “Evergreen”. (An “egret”?). It shocked me as I had never seen one here before. Long legged, perched on the edge she did not move as I got closer, as she even allowed me to grab my camera. It was as a staring contest till finally she flew above in circles, myself turning around and around, blinded by the sun for every pass she made under her rays. Another bird only a while later sitting herself on a branch of the only mesquite tree around here started singing this song without a beginning nor an end. Undisturbed even by Spirit getting near by, it was as a melody saying good bye, good bye for now.

White Bird  

We left today as the morning started out steamy and humid as if being surrounding by a wall of hot rocks water had been poured on. The mountains a bit away where lost in the simmering of it all as slowly myself started feeling smoldered. “Escape” was my first thought and as needing errands in Alpine tomorrow, here we are again in cooler times spending the night, our first stop. It was easy to leave, there was no turnaround, a few last glances. “The Oasis” will remain waiting for our some day comeback to show us more of her always incredible colors and a feel that has sunk into me as no other space ever has. I am happy that these past weeks others have had a chance to also enjoy it’s gifts and presence.

red stones  
Main Street  

Alpine is deserted today, even the grocery stores, hardware store, all have closed and only an “All You Can Eat” Buffet from the Chinese Restaurant on Main street is blinking it’s bright lights trying to lure the passers by. The thought did cross my mind, I heard good things about it, but I cannot eat much in one time. My diet, an old one I normally adhere to, have throughout these past years, of no salt, no sugar, no fat, much lemon~lime juice, olive oil, fruit and veggies, grilled meats, it has already with supplements started invigorated me. I am afraid to step in such a space. It is Easter Day.

Alpine Historical House  
Alpine Historical House  

I grabbed the camera and we started  from shade to shade making our way a bit away through this Main street we know so well, and yet, there is always this and that, as from in a Jack-in-a-Box, jumps out for a shutter click. We stopped at the Holland Hotel which was just renovated minus their Restaurant which should open in about a year or so. Very desolate, no one in. The bartender asked me if I wanted a beer. We went on to the usual “I like the taste but not the alcohol” conversation, not too deep, not too light, I forgot to ask him if it was free! Just the way he asked I thought maybe he ran out of Easter Eggs and was trying to make up for it. He did wish he did not like the taste of it either. Just a choice I guess. I think he was still too young for that appraisal.

Alpine Historical House Alpine Historical House
Alpine Historical House Alpine Historical House
Alpine Historical House  

We now made it to El Paso, gained an hour, and while taking a seat at the Social Security Administration Office, I smelled the smell of money. Huge office, theatre like sitting, but no one is watching the latest thriller, only the different voices of the many announcers are directing the patients to the many different windows of interviews. Yes, it is “that time” for me to be sponsored by this Country. Soon. And yet I was the oldest one there, I think half of El Paso was also present. It raised many questions in my mind quickly realizing I don’t need to know the answers. I only needed to show proof of “existence” and it was luckily a fairly quick visit. I think otherwise I might have had to set up camp on the Parking lot, the one right by the freeway where NASCAR has it’s practice runs seemingly twice a day.

dog yard fire hydrant
Bronco Betties No Hippies
Holland Hotel  

Tomorrow will be camping on a Ranch near by Bisbee, AZ. I am looking forward to it. There will be “lots” of animals and while we ride up to the northern shores of Lake Powell and back down, it will be our “Base Camp” for the time being. Till then…

Be well, always.

Ara & Spirit

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5 Responses to “Up to El Paso. TX”

  1. Lorena Says:

    Hey kids, enjoy Bisbee for me. It’s one of my favorite places. Love that wisteria, nice photos. Happy spingl

  2. karen Says:

    Safe travels Ara, your heading up to my favorite part of country! I wonder if it is not yours as well, you seem to be drawn there. Kisses to Spirit.

  3. texascindy Says:

    That egret was a long way from home! Drawn to Evergreen by the color, I’m sure. Must have thought it was water. We’ll have to one day explore Alpine a bit. All we’ve done is pass through after a quick stop at mickyDs. As always I am amazed at your photos. Such simple subjects but you capture their beauty. I especially like the water pitcher on the table. All the textures are there…Take care, Ara. Scratch Spirit for me!

  4. Ginny Says:

    You were wise to stay away from the chinese buffet in my opinion. Beautiful photos of the wisteria…they have always been one of my favorite vines. 🙂

  5. CrusinSusan Says:

    I’m so glad I found your site Ara. This sort of travel is soooo up my alley! But your photography – wow. Really beautiful. Better photography is on my “I’ll get to that someday” list. —Best, crusinsusan

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