Trying times!

Monday, November 20th, 2006

Trying times!…

My whole life lies ahead fo me traveling… I have left behind everything mundane… the every day nine to five tasks… the mowing, the house cleaning, the commute, the business part of the day and at the same time the comforts of home… you name it, none is missed! And still… these coming couple days are going to be trying times!… as the recent past ones have been…296110601barwbi_ph

I know that life is a dart board game to say the least… we only need to avoid them, but for some reason they follow us everywhere we go! I have never called them problems… just obstacles which test our determination to follow through finding daily viable solutions to them.328205074urroxl_ph

I am as excited today as I was when ready to leave for the first time back in Georgia!… It has been nine days at idle… and these coming 48hrs are going to be crucial… At least when I left everything was working… as you have read… I thought… and now, much needs attention! The parts are here… and tomorrow my Friend Walt will be here with his ability to put my rig back together, ability that I only wish I had!

My Blog also is going through trying times… stirred on the wrong path from day one I am going over the bandwidth allowed by TypePad! Have no fear… they are not shutting me down! Another lesson learned… seek professional help when adventuring yourself into any unknown territory! I have now bought the Website bearing the name "The Oasis of my Soul"… with unlimited bandwidth usage… this also will be taking place today or tomorrow… all my writing will be transferred into the website including the download of a Blog software to permit me continuing writing and posting pictures as before without limitations this time. The original Blog will remain as your opening page… but it will be necessary to click on a link to get to the website… I am already apologizing for the inconvenience. You will never notice the difference… you will be able to register the Website itself in your, I hope, "favorites". I will be adding also, almost daily, another link to SmugMug, a great picture Gallery which I have been using for a while now. Each day you will be able to view additional pictures not posted on the Blog!

Much cooking will take place soon while camping! I will share all the recipes with many pictures… obscure towns will become reality in front of your eyes with their own Historical facts… including the local food fare they have to offer… you will discover with me the unmarked trails inexistent on maps…

Today is dedicated to "Thanking you all" for your support, and your patience with me for these couple days ahead.. I will let you know how it is going!… I now better get back to the bolts and nuts awaiting me… 328208942xiamfc_ph

These pictures today are some of my favorite ones!… Wondering if you have seen them on your own travels… let me know.

You be well… Spirit and I are…

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