Through Mojave Desert… CA

Friday, September 14th, 2007

We still have not made it out of California, real close to Kingman tonight, home of Mark and Angie who have rescued us in the past when we broke down, we have visited them only twice on our Journey! This will be a third… With nothing to fix this time I think I will lend a hand in the kitchen, I heard something about making a Birthday cake… Spirit will have plenty of time to play with his favorite girl friend, we will be there one or two nights… depending when they kick us out. We also need to visit a couple stores, once in Terlingua there is not much near by. The closest big town, Juarez, is about 260 miles away. Alpine is 63 miles, I am sure we will also stop there sometime on the way.

Suddenly it is hot here, wondering if I jumped the gun a bit too soon, but it is a good hot as it is dry. We should arrive in Big Bend sometime next week, we are getting there a couple months earlier than last year! I have this call to go there, I bounced around in my mind quite a bit regarding where to go for the winter avoiding deep cold weather. Moab was one thought, Santa Barbara area another one, but Big Bend is it…

Today was a hard day in the sense that we retraced a route taken before and it was so difficult not to stop! I love the Mojave Desert, it has its own character and physical aspect. It is so vast and so empty with such a great attractiveness. Again I was watching for the many trails that went over hills, through shallow Canyons, the short vegetation brush allowing for the sight to wander all the way to the horizon.

I remembered camping by the Mitchell Caverns! What a spectacular view that was! I have no doubt that we will go back to the same spot next year. For a while I thought that I would not have the desire to go back where we have been before, but we never have explored fully any area, we never learned fully about the geological aspects of the land, its history, as in Big Bend, it takes a lifetime, if not more, to feel it all… so yes, we will go back!

We covered about 480 miles yesterday, we had a tail wind which is always nice! I am looking forward to Kingman also for the fact that Spirit is becoming a bit sluggish these past days. Pits need the exercise, being in transit is not the best thing for him! Mark and Angie have 3 dogs, they are animal lovers and actually their living room is the dogs arena for them to play in!

There is not much time right now to work on my recipes or the Blog index, post new ones, write much, we need to be at a stand still for a few days to fulfill that part of this Journey and I look forward to it. I had an idea which I think is a good one that I would like to share with you. This is regarding the Magazine section of the website, the section called “My first hundred years”…

I would like to invite readers who “do not have a Blog” to submit an article, which pictures, to the site, and I would publish it in that section. No strings attached, you will get full credit for it, keep life simple! I only ask that you keep it “G” rated… I have many young readers here, and there is enough garbage published out there anyhow! Give it a try!… I am sure that most of you would enjoy it as everyone has something to say… Could be about your dog (s), travels, the area you live in, your family, food, motorcycle, sidecar, life itself… just some thoughts!

I remember, before creating this website, always wanting to write about my travels, but always also held up by the fact and the path of its publication. You might have thought the same and I think this would be nice as an interaction for many to put your thoughts out there for readers to get a different taste besides my own contents! You never know… after doing so, you might want to create your own Blog someday… just to have it, just for your friends and family to keep in touch with you. You can e mail me for more details… I would love to see it happen! This is one reason I have called that section of this site a “magazine”. With the ability of the Blog to receive comments, I look forward to the interaction amongst you all…

We have a reader that is translating this Blog in Japanese!… how cool is that? This is the link… Check it out, the characters might be encoded if you do not have a Japanese language set up, but it is still fun to look at it! We have become such a small World, I have made friends all the way to Australia, New Zealand, Asia… Europe, and I have to say that all the comments and e mail received always brighten up my day, more than you can imagine… I do reply to all of them! Maybe, my dream… some day we call all get together and celebrate! You are all wonderful people and I thank you for being here.


You contributions more than ever are what is keeping this site alive. If reading it is worth $1 a month… the PayPal button is above to the right… snail mail address is below. We always “thank you”.

Ara Gureghian

853 Vanderbilt Beach Rd #245

Naples, Florida 34108


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