This starts Big Bend…

Wednesday, December 13th, 2006

Close to one million acres of land… I am told more with its Mountains, it is such a vast land, so immense that one I would doubt could cover all of its roads, driving, riding, hiking and still remember them. There is such a serenity to it… I would have liked for a change to have an electric engine on this rig instead of this seemingly noisy twin! I stop often, and when the engine shuts down I can hear the silence… I have already too many pictures and I have only covered maybe 1/10th of the black top… I decided at some point I will put together a Photo Gallery on this site, with no text which one could watch on the "slide setting"… right now my first day is on SmugMug


I have decided to live here through January 2nd or 3rd… of course you know how my plans have always gone… Please let me know while I am here for any information I could gather up for you!

For newcomers… once on SmuMug on the upper right hand corner set the "style" to "JOURNAL"…

Enjoy… be well…

From us… Ara & Spirit

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