Then and Now. Life. Tucson, AZ

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

“Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.” ~ Rumi ~

“Thank You” Steve.

When I watch such an amazing video produced by a Friend of mine that can and does sum up our last years of our Life on the road in less than 3 minutes, I cannot help having my senses enhanced for so many reasons. No road is easy regardless what cards have been dealt as the choices yet are always ours to maintain the "now" throughout past and present times. This day, today, it has been a strange one as having written as I usually do the many words running through this mind of mine, suddenly all has been lost. A sign? All happens for a reason they say as also I do not memorize what I write, they are written in normally e mail formats to myself. Not Today… the fonts, for some reasons still unknown to me, have vanished. Almost amusing.

Valley of Fire-43

Valley of Fire D (13)

Could it be that all words have cleared themselves up as maybe not wanting remembering the past ones that could easily in my own care be washed away and taken down current. And yet, "Hard Road", yes, it is one, a necessity of the path that has brought us here today. Bumpy days, days of despair close to an edge I cannot even have a desire to remember yet only always one step away, "that step" I only myself so aware of it as so closely no one wears the same shoes. That one step which I cannot ever forget. As I sit here for these few days, past moments are relived, thought about, thought about some more as their lessons have impregnated the present moments of this bit of a calm wave while so much of the past has subsided. The distance between the “then and now” is greater than ever, larger than sometimes Life itself, I think… till a slight spark lights it all back up stirring the always ever present emotions maybe a bit dissipated but never hidden.

Valley of Fire-22

Valley of Fire-23

Test of times I keep telling myself while here for a week. Now for a bad cold, one of those when the head and body feels as being tortured by ancient methods only seen in mid civilization books. It was the double hernia surgery before, ahead was the pain before the double hernia surgery… then the pain from the healing… We started thinking I should not arrive in Tucson unless passing a clean bill of Health, from another town! To compound it all it was Robin’s Birthday yesterday, she has been a good sport considering my inability to jump up and down throughout the day, a mellow day with much quality of time spend versus a quantity we regardless rarely reach. We believe in savoring the moments. I felt a bit ,truthfully, as it was my own Birthday considering she so well took care of me. Such a “Kindred Spirit”, the path with it’s twists and turns has awaken it’s own kindness. Life can be so amazing.

Valley of Fire-13

Valley of Fire-19 Valley of Fire-16

Valley of Fire-21

Valley of Fire-14

The last couple of days spend in Valley of Fire had all the components of the reasoning behind the time spend on the road. There are times, my own expression, used by many however, when the “stars are lined up”. They were, so perfectly. The exit was through the road lining up Lake Mead, a beautiful well paved blue ribbon. The photo opportunities where in the hundreds and yet we only stopped once. Sometimes the riding as that day takes over, the wheels cannot stop as in parallel, the thinking does not either. We riders know that fact. Riding and thinking goes hand in hand. The temperatures themselves where more than perfect as far as Kingman. They fell into the high numbers when dropping a bit further.

24-70 2.8 -L--12

Valley of Fire-45

My concern was once we hit Phoenix, what would happen? The care is not of myself but Spirit’s well being. His cover was on, he was wearing his swamp cooler which did not work so well while drying off too quickly, meaning in about 20 minutes. The only alternative was to stay put in the shade throughout the afternoon and start riding again while the skies empty from the sun brought in the cooler temps. That is most likely how we will leave Monday, late in the day with always the hope of having the ability to ride all night as I use to. I am afraid those days are over though, maybe at least however put a few hundred miles between this present heat and the coolness of Utah’s elevations. Unusual for us to be so far south at this time of the year, the occasion of a Birthday was too present to pass it up.

Valley of Fire-55

Valley of Fire-59

Valley of Fire-2

"I have had a great deal of interest in my photography over the years, for which I am grateful. Their sales are of much importance funding this Journal. Yes, please feel free to purchase one or two… or a few. I have been adding some photos lately, there will be more as I sift through about 100,000 of them. My “Zen Gallery” is an easy one to navigate on. Take a look. For merchandise also “Smugmug” stands for quality. For contributions to defer the always rising Internet costs please use the toolbar above.”

Valley of Fire-65

Ara & Spirit

Be Safe and well
Peace, Love, Courage


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7 Responses to “Then and Now. Life. Tucson, AZ”

  1. Nick Plenzick Says:

    Two thumbs up on the video! We met Steve Azar at a motorcycle event last year in Virgina and he appears to be a great guy and he’s certainly a great singer. There really needs to be a movie about you two. Ride safe and enjoy your time with Robin.

  2. Denny Gibson Says:

    I guess you know that, when the video awards are handed out, you’ll be listed in a supporting role. Yep, Spirit ran away with the lead in that one.

  3. Louise Says:

    Ah, it looks like we were in Kingman on the same day and didn’t know it! “The Quiet One” is in Alabama, helping after the tornadoes. I drove the bus from California to Mississippi in the last 6 days, with a friend along to keep me company. He is a photographer, and bikerscum, and will enjoy your blog.

    Sorry we missed you. Our paths will cross again. Take care!

  4. Gina Faulk Says:

    What an incredible website. I feel as if I’ve been on a road trip today just sitting and looking at these magnificent sites. Spirit is so very lucky. May you both continue to ride free as the wind and with peace and joy every day.

  5. smarly Says:

    A link to your wonderful video of Spirit and you on the road appeared on today. Many happy trails!

  6. AZlovelies Says:

    Love from AZ! Welcome and safe journeys.

  7. Sherry Says:

    Thankyou for sharing your hurt and your healing. Blessings to you and Spirit from Phoenix Arizona

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