The trails of Friendship, MT

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

The universe is one great kindergarten. Everything that exists has brought with it its own peculiar lesson. The mountain teaches stability and grandeur; the ocean immensity and change. Forests, lakes, and rivers, clouds and winds, stars and flowers, stupendous glaciers and crystal snowflakes every form of animate or inanimate existence, leaves its impress upon our soul.  “Orison Swett Marden”


From the lower plains where the Earth here in Montana is now changing color, patches of hard work harvesting and plowing for the new crops, where the smells of the nowadays turned soil and gathered hay, to Varney Rd, Call Rd, Gravelly Range Rd to Johnny Ridge Rd, climbing nearing 9000 feet, there is here an unspeakable, indescribable Space. All good… Private Lands, State Lands, National Forest Land, this would be if no roads, a “no man’s land”. Maybe 2 cars all day and much wildlife. It is my Friendship with Mother Nature, it is with my buddy Spirit, it is also as the coming words are about a special Friendship in the making with another soon not so distant other Friend. I cherish Friendships, unconditional ones with no hidden agendas, honest and unselfish, it’s essence is also a facet of Life hard to describe as the beauty of this ground I stand on. I tried…


A big sigh here. The mood, as sometimes asked, is of “lightly threading”, the mind is jumping the “moments” of now, curbing its forward thoughts filled with some agitation, a positive animation as in future changes. How soon? where and when? What? Most has answers and most, the core of it all does not, only relying on present exchanges of written and spoken words these past weeks. I feel as it will be soon a new stage standing by within it’s present props with, first words coming to mind, a charming, witty, appealing and electrifying Friend that, let’s allow the cat to jump out of the bag, would like to spend the oncoming winter time with us as much as we do too.


All is calm on this path, I keep thinking it is so nice to be an adult, adults. I can go back in thoughts these past years having made the roads, the shoulders, the open spaces our home wherever we have ending up taking in momentarily roots. Of course the thought has always crossed my mind of the presence of a soul mate, a true Friend as so few even remotely understand my own definition. Who would put up and could put up with only lets just say even the logistical intricacies of the months gone by. Both sides of the coin, always, the coin that flips without at times any warnings. My own Journey is not over, it’s finish line is too far to even discern its borders. The material comfort in itself is of an uncommon one. Not uncomfortable, but not a home, not a structure, not the four walls one has been conditioned to live in all their lives and managed by the flick of some switches always.

Varney Bridge  
Varney Bridge  

And yet, I do claim and will always claim strongly that stripped from it all, the prize is of a comfort of the Soul as never reached before in my own Life. I think mainly a lot about “The Oasis”, where I meet myself as in a true form more real than ever, where time has no value, where the fire burns constantly in this circle that I have built and has been my own energy, where finally I can find Peace and Love, Pure and White, unsoiled from the forcefulness that at times society has the unpleasantness to motion forward and onward on so many. I do not want to be included within those outer banks, I have my own steps to climb, I need this positive reinforcement given to myself with no hurtles and hopefully no obstacles.

forest road  
flowers flowers
flowers flowers

Am I inflating the presence of “that Space”? Is it only a caricature of Life that I maybe want to see and feel? Or am I overestimating it’s therapeutic powers? I am not. It is all true. I will open the non existing doors to my Friend that is no more a stranger, but has become a welcome Soul in our own existing Life. Maybe many have had or still have their own definition of a Soulmate as yet, there is no such a thing as a true interpretation, because Life itself induces the Lives of two people to intertwine, filled with the surprises that so often creates only the forward motion to get closer to each other. There are so many footnotes I always felt when Friends, as Friendship, the foundation of it all, the stronger the better, are given the concession to share a space.

hawk nest  
hawk nest  

I see so often the disrespect, those feelings of ownership amongst two, this interpretation so wrongfully carried a Lifetime over, never understanding that a man and a woman are so different, but also complement each other if only respect and admiration for their being, if just alive, and the happiness provided by being granted to sharing a roof. I have been an open book throughout these pages, as I feel today, my Friend knowing me better than at times I know myself. It is indeed again I will mention a beautiful thing to be adults. How many years have we left in this short Journey of ours? I keep hearing about the “Golden Years”, those last few that could be the culmination of Lifetime’s pages written within our Soul to enable us to go through those such said years, with as much happiness as we deserve, maybe untouched by the thorns which reaches us with the constant perils of a youth spend searching.

forest road  

I read so often comments send to us in the form of e mails or otherwise wishing also having the ability, sometimes the guts, often the courage, to take this chosen path. Logistics of many I understand does not allow it, Family, financial burdens, so many components that bring a halt to Dreams which often only remains Dreams. There is again and again the red flags and the stop signs planted so solidly on this path most are on. And there is nothing wrong with it all. It is just Life as it dictates with everyone’s own responsibility to assume. My own path opened up these past years in the most painful way, and I chose this road finding out, even if so bitter sweet, that it is my savior for these remaining years left in search to making me a better man.

forest road  
forest road  

My Friend, which will remain nameless for now, understands all of this. Her own past has been darkened as moving through a prickly shrub space that has sombered her own past years, and as myself, she sees a horizon where also the bright sun will rise and the moon will light the nights as still daylight on this land which now will be ours to share with each other. She understands we might not have enough water as one would have within an urban environment, she understands we will cook outside most of the time, she understands how much so closer we will be with Mother Nature which herself will allow us to be closer with each other, and no barriers, no walls, no shiny cars and mink coats creating so often these superficial “wants and needs”, she understands so much, more than anything “the” all of the above and “more” has really no importance within this Life of ours we have decided to share. No importance… all is within us, the richness is amongst and will be amongst the both of us, the three of us as Spirit’s own kind Soul I know will also want to share his path… How can he not when this Dog, if he really is one, has this heart of gold as I have never seen and felt before.

forest road  

This is our last go around, lets face it. These are the last years we have left with a needed energy, mental and physical, that will allow us to share, to really share the finds of two Lives put together, as truly, that is all we have left in these disposable days and age filled with “things”. Respect, Friendship, Love for one another, we are both hoping as one day at the time they will witness laughter, happiness, and so much more we can only hope time will loan us to this existence of ours. I think Lance would have approved of our decision, as he is the one that has placed me on this path, placing also now my Friend, as I also hear him say as he always did “It’s all good”…


The riding? Well, that will be next time.

You be well, always.

Ara & Spirit

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15 Responses to “The trails of Friendship, MT”

  1. Ron Says:

    Great images Ara !
    Really like that last one of the storm front moving in..Nice !

  2. Paul Jaymot Says:

    Wonderful news Ara and Spirit! It makes me feel good to know that there is someone that can share this experience with you two, and at the same time keep you safe along your travelling. It may seem selfish, but this news makes me feel good, and I am sure that others will feel the same way. I am also sure that it will do good things for the 3 of you also. Best wishes and safe travels, Paul

  3. John Says:

    It’s wonderful that you will now have a partner for your journey.

  4. mikep aka zippy Says:

    Ara just saw your picture in the 2009 Aerostich catalog . Hope you and spirit are well. Hope to bump into you two sometime soon.

  5. LaPettite Says:

    Anyone having a friend as you, is rich beyond words. In essence, you are throwing a lifeline to your Friend just like the one sticking out of that beautiful nest you took a picture of.

  6. Bill Wood Says:

    Can’t wait for the formal introduction of your Special Friend. Have been with my Special Friend for the last 25 years and believe everyone should be as lucky. You go Ara.

  7. Janet Says:

    Congratulations Ara. I am haoppy for you.

  8. Chessie Says:

    God Bless Ara…God Bless.

  9. James NomadRip Says:

    Congratulations, Spirit. Now 2 humans to throw sticks for you in the mornings!

    Oh and I’m glad for you too, Ara 😉

  10. Ellen Says:

    So happy for you! You give me great hope that there are good things ahead.

  11. Louise Says:

    It is, indeed, all good!

  12. Zelda Says:

    Dear Ara,
    I am so happy for you finding someone who has recognized your richness in spirit. She must have considerable richness of spirit herself. Much joy to both of you! Much happiness to all three of you, or will Spirit have some new companions too?
    Pam (“Zelda”) and Randy

  13. MsBelinda Says:

    You don’t know how happy it makes me to read that you have found someone special to share your journey with. Things come to us when we are ready and your big heart is finally ready to let this very lucky lady in. Congratulations my friend!

  14. Sandra B Says:


  15. texascindy Says:

    I am so happy you will have another to share your life with.

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