The SUN is out…. WA

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

  That makes for big news here when the sun is out, when it is back in action as it is today. Everyone tells me that the past few days of rain were an exception… that summer here makes up for the few months of clouds, rain and winds during the winter months… But day after day?… I don’t know if I could handle a winter here even though the surroundings I have to say are just beautiful. More trees than I have ever seen, so much greenery that one starts looking for other colors…

How about importing some red rocks from Utah… just a few! The clouds, the fog, a bit of darkness… all are the ingredients for some pictures of different sorts. Mysterious sceneries where much is hidden within the different greys that make up the view.


It was almost a black and white world these past days. We took a ride to Crescent Lake, did not stay dry… but we rode and that is what mattered. We can only stay indoor so long and we have done good not riding only one day since we have been here, a week tomorrow!


I don’t quite remember when, but we even stopped in Port Angeles and watched the big boats waiting for their cargo, more sailboats moored, themselves waiting for better weather conditions, the ferries… well, they are always moving.


We have not made it to the Ocean yet, or the rain forest, instead we were joined by Mike this morning to go up Hurricane Ridge, another road off Port Angeles, right into the Olympic National Park. I don’t know whether to move closer to the Ocean tomorrow to have a lesser ride there, or stay here another week as we are so comfortable, so peaceful. I guess I will sleep on that idea and figure it out in the morning… 

It turns out that the Oysters across the street belong to a farm!… and we are not suppose to harvest them as the group that was here this past weekend did… They had a fake armband… a bit further is good I was told, I yet have to go and get some… If we stay, that will be on the agenda… These were the… professionals… who spend many hours at low tide sorting them out in sizes, eventually they were loaded into a truck and taken to the farm in nylon net bags… we are learning!


We also came across this small shrine not too far from here, in the town of Union. The locals had not idea who has been responsible for it… “IMAGINE’ for John Lennon… there is a little figurine of Elvis Presley, many little yellow rubber ducks (sorry… have no clue… no one did…), and also this written… pretty much says it all for our Journey! Coincidence…



So we did ride up Hurricane Ridge today, sorry, sidetracked here… a beautiful road with plenty of nice curves and scenery of snow and specially clouds floating like cotton balls in the skies.


Just a beautiful day, we stopped often to take pictures, to just be… Even Spirit was pretty frisky and did not want to sit that long. Who can blame him after much inactivity these past few days.

I know that we missed a couple roads (unpaved) in the Park that I wanted to ride. It takes so much time off the day to stop so many times for pictures and to take it all in. Next time since we will be in the area for another week.


From one lookout we could see Victoria on Vancouver Island which is only 22 miles away…


Also the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge where one can walk the 5 miles to the light house. This is where originally the Dungeness Crab was discovered… delicious… right? They really have it all here… wild salmon, Dungeness crab, oysters, clams… the produce is great…

But, the recipe that I like to post is… chicken! Oh! Well… The main reason for posting this recipe is more because it is a template for many. It is the “way” cooked that I would like to get across, more than the recipe itself which can be changed using your imagination as far as the vegetables. So, a couple boneless breasts of chicken, sliced garlic, green onions, zucchini, sliced mushrooms, diced sun dried tomatoes and one diced fresh tomatoes. These last two items are a must. Start cooking the chicken in a pan with some olive oil, let one side cook well. Turn the chicken and cover with the mix of the ingredients. Leave alone… They will start cooking from the radiant heat and only when the other side of the chicken is just about done, mix and try placing the chicken on top this time, till all is cooked. Add a little lime juice… lemon juice… Hold back on the salt, the sun dried and fresh tomatoes will make up for it… You can use squash, asparagus, broccoli… you name it. The convenience? One pan… and a chicken that will absorb the flavor of all other ingredients… Hope you enjoy…

It is evening now… sunset is just a bit further away… not a cloud in the sky… a great end of the day. Till next time… you all be well.

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Ara & Spirit

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